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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


1. Meeting Him

"C'mon c'mon hurry up!" El said excitedly. I was putting on eyeliner as she was rushing me. 
"I know you really want me to meet him but you need to calm down." I giggled. El wanted me to meet her boyfriend Louis. He was in the band one direction and she really wanted me to meet him. We have been best friends for ages so what I thought of him really mattered to her. 
"Do I look okay?" I asking looking down at my outfit. I was wearing a tight crop top that had a leopard on the front and plain black on the back with black and white stripey leggings. I was just wearing my black vans with secret socks. 
"Dude you look hot enough to steal my boyfriend." she laughed. I shook my head at her which caused my messy bunny to move a tiny bit.
"Well then let's go." I smiled at my best friend as we walked down to her car. 


El pulled up in front of a house. It was a beautiful two story house. There was a giant garden out the front and it was absolutely gorgeous. It wasn't too much it was just perfect. I would kill to live in this house. My cute little apartment was nothing compared to this. We walked up the path leading to the front door. El rang the door bell.
"Coming!" A voice yelled from inside. Followed by that was foot heading towards the door. The huge wooden door swung open to reveal Louis. I had seen him in pictures but he was hotter in real life. He was wearing white shorts with a dark green V-neck. He had a red and blue flat cap on his head.
"Hi." El squealed and gave him a hug and a peck on the lips. "This is Darcy." 
"Nice to meet you." He smiled. 
"You to call me Darce." I smiled adding a little wave. 
"You can call me what ever you like." He said opening the door for us to come in. 
"Can I call you Tommo?" I asked a bit wearily. Since I already know someone named Louis so I thought I would give him a different nickname.
"Sure I haven't heard that nickname in a while anyway." He gave me a warm smile. He lead us to the lounge room where Niall was sat playing FIFA 13. 
"Niall meet El's best friend Darce." Louis introduced. His head shot up and he smiled. 
"Ello love." he said with his thick Irish accent. 
"Hi." I said a bit shyly. Everyone sat down on the couch yet I decided to sit on the floor leaning against the couch. I have done this every since I could remember. I hardly ever sit on the couch. 
"Why are you sitting on the floor when I have a giant couch?" Tommo asked a bit confused. 
"It's like my thing." I shrugged watching Niall play FIFA 13. 
"Do you play?" Niall asked pausing his game. I nodded and he threw me a play station controller. I looked at it. It was really different to mine as I still have the old one. Luckily I'm a fast learner. 

"So what do you do Darce?" Louis asked me while I was playing. 
"I am currently working at the frozen yoghourt shop but I do a bit of everything. I model, I dance and I do acrobat." I stated simply.
"That amazing." Louis said clearly impressed. 
"Not really I have been doing it for ages so it's not utterly amazing or anything." I explained. 
"Wait isn't acrobat the flexible people?" Niall wondered and I nodded. 
"Show them." El smiled. I paused the game and got up. 
"How big is your backyard?" I ask. 
"Huge." Niall replies. We all went outside and Niall had describe it perfectly. It. Was. Huge. I stood myself on one end and stood up straight. I did a little routine which I had done at a competition. 
"That was incredible like how did you do that?" Louis and Niall were gobsmacked. 
"Seriously guys it's just practice." I said as we made our way back inside. 
"Well I recon we should play 21 question so we can get to know you better." Niall suggested. I nodded.
"Ok shoot." I said. 
"Favorite sport?" Louis asked.
"Football." I answered. 
"American or UK?"
"UK." I smiled. He smiled back.
"Favorite thing to do?" Niall asked. 
"Take photos or model."
"Favorite color?" Louis asked.
"Blue." I replied. 
"Favorite season?" Niall asked. 
"Winter cause it's cuddly weather." I laughed lightly as I said. 
"That's cute." Niall said and I blushed a bit. 
"Favorite TV show?" Louis asked. 
"That's so raven, SpongeBob, the vampire diaries and friends." I listed my top four shows. I loved watching all sorts of shows. 
"I love friends too! High five." Louis said leaning over to give me a high five. I smiled. 
"El hardly even watches TV though." I said. 
"Well I do something that doesn't fry my brain cells." She laughed. I rolled my eyes at her. 
"Well can we do something else besides this it's kinda boring." I admitted. 
"Well we could make lunch since it's like nearly 1." Niall stated. 
"Your obsession with food is ridiculous." Louis stated. He got up and led us to the kitchen. Well when I say us I mean me, everyone already knew where the kitchen was. His kitchen was huge. There was everything you needed and more. There was a lovely bar like bench with high chairs to sit on. It was a modern theme kitchen and everything was mostly black and silver. 
"Dude this is awesome." I said as I observed the kitchen. 
"Thanks." He said as he leaned on one of the benches. "What do you guys want for lunch?" 
"Pizza." Niall yelled of course. 
"Salad." Of course El would say that. 
"I don't care." Was my answer. 
"Well just check the cupboards and make whatever." Louis instructed. Niall and El were busy getting the contents for their food but I stood there awkwardly as I didn't know what to make. Louis walked over to me. 
"Let me guess you don't know what to make and you don't know where anything is?" He guessed. 
"Spot on Tommo." I laughed. 
"Well I'm just gonna make a sandwich. Want one?" He asked politely. I nodded. He got out a whole heap of stuff to make sandwiches. I put a bit of everything on and called it a sandwich. 
"That's not a sandwich." Louis stated looking at it. 
"It is too." I said. 
"You put sausage and peanut butter on the same sandwich." He pointed out. 
"It's yummy." I said defending my sandwich. 
"It's just a sandwich guys." Niall laughed. 
"Hers isn't." Louis said pointing at mine. I punched him in the shoulder. 
"You think your gonna get away with that." Louis said looking at me. 
"She will." El said and I smirked. As soon as he looked at El I sprinted. I could here his heavy foot steps trailing behind me. I saw the stairs and decided I would run up there. I sprinted into the first room I saw. I made sure I was quiet so he wouldn't know which room I went in. I slipped into the closet and waited. I heard him walk in. There was an ensuing that I heard him walk into. I opened the door and silently tip toed towards the stairs I could hear him coming out of the room so I sat on the hand rail and slid down so he would not hear me. I ran into the kitchen and sat next to El who was still munching on her salad. 
"Where Lou?" Niall asked. 
"Looking for me upstairs." I said casually taking my sandwich. El laughed. 
"C'mon that's mean." She stated. I knew she thought it was funny though. 
"Nah leave him let's see how long he takes." Niall laughed. I ate my sandwich pretty quickly and we all cleaned up. That took us about five six minutes maybe. Finally we heard footsteps coming down stairs. 
"Ok I have no idea where sh--" he stopped talking when he saw me just sitting in the kitchen. 
"Well played." He said clapping his hands slowly. I just smiled innocently. 
"Thanks." I said jumping off the stool. I think I'm going to like this guy I thought to myself.


Sorry short chapter next one will be extra long :) xoxox

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