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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


3. Blushed

I see El laying on her bed face down. I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked at me and she had tears streaming down her face and her make up was smudged. 
"I hate you!" She screams at me. She stood up walking towards me. 
"What did I do?" I ask trying to calm her down. 
"As if you don't know!" She yelled crying even harder. She pushed me. 
"El calm down." I say gently pulling her arms to her side. She kept pushing me and shoving me. She pushed me so hard I fell onto the floor. Her bedroom started moving and changing. Suddenly I was not in her bedroom anymore. I was in Louis living room. He was sitting on the couch strumming on his guitar. He didn't seem to know I was there. 
"Her eyes her eyes" He started singing. His voice was angelic and soft. At the end of the song he looked up at me like he had known I was there the whole time. I was so confused. I looked behind to we if El was sitting there. She was. But she was cuddled into a ball and sobbing. I reach over to her but she disappears and everything goes black. 

I opened my eyes to find that I was sitting in my doorway reaching out into the darkness. I realized I had just dreamt all of that. Weird. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was just after two. I knew I wasn't going to sleep again so I turned all of the lights on lazily rubbing my eyes. I made a cup of coffee to wake me up. I help the mug in my hand as I trudged to my room and retrieved my MacBook. I dragged it back into the lounge and flicked on the Apple TV. I connected my laptop and pressed shuffle on my play list. 'Can We Dance' by the camps came on. I logged into Twitter and tweeted : 
@darcy_mathews- Having a weird as dream now I can't sleep. :/ 

I scrolled through my newsfeed and saw that Niall was doing a twitcam. I clicked on his profile and started watching the twitcam. Niall and Louis were sitting on a bed looking at the camera. 
For a whole hour they just talked about random things like toe socks and caramel covered popcorn. I laughed at their stupidity and I also commented on the video. There were thousands of people watching. Soon the twitcam ended and I decided I would post a video of my dancing on my other twitter account. I had loads of followers on it since it was like a tumblr account. I posted a video and I immediately got likes and favorites on it. I smiled and logged off. I decided I would make something to eat since I was a bit hungry. I decided on pancakes. I got all the ingredients to make the mixture. I decided I would do a twitcam since I haven't done one in a while. I did one on my tumblr account as it had more followers on it. I started up the video in the kitchen. There were a fair few people watching.
"Hey guys well it's 3:16am over her in London and I'm making pancakes." I said to the camera as I started on the batter. 
"Ok @1d_is_my_life said that I should put choc chips in the batter. Mmmm chocolate at 3 in the morning. Sounds good to me." I said walking back to the cupboard and reaching up for the choc chips. I poured some into the bowl and looked back up at the screen. I saw that there were loads of people watching. Then I read the comment. 
"Niall - Better save us some ;)" I read out loud. I laughed. 
"Make your own Niall." I said as I whisked the batter. More and more people were commenting and watching. 
"louis- aww but we're hungry :(" I read out loud again. "Aww poor baby do you need your mummy to make your food." I pouted. "Well I'm not your mother." I laughed. 
" Niall - don't be a meanie poi sharing is caring" I read his tweet and laughed. "Says the one who doesn't share." I smile into the camera and turned around pouring some batter into the pan. I turned around put the laptop near the oven. "Louis - I know where you live Mathews I'll tp your house :P" I just laughed as I was reading that. "Don't forget I know where you love to." I smiled flipping over the pancake. I decided to look at other peoples tweets. Everyone was asking if I know the boys and how did we meet. 
"Ok guys yes I do know 2/5 of one direction. Niall and Louis. How did I meet them, well my best friend Eleanor Calder, wanted me to meet her boyfriend yesterday so I met Louis and Niall. " I explained. I saw someone ask am I going out with one of them." Woah ok guys hold up @harrehhhhhh asked if I was dating one of them. No I am not I met them yesterday fuckin hell." I pulled the pancake out of the pan and proceeded to make another one. "Niall - Yay! She swears!" I just rolled my eyes at the boy. "Wow Niall reall wow." I made all my pancakes talking to the screen every now and then answering questions that were asked. I kept going until about 5 in the morning. I eventually stopped and decided to have a shower. The water was warm and it relaxed me. My shower was big and made of glass. I sat with my back pressed against the wall looking at the glass fogging up. I just thought about the dream I had had and what it meant. I thought maybe it was just another dream and washed myself before getting out. I wrapped a towel around me and walked to my room. I decided on wearing a oversized long sleeved wide neck grey top with some short gym tights. I blow dreys my hair and chucked it up in a messy bun. I thought I might do some dancing, I could use a bit of moving around. I decided to make up a short routine to 'Of the night' by Bastille. I played the song on rewind from the TV and I started throwing my body around to generate some ideas. I came up with a routine I thought was cool so I recorded it. When I watched it it didn't look too bad so I uploaded it on YouTube. I had no idea what to do and I was bored so I decided to text El.

D- Come over?? 

El- Can't I have a shoot :/ 

D- oh yeaaaaah aw now I'm gonna be a loner!

El- ask Louis to introduce you to the rest of the boys they have just as much energy as you :) and I'll come over after the shoot k?

D- ok :) can you text them

El- yep :)

D- ok cool :)

Soon I got a text from an anonymous number. 

Unknown - hey it Louis 

D- I see El gave you my number then 

L- yeah ahah 

D- well anyway so you up for a movie day today?

L- sure the boys will love that yours or mine? 

D- mine :) 

L- ok be there around 10:00 :)

D- ok cya :)

L- cya 

It was just past 8 so I decided I would go to the shops and get some food for today. I chucked on my black vans and grabbed my car keys. I went down the elevator to the car park. I jogged to my little white jeep and slid into the drivers seat. I drove to the closest woollies and decided I would buy the essentials. Once I was inside I grabbed a trolley and started going up and down the isles. I grabbed Oreos, popcorn, sour strips, gummy bears, chocolate, Doritos, sour cream and chives chip along with various drinks and other party foods. I looked at the trolley and felt that I had enough. I went to the cash register and payed for all my goods. 
"Thank you." I said politely to the cashier as I walked off with my hands full of bags. I put them all in the back of my car and made sure nothing would roll around. I got back into my car and drove home. I managed to get all of the bags safely into the elevator. As it was going up I tapped my foot to the beat of the song that was playing. Eventually I got to the top floor and I carried all the bags into the hallway. I had to put all the bags down just so I can open the door. Once it was open I squeezed and the bags through and put them on the counter. I rummaged through all the bags getting everything out and putting the plastic bags away to use later. I put all the chips in a big bowl and all the candy in a separate bowl. I placed the two bowls on the wooden table in the lounge room. I got all the packets of different flavored Oreos and stacked them on the table. I put all the drinks in the fridge to keep them cool and I popped the mini sausage rolls in the oven. Finally I was done. I pulled out my phone and pressed the home button. It showed that it was 9:23. I thought of things I could do to keep me busy until they arrive so I came to the conclusion that I would make a video star. I loved making video stars it was just so much fun. I got my iPad mini and placed it on the table in the lounge room. I also got a black marker and loads of paper. I clicked on the song 'counting stars' by One Republic and decided to make one to that song. I waited a minute for it to load and then I got started. I chose a pastel affect which I was to keep for the whole video. I wrote 'lately' on a piece of paper and ripped the small piece off. With that I started my video.

After a while there were lyrics, stars, z's and dollar sign scattered on the floor. I was half way through my video star when there was a knock at the door. I ran over and pulled it open to reveal five pairs of eyes staring at me. 
"Hey Darcey!" Niall said as he enveloped me in a hug. 
"Hey Niall." I chirped returning the hug. After Niall walked in Louis gave me a hug. 
"Good to see you to Tommo." I giggled giving him a hug. 
"Come on in guys!" I gestured to the other three. I gave each of them a quick hug while introducing myself. We walked towards the lounge room me completely forgetting about my mess from earlier. 
"What the hell were you doing?" Niall asked tilting his head in all directions trying to read it. 
"I was making a video star, I was bored." I explained starting to pack up the lyrics and Liam gave me a hand. 
"Thanks." I smiled putting it on the dinning table. 
"So what movie shall we watch first?" I question the boys as I see they had all found their seats. 
"Mmmm something funny." Harry said. 
"Well here's the remote just go through the movies and see what you like." I had Apple TV so I could rent or buy movies at anytime. We watched Harry flick through like a million movies and I was nearly falling asleep. 
"Ok give it here because you can never make up your mind." Liam said. 
"No you are just gonna choose toy story." Zayn groaned. 
"Let me choose." Louis piped up. 
"No!" Niall almost yelled. 
"Oh my god I'm choosing and that's final!" I rose my voice so they would listen. 
"Damn you have loud voice like Harry." Niall said handing me the remote. 
"I get louder if I'm angry but I try not to get angry." I basically whispered to myself. They decided not to question my remark which I was thankful for. I clicked on the hangover part 3. 
"Have you guys seen it?" I ask. They all shook their head from side to side. I rented it and pressed play. 

Soon we were all on the ground clutching out stomached from the movie. We were shoving our faces with chips and lollies. Niall burped from the soft drink he was drinking. I smacked him on the arm as I laughed. 
"Your disgusting!" I managed to say between laughs. He just chuckled and everyone eventually stopped laughing but me being me I didn't. I kept laughing to the point where there was no sound coming from my mouth but small sharp intakes of breath. 
"What are you laughing at?" Louis asked. I tried to shrug while I laid on the floor clutching my stomach. 
"Oh my god she looks like a tomato." Zayn pointed out. I just kept laughing at nothing. 
"Love calm down." Louis tried stopping me but he only started giggling with me. He pulled me so I was sitting up and facing him. 
"You have to stop laughing." He said gripping my shoulders with his large hands. His warm touch tingled my skin. I started to relax and I just breathed in and out focusing on his touch on my shoulders. I looked Up at him once I stopped laughing. 
"I think I'm good now." I said a bit unsurely. 
"You sure your cheeks are still red." He pointed out. Shit. I wasn't blushing, was I? I nodded and he removed his hands and sat next to me. 
"Well what shall we do now?" Harry questioned the whole group. I shrugged. 
"Umm well whatever you guys want to do." I said looking at everyone. I saw my PS3 in the cupboard along with my Xbox. "Who wants to play a good old game of sing star?" I ask smiling. They all grinned and nodded. I set up the play station along with the two microphones.Harry won seeing as his high notes were better than Louis'. I grabbed the mic of Louis. I liked a challenge. 
"You choose." He said politely. 
"Suit yourself." I said going through the songs. I chose 'introducing me' by Nick Jonas. I knew this song word for word and I have sung it on sing star so many times. We started singing and me and Harry sang with all of our might. Every note just rolled off my tongue with ease. I collapsed on the couch when we were finished. 
"I think she won." Zayn chuckled looking at our scores on the screen. 
"Not bad Darce." He said handing the mic to Liam. 
"Choose a song." I chucked the controller to him as I said that. He flicked through some songs until he landed on 'how to save a life' by the fray. I groaned. 
"Looks like someone's not so confident now." Niall laughed. I got up and stood next to Liam. 
"Step one you say we need to talk he walks you say sit down it's just a talk he smiles politely 
back at you." I sung trying to hit the notes but it was much harder as he had a low voice however Liam was finding it easy. When the chorus came I didn't struggle so much as he lifts his notes up and it makes it easier for me. At the end of the song I lost. 
"Looks like someone lost their touch." Liam teased. I huffed and slumped into the couch. 
"Don't worry love I have trouble with that song too." Louis said laughing a bit. I pulled my hair up and into a messy bun as it was annoying me.
"Woah you have a tattoo?" Harry asks as he glanced at the back of my neck. I nodded. 
"I have exactly 23." I smiled. 
"Nice I have 42." He grinned. 
"Show off." I whispered to Louis who started chuckling. 
"I heard that." He glared at me. 
"I know." I smiled like a child from war to ear. Liam and Zayn started singing Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. I loved the song it was really good. I hummed along to the song while they sang. My phone buzzed on the side of the couch and I looked at it. 
From El 
Hey I will be at yours a around 4:00 :) x see you then 

To El 
Ok seeeeeeya :) x

"El's gonna be here around four." I informed Louis and he simply nodded. It was only 2 so we had some time to spare. Might as well have some fun........


Hope you guys like it so far :) xxxx

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