The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No.



7. The Poems

 Monday. The day that everyone hates. The day that starts off the week. Today was Monday. I did my usual routine of getting ready for school and eating breakfast. 
"Goodbye!" I yelled to my mother before exiting the house. I got into my car and threw my bag onto the passengers seat and started the car. I turned up the radio and 'Your Song' by Elton John filled my ears. It was one of my favorite songs. 
"It's a little bit funny this feeling inside." I sang along quietly as I drove to school. I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the radio. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulders. I locked my car and walked towards the school's entrance. I made my way to my locker and got my English and History books as that was my first two periods. 
"Hey! Kyles wait up!" I heard Jenny as I started walking to the usual place where I meet them. She was just closing her locker as she saw me. 
"I like the hair." I smiled at her. Her dark brown hair had blonde tips. It looked really good.
"Thanks I did it yesterday." Her voice was full of excitement. Together we walked towards the bleachers where Court and Leigh were waiting for us. The usual football players were practicing on the field getting their clothes a bit messy and not caring. I just smiled and sat down. 
"So how'd friday night go?" Court asked with a smirk. My smile faded remembering the night. How Harry had hit Connor. How we had kissed. 
"Well me and Harry ended up kissing when he pulled me into the closet for seven minutes in heaven." I laughed. 
"Gettin' in." Jenny laughed. 
"And then Connor tried to kiss me so I slapped him." 
"He had that coming." Court chuckled as she took a sip of her water. 
"Well after that he kinda tried to force me but I told him I wanted to go find Harry." Their eyes widened when I said his name. "He took me outside and he started yelling at Harry. So once he dropped me H-Harry ........ h-he punched him." I was hesitant on saying the last couple of words. Not sure why though? I guess I didn't want to believe he actually hit a guy for me. 
"Damn." Jenny said looking into space. 
"What?" I asked curious to what she was in about. 
"Harry's not one to hit a guy for girl." Court admitted. Luckily the bell rang and we didn't need to talk about that subject anymore. I got up and walked to my form. Harry must have hit a guy for a girl before right? I just shook all of my thoughts out of my head as I entered the classroom and took a seat. I chucked my bag on the floor and slumped back in my chair crossing my arms over my chest. God I wish I wasn't on my period so I wouldn't be so moody. 
"What the fuck crawled up your pants?" Louis laughed as he took a seat in front of me and Harry a seat next to me. 
"Nothing I'm just not feeling it today." I said not looking him in the eye. 
"Obviously." He chuckled turning himself to face the board. I just rolled my eyes. Boys. I just looked at the front of the room waiting for the teacher. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry intently staring at me. I hoped he would stop but he didn't. Too bad for him I'm in a shitty mood. 
"You got something to say to me Styles or are you just going to keep fucking staring?" I snapped. A fair few people looked over at us. 
"Calm your fucking ass down your making a scene." His voice was low and husky he was trying to be quiet. His sort of looked hurt and confused at the same time. 
"Sorry." I whispered as the teacher had come in. I just looked down at my desk. Way to go Kylie. The teacher called out the roll and told is we could just talk or do unfinished homework until the end of form. Talk? No! Now Harry is going to try and talk to me. 
"Hey? What's up with you?" Harry asked quietly. 
"Nothing I'm just ..... I'm not feeling it today." I told him not making eye contact. 
"Fine whatever you say." He held his hand up in defense then rested them behind his head. I sat in silence occasionally giving Harry or Louis short answers if they tried to make conversation. 

Harry's POV 

Finally form ended as the bell rung. Kylie stood up to walk out as quickly as possible. When she whipped passed me I saw something I did not want to see. 
"Shit." I mumbled to myself. I ran up behind her before anyone else could notice the red stain on the back of her skirt. I wrapped one arm around her waist whilst the other held onto my bag which was only slung over one shoulder. 
"The fuck are you doing styles?" She whispered trying to get my arm off. 
"Just go straight to the bathroom ok?" I whispered in her ear. I heard her sigh. I quickly slung my bag over the other shoulder as well and wrapped both my arms around her so it didn't look weird. On the way to the bathroom a few girls rolled their eyes at us but I didn't really care. I pushed the girls bathroom door open for her and we both went in. Obviously the guys I know thought I was going to get in with her so they wolf whitled. I just locked the door once I made sure no one else was in here. 
"Fuck." she cussed looking in the mirror trying to see her ass. 
"Don't worry I'll go to the office and get you a clean skirt just... wait here." I told her. I unlocked the door and walked out. There was still a few people in the halls but not many. I dug my hands in my pockets and started towards the office. 
"Hey you skipping too? If you want you could hang with us?" Trevor suggested he was one of those druggies I didn't hang out with him much. 
"Uhh I have something I have to do maybe next time." I smiled and kept walking. Once I got to the office the front office lady eyed me suspiciously. She has seen me many times for 'bad behavior'. 
"Hi, I kind of need a spare school skirt." I said awkwardly. 
"Mr.Styles correct me if I'm wrong but I think your a boy not a girl." She eyed me with her glasses half way down her nose. 
"It's for a friend." I explained. 
"A girlfriend?" She asked. 
"No just a friend it's her time of the month can I please just have fu---" I cut myself off before I said anything stupid. 
"Can I just have the skirt." She just pulled out a navy blue piece of material. 
"Watch yourself Mr.Styles." She warned handing me the skirt. I thanked her and ran back to the girls bathroom. The hallways were empty. That means everyone was in class. This was going to be awkward walking into class with her. Late. I just pushed open the door and walked into the bathroom. 
"Here." I breathed as I chucked it over the stall she was in. 
"Thank you." Relief was clear in her voice. She quickly put it on and came out. She did a little twirl so I could see the back of her. 
"Good as new." I smiled. 
"All thanks to you." She smiled back. "Sorry bout being so harsh in class." She gave me an apologetic look. 
"Yeah, no it's fine I mean you've got PMS and all that shit." I half laughed. 
"Yeah yeah whatever your lucky your not a girl." She raised her eyebrows at me. 
"Yeah well I'm lucky I'm a guy because I get to see pretty girls like you all day." I smiled whilst I twirled a piece of her hair. Her cheeks reddened at my comment. "And I get to make you blush." I added. 
"Let's just get to class moron." She punched me in the arm. She pushed passed me and slipped out of the bathroom. I walked out after her but I bumped into her. 
"What's the hold up babe?" I laughed and looked up. Shit. 
"Mr.Styles." Principal King's voice rang through my head. Fuck. 
"It's not what you think." I tried to explain. 
"Well it seems to me that you just exited the girls bathroom with Ms.McKenzie." He stated sternly. 
"Okay this is really awkward but I am on my period and I got it on my skirt and Harry was sweet enough to go get me a new skirt." She explained fidgeting with her hands. 
"Ms.McKenzie I know you wouldn't lie so you two have to get to class your late." He said as he started to walk off. 
"How'd you just do that?" I asked as we started towards our class. 
"Y'know making sure you don't get caught spray painting the school lockers with different colors and you will get a reaction like that from him." She stated as we neared our English class. 
"That was you?" I laughed. Two years ago someone spray painted the schools lockers all different colors and it was literally the coolest prank. "You are the last person I would have thought to do that." 
"Exactly." She winked. She's brilliant. She opened the door to the class and everyone was working in their partners. The whole class turned and looked at us. 
"Mr.Styles your late. Nothing new there but Ms.McKenzie you are never late to my class." Mr.Woods seemed a bit disappointed in her. I walked over to the teacher. 
"I can explain." I told her. 
"Go ahead." He said. 
"Well it's her time of the month and I helped her get a new skirt." I whispered in her ear. 
"Oh my gosh! Oh that's fine just sit down." He told us awkwardly. We sat down. 
"You two have to write a poem about how you feel about the other person." He quickly told us before resuming helping students. 
"Well this is going to be interesting." I laughed. 
"Yeah now do your work." She laughed back. I pulled out a book and a pen. I started to think. About her. How do I feel about her? 

Kylie's POV 

Ok so a poem about how I feel about Harry. This was going to be one interesting poem. I started scribbling down words. Feelings. Trying to put them into a sensible poem. Making them rhyme. 

From the first day I saw you, 
That was the day that I knew 
I was mesmerized 
By your emerald eyes 
That was until you spoke 
Different feelings awoke 
I saw what I did not want to see 
I heard what I did not want to believe
You started your own little game 
Yet I did not want to play 
You treat the pieces like they don't matter 
But you treat the board like a ladder 
A way to find your self on top 
Needing peasants to take care of your crop 
But I'm still mesmerized by your lips 
So don't make me regret this.

There it was. On paper. Written in my black pen. That's what I felt for him. 
"Harry would you like to share?" Mr.Woods asked him. 
"Um... s-sure." He nervously said standing up. Now I wanted to hear this. 

" since the day I met you 
All I ever seemed to hear were sighs 
But You seemed to have everything 
The hair, the eyes, the lips , the thighs." Everyone lightly chuckled when he said that. Cheeky bugger. 
"Though Something was missing all along 
That spark in your eyes that gives you life 
I never figured out the way to make it appear 
Maybe your dreams of being a wife? 
I'll never know the secret to what makes you happy 
But when we're together I see it in your eyes 
I'm sure it's not me but it's all worth while 
And I'm hoping just hoping that one day you find 
The one who makes you look like a star in the night." I was actually smiling. It was a damn good poem. Everyone cheered when he finished. 
"Kylie would you like to share yours it's only fair since Harry shared his." Mr.Woods suggested. 
"I-I'm not really-"my stuttering was cut off by Chelsea. She was one of the most confident speakers in this class. 
"I'll read it out if you want?" She offered. Everyone was staring at me so I just handed her the book and kept my head down. She read out every word carefully written on the page. Somehow 
when it was read it seemed so much more passionate then when I wrote it. At the start Harry smiled to himself but when she read 'Different feelings awoke'. His smile faded. His face was emotionless. His smile returned though when she read the last two lines. 
"That was an excellent poem Ms.Mckenzie." Mr.Woods smiled. Every girl in the class room was giving me a full on death stare. I just looked into my lap. Why does everyone like him so much? 
"I wish you weren't so fucking popular then maybe I won't get killed by one of my female class mates." I whispered to Harry. He looked up and all the girls expressions changed to lust. a They all batted their eye lashes. He just chuckled and shook his head causing his brown mop of curls to bounce. He looked up and the teacher was searching through his drawers for something. Harry leaned over to me and planted a soft kiss just under my ear. I looked up a little and the teacher was still busy. 
"What are you doing?" I whispered noticing classmates were still looking. Some of the boys were just smirking at me.
"You said you were mesmerized by my lips." He whispered into my ear as his lips hovered over my ear. "And I'm giving them a reason to stare." He chuckled against my skin. 
"Harry stop." I tried not to giggle as he started kissing down my neck. 
"Why? I know your enjoying it." His lips tingled my skin as he spoke. He kept kissing my neck. I shivered as Harry kissed my neck. He laughed and started sucking and lighting biting my neck as one hand held my neck in place. I shut my eyes tightly for a second and re-opened them. Luckily we were at the back so no one could really see what he was doing. Some would have known. Some more than others obviously. 
"Mr.Styles do you have something to share with the class?" Mr.Woods asked placing one hand on his desk whilst the other held a pile of papers. He stopped and pulled away. 
"Umm no I was just complimenting her on her poem." He said sheepishly. 
"Uh-huh sure lets go with that." He said taking the papers in both hands. I just bit back my laughter as she passed out the papers. 
"These are permission slips for the trip to the English museum. It's just a little something I thought might help you understand how English came to be and all the forms of writing." She explained. The bell put us out of our misery and we were allowed to go. I packed up my stuff and walked out of the classroom. As I was walking towards history I felt a hand rest on my ass. 
"Styles I swear to god get your fucking hand off of me." I warned. Although it wasn't him. 
"Harsh way to treat the guy who gave you that hickey." Fucking Connor. 
"Dude I told you I wasn't interested and how I treat Styles is my business." I spat and slapped his hand off of me. 
"I just wanted to say I was sorry." He admitted. 
"Well just ...... I have to get to class." I told him. I placed my hand on my neck as I walked to class. Luckily Courtney was in my history so she could cover it up for me. 
"Hey Kyles." She smiled as I took a seat next to her. 
"Um hey can you please cover my hickey?" I asked awkwardly. I saw Louis took a seat on the other side of me next to Liam. I handed her my concealer stick and pulled my hand off. 
"Fuck I can try but it won't do much." She told me as she started applying make up to my neck. 
"Take your hair out." she instructed. I sighed and took my hair out. I let it cascade down my shoulders. Everyone loved my blonde hair but I just dyed it a lot. Courtney fixed it up a bit and I put my hair tie on my wrist so I wouldn't lose it. I turned to face the front as Mrs.Turner entered the classroom. 
"Your hair looks nice out." Louis told me. 
"Thanks." I said a bit confused with his random compliment. He looked at the teacher who was writing on the board. He passed me his iPhone 5. It looked like mine except it was white not black. There was a picture if me facing the front just before and a text from Styles that said 'Damn she looks hot with her hair out! Mind telling her?'. Typical Harry. I sent a text back. 
'stop texting in class styles it's a bad habit' 
I clicked send and passed the phone back to Louis. I heard him chuckle and saw him text Harry back. 
"So today we are continuing the topic of World War 1." Mrs.Turner explained. This was my most hated class because she was so strict. I loved the subject but not the teacher. "Get out your text books and open up to page 142." This class is going to be so boring.

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