The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No.



4. The Party

Harry's POV

Finally it was the night of the party. I knew it was probably rude to get invited by a girl and go with another one but Mel was just too much. I mean sure she's hot but her personality was horrible and she was annoying. I was pretty happy with the girl I chose to go with that time. Kylie. She was beyond gorgeous. Her personality was better than Mel's too. She was that hard to get girl. I was sure she would never sleep with me but I could always try. What she said to me yesterday stuck in my mind. When I asked her how to get rid of Mel. 'Get a girlfriend and stop sleeping around'. I could still imagine the smirk on her lips as she said that. In an attempt to shake it off by having a shower. I started singing 'Isn't she lovely' by Stevie Wonder. I loved singing. No one knew that though. Except my mum she has heard me many times. Once I felt clean I hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked back to my room and scanned through my clothes. Deciding on black skinny jeans and a grey T-shirt to wear for the party, I pulled a light blue flannel over that. I pulled up the sleeves and it didn't look bad. My hair was still soaking so I decided to blow dry it. For some reason I had to try and look good for her.

Kylie's POV

I was sitting on a chair while my friends worked on my hair and make up. They curled my dark blonde hair and just left it out. They kept my make up simple. Concealer, mascara, eyeliner and nude lip stick. It didn't look to bad.

"What am I wearing?" I wondered.

"Oh we got you the perfect outfit." Jenny said happily, I had complete faith that she would pick something that I would be comfortable with. Courtney pulled out my light wash ripped jeans that were ripped all the way up and down. She also gave me black laced up heels along with a black boob tube.

"Babe you look gorgeous!" Leigh squealed as soon as I put everything on. They all hugged me and I just laughed at my friends. Going to the party didn't seem that bad once they had me all dressed up I was slightly excited but then I remember it was Harry I would be going with.

"Okay it's 6:56 so he should be here any minute!" Leigh-Anne said excitedly. I grabbed my phone and shoved it in my pants. I walked down stairs and my friends followed.

"You look gorgeous hun." My mum said as I took the last step off the stairs.

"Thanks mum." I smiled and walked towards the living room. The door bell rung. All the girls just grinned at me. I rolled my eyes and waved as I walked towards the door. I opened it and it revealed the curly haired boy.

"Ready?" he asked smiling looking at me up and down. Clearly someone liked what they see.

"As I'll ever be." I laughed nervously. I closed the door and stood out side with him. He held his hand out and I hesitantly took it. We walked down the porch steps towards his car. He opened my door for me and I thanked him. I slid into the car and he closed the door. He jogged over to his side and got in. He started the car and started driving.

"You surprised me you know." he said out of the blue.

"How so?" I asked not knowing what he ment.

"Well every other girl I have gone to a party with wears those tight short dresses and here you are wearing ripped jeans and a top." He chuckled when he said the last part.

"Yeah I'm just not one to wear tight dresses." I said honestly.

"Well you look stunning." He blurted out.

"Thanks." I blushed a little. That was my reaction to every compliment. "You don't look too bad yourself." he just chuckled and thanked me. We soon arrived at Mel's house and you could hear the music blaring when we got out of the car. I had been to parties like that before so I wasn't scared or anything. Me and Harry walked side by side up to the door. Harry opened the door and we were greeted by the smell of alcohol, he snaked his arm around my waist as we walked in.

"Harry!" Someone yelled. It sounded like a guy. We saw Louis motioning us over and we walked over to Harry's group of friends. I felt slightly uncomfortable with Harry acting like I was his for the night.

"Hey Louis." Harry said sitting down on the couch where they were. I sat next to him and just gave Louis a smile.

"You look different." Louis said to me.

"Yeah my friends did this." I gestured to all of me. He just chuckled, but nonetheless he thought I looked good and that made me feel warm inside.

"So you and Harry aye?" Niall laughed. I just shook my head laughing lightly.

"C'mon let's dance." Harry whispered in my ear. I just rolled my eyes and stood up. He stood up and we both walked into the crowd of dancing people. I stopped when Harry decided that we would dance right in the middle of the crowd. I just swayed my hips to the beat. I actually liked parties so I thought I might as well enjoy it. Harry grabbed hold of my waist as I danced. I just smirked at the boy in front of me. He dropped his head down and nuzzled into my neck. I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his neck. He was a really good dancer. I just laughed as he started to kiss my neck.

"What?" he asked looking up.

"It tickles." I said laughing. He returned to kissing my neck. Each time his lips connected with my skin it sent a tingling feeling through my body. I ignored it though.

"Not tonight Styles." I whispered in his ear and walked out of the crowd of people dancing. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a red cup. I filled it with coke and vodka. I took a sip and let the liquid go down my throat. I walked back out and bumped into someone.

"Sorry." I said looking at the person who I bumped into. It was Zayn. Another one of Harry's friends.

"It's alright." He smiled at me. I gave him a small smile and walked passed him. I spotted Harry dancing with Mel. I just laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Louis asked as he sipped something in his cup. I pointed towards Harry and Mel.

"Hah, he looks like he is having fun." Louis laughed. I saw Harry whisper something in her ear and she smiled and left. As soon as she was gone Harry rushed out of the crowd and towards me and his friend. He just ran a hand through his curls.

"I think I should use your advise about Mel." He said looking at me.

"Really who's going to be your girlfriend?" I questioned. This was going to be interesting.

"I've got a girl in mind." he said cheekily.

"Yeah I think we all know who that is." Louis added and walked off. I watched in awe he walked towards his girlfriend. They were literally the cutest couple in the school, I was sort of jealous.

"C'mon let's go up stairs they are playing seven minutes in heaven." Harry said to me. I wasn't too fond of that game but what the heck. I smiled and we both headed up stairs and sure enough there was a room where everyone was playing seven minutes in heaven. Mel was there and as soon as she saw Harry she grinned. Harry must have noticed because he flung his arm over my shoulders. There was a few wolf whistles and awws. I just rolled my eyes.

"Who next?" Matthew asked. He was the captain of the football team.

"Harry." Someone yelled.

"Alright Harry pick a girl." Matthew smiled as he held the door open. Harry just chuckled. He scanned the room and dropped his arm from my shoulders. After he scanned the room he picked me up by my waist. Everyone cheered. I just laughed and blushed a little bit. He carried me into the closet and shut the door.

"Really Harry?" I asked placing my hands on my hips.

"Yeah. Really?" He smirked and pressed his lips to mine. As soon as our lips met he slowed down. He didn't kiss me forcefully like it seemed he was going to. Instead he kissed me slowly and sweetly. Well this was certainly unexpected. I got butter flies in my stomach and I actually liked the kiss.

Harry's POV

I kissed her. I was kissing her. She's wasn't kissing back. Did I do something wrong? That's a stupid question. Of course I did. I dragged her to Mel's party and then kissed her in seven minutes in heaven. Why did I always fuck things up when I found a girl that was worth keeping? All these thoughts just rushed through my head at once. I pulled away but we were still really close. I looked into her sparkly blue eyes and she looked so beautiful. I swore I had problems. The next thing she did surprised me. She kissed me. I didn't kiss her. She did it. It took me a second to respond to her kiss and I started kissing back. Her hands were cupping my face and my arms were around her waist. I lifted her up and moved my arms so they were underneath her butt. She giggled as I did so. Suddenly the door swung open and people started taking pictures of us and wolf whistling. I just laughed and put her down.

"Guys!" I yelled wrapping my arms around Kylie. I dug my head into her neck. She must have felt so embarrassed. Everyone just laughed and let us out. I pulled her out of the room. "Sorry bout that." I laughed nervously.

"It's all good styles." She said patting me in the head. "Well imma get back to the party you do what ever you usually do."

"Wait, did that kiss even mean anything to you?" I asked her.

"Well sex means nothing to you so why should a simple kiss mean anything to me?"

I was a little upset by that. But it was true. Sex usually means nothing to me. So why did that kiss? Why did she mean anything to me? I had to find Louis so I walked down stairs and saw Louis sitting with his girl Eleanor.

"Lou I need help." I told him sitting next to him. "I kissed Kylie and she said it meant nothing to her and now I'm kind of hurt by that. Should I be?"

"Looks like someone has crush!" Louis said.

"No I don't." I said a little to quickly. They raised their eyebrows at me and just rolled my eyes and went outside. There wasn't many people out there. I sat at the base of a tree in the corner of the yard.

"Styles!" I heard someone call. I stood up and Connor was carrying Kylie. She was trying to get out of his grip and she was crying. People followed behind him waiting to see what is going to happen.

"Put her the fuck down!" I barked. He just laughed bitterly.

"Oh has styles got feelings for this bitch?" He growled. I could tell he has had too much to drink.

"Don't ever call her that!" I yelled at him.

"She's just another one of your fuck buddies so why do you care?" He yelled back.

"I said put her down." I said getting closer to him. He let go of her and dropped her on the ground. I picked her up and pulled her close to me.

"Aww styles has a soft spot for whores!" That was it. He crossed the line. I let go of her and threw a punch at Connor. He was my friend. We have hung out and talked but he just crossed the line. He held his face in pain as he fell to the ground.

"You better watch what you say dick!" I growled. He didn't reply. I turned around and saw her standing there. Her tear stained face was looking at me. My face softened when I looked at her. I ran over to her and gave her a hug. I swore to god I was never go let that happen again.

"Let's go." I whispered into her wear as I looked her in the eyes and stroked her hair. She nodded and I grabbed her hand intertwining out fingers. We both ran out of the house towards my car. I helped her into the car and closed the door. I got into the drivers seat and started the car.

"What happened?" I asked quietly. She sat there for a couple of seconds fiddling with her fingers.

"I was dancing and he started dancing with me. He kissed me and I told him I wasn't interested like that but he didn't stop so I pushed him off of me and slapped him in the face. I tried to go but he wouldn't let me. He asked where I was going and I said to find you." She said with a croaky voice. I looked at her.

"I'm sorry he's a dick when he's drunk." I said rubbing her hand.

"Can you just take me home?" She pleaded.

"Of course." I gave her a small smile before I started driving. I drove her back to her house. Once we arrived I got out and walked her to her door.

"Goodnight Styles." She said and kissed my cheek. She disappeared into her house. I sighed and walked back to my car. I should have kissed her.

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