The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No. THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY IN EDITING A FEW THINGS WILL CHANGE DUE TO THE FACT I WROTE THE FIRST HALF SO FAR APART FROM THE SECOND AND CERTAIN THINGS DONT LINK UP THE EDITING IS GOING TO TAKE A WHILE AND SOME OF THE CHAPTERS ARE MISSING FOR SOME REASON I AM AIMING TO FIX IT ALL XO


17. The Dream

He said nothing. He simply sat and stared into space with his eyes starting to shine. The tears freely started to fall down his face but he said nothing. His hands were shaking and breathing was unsteady, but somehow he remained silent. I felt so ashamed of the state I had put him in. After everything and this is what I had done to him. "I love you Harry I swear." I cried holding his face in my hands. He looked me in the eye for a split second but that only caused the both of us to cry harder. "Harry say something! Please!" I beg as my head falls into his chest and I cannot stop crying. My mistake hurt me so much more than it hurt him. I wanted to throw myself off of a skyscraper because of what I had done.

"I need time." He told me softly. After that I couldn't hurt him any longer. I couldn't sit here and make him look at me after what I had done. I threw my clothes back on and ran out of his house. I didn't even think about what I was doing. I got into my car and drove, I didn't know where but I had to leave. My vision was blurry and I was going 20 miles over the speed limit. I shouldn't have been driving and I knew it. I knew it when the world stopped. Everything was in pause. My hands on the wheel my foot pressed to the floor and broken slivers of glass hung in the air as the car started to tilt slightly with my window almost parallel to the ground. That's when it all happened faster than a split second. Bang. The only think I could hear what's white noise and I could see nothing. My body was numb and my mind was in a different place entirely.


I was wearing a flowy white dress that had two front splits and long peasant like sleeves that fell off my shoulder. My bare feet hit the ground as I was running away from Harry. He quickly caught up to me with his hands capturing my waist and lifting me into the air. I laughed as he tickled me and threw me onto the paddock's ground laying next to me. His chest revealed slightly from his baggy white button up shirt hung low and his khaki chinos were rolled up to his calves. It was the perfect date and the perfect man. It seemed like we were there for weeks on end with limitless joy and happiness. I wanted to be there forever. But Harry had something to show me. He pointed at the sky and the sun was brighter than ever, it was surreal. I stood alone looking into the sky reaching up. It seemed like my body was heavy and that I could barely move. He gently laid me down onto a white matress on the grass. He went to kiss my forehead and I closed my eyes waiting for the gentle touch of his lips.

His lips kissed my forehead but when I opened my eyes he looked shockingly different. I began to panic at the room around me full of tubes attached to me and heart rate machines I sat up my breathing dangerously fast and not being able to concentrate. Nurses ran in and soon it was all pitch black.


"Harry?" I asked as I slowly awakened this time aware that I'm in a hospital. I sat up realising no one was in the room but there was a curly haired boy standing in the doorway. "Harry." I said louder this time and his face filled with joy as he saw me sitting there.

"Kylie." He said smiling and holding my hand and I can't help myself from smiling at the boy that was finally mine. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm good. Did I have an allergy attack? I must have forgotten to tell you in deathly allergic to garlic-"

"You don't remember?" He asked his eyes wide. I gave him a confused look and a nurse walked in to come in and check on me.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't remember much she took a nasty blow to the head just be gentle." The nurse said to Harry as if I was not in the room making me even more confused.

"Harry what happened?"

"We had a fight and you were in an accident." He trailed off with soft eyes.

"What do you mean you asked me to be your girlfriend last night?"

"That was two months ago Kyles." He sighed dropping his head down as my mother came in not in her work uniform.

"Mum!" I said happily as I hugged her and I could see she was about to cry with joy. I smiled at her feeling sad because I felt like I saw her the previous day where she hadn't spoken to me for six weeks.

"It's so good to have you back sweetie."

"So how long have I been? You know asleep?" I asked looking at the pair of them and they both looked quite sad.

"It's been six weeks darling." She told me and my breath hitched. I had been in a coma for six weeks. "Yesterday when Harry kissed your forehead you woke up but then you freaked out so they had to make you go to sleep for a little while so you would calm down." It was so much information at once and I didn't know if I could handle it.

"Sorry but I'm going to have to ask visitors to leave we need to do a follow up and and evaluation to make sure she is okay." The nurse said politely but with an equally sad look on her face. They said their goodbyes and left the room and the nurse closed the door and came and sat next to me. "Hun just before the doctor gets here I just wanted to let you know that the baby's fine."

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