The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No.



5. The Coffee

Kylie's POV

I woke up to sunlight beaming through the window. I squinted trying to open my eyes then sat up and rubbed the back of my hands on my eyelids. I tugged on my singlet so it was straight again, I was a mess. I pushed myself off of my comfy bed and I dragged my body into the shower since I didn't have a shower the previous night. I made sure to wash my face twice since I had make up on and I did not want to look like a bat. Once I was finished I pulled on some pale blue yoga pants and a loose white t-shirt. I threw my hair into a bun and just put lotion on my face. I walked down stairs and saw a note left on the kitchen table.

'Hope you had a good nights sleep me and your father went to breakfast with a couple of friends and then we are going food shopping see you in a few hours xx.'

I scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. Since my parents weren't home I decided I would go for Starbucks.

To Leigh , Courtney , Jen-Jen

Anyone up for Coffee???? x

From Leigh


To Leigh

Meet in 10 mins?

From Leigh

Sure :)

I took my phone and grabbed my keys before I locked the house. I drove straight to the cafe as it was only ten minutes away from where I lived and parked my car in front of coffee shop. I spotted Leigh inside the window and gave her a small wave then quickly went up to the register to order my coffee.

"What would you like?" The boy at the counter questioned, he was cute with his apron and baseball cap.

"Iced coffee with extra cream." I flashed a smile at the cute boy.

"Coming right up." He winked. I giggled and sat down next to Leigh.

"Hey Kyles!" She chirped clearly too happy for a Saturday morning.

"Hey." I replied.

"So how'd last night go?" The question I least wanted to be asked.

"Fucking horrible." I laughed.

"Why?" She asked laughing as well.

"Well it started out fine and we saw his friends. Then we danced and he started kissing my neck." I started explaining to her but she was giddy and had to cut in with a comment.

"Damn girl." She laughed punching me in the arm.

"Here are your drinks." A girl said handing us what we ordered. I smiled and thanked her.

"So anyway, I walked off and left him hanging. Then I got a drink and Mel was dancing with him. He said something to Mel and she walked off. After that he convinced me to go play seven minutes in heaven." She just raised her eyebrows at me. "Well we kissed and then everyone took pictures. Then I left to go party. After a while of dancing this guy Connor started dancing with me. He kissed me I told him I wasn't interested but no he decided to force himself onto me so I slapped him."

"Oh you did not!" She gasped. I nodded.

"I asked him to let go of me but he asked where I was going and I said I was going to look for Harry. He started kissing me again but I was refusing so he picked me up and started looking for Harry. Everyone followed us when we went outside. Harry ended up hitting him and taking me home." I finished my story.

"You had one hell of a night." She said taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Yeah." I simply said.

"But it also seems like Harry is your night in shining armor." She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

"That still doesn't mean I like him." I stated taking a sip of my drink.

"Yeah yeah whatever you'll realize it soon." She smirked taking another sip.

"Realize what?" I asked confused. What did she mean by that, because I had no clue. If she meant I would realise my feelings for Styles then that wouldn't happen cause there were none.

"Just you wait and see." I just rolled my eyes at her. She was making it sound like a puzzle I needed to solve. A puzzle that I didn't have the pieces to.

"So how was your night?" I asked trying to change the topic.

"I didn't do much just watched Disney movies with my little sis." She smiled. Her little sister Andrea was literally so cute. She was only eight years old and looked just like Leigh-Anne.

"Nice." I laughed.

"Want to go shopping?"She suggested. It seemed like a good idea so I though why not.

"Sure." I smiled. We hopped out of our seats and walked down the road looking at all the small shops scattered along the street. There were people everywhere scurrying around and talking on the phone or holding a heap of shopping bags. London was such a busy place and I loved it. Sometimes I hated it but you can't be in a busy place all the time. I usually got away from it all if I go to my parents lake house. It was almost the quietest place in the world if you asked me. It was just a few hours outside of London. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Leigh dragging me into a shop that I loved. It was always organised and nearly spread out. I scanned through the clothing holding sown things up to see how they looked.

"Oh I like this." Leigh smiled holding up a cute floral printed pair of shorts, they were definitely her style.

"Go try it on." I smiled at her. She nodded and headed towards the change rooms. She always had a knack for style and looking good all the time. She had her own unique style.

"C'mon on Louis there is guy's clothing in here too." I heard a female voice beg. It sounded quite familiar.

"Me and Harry don't really do clothes shopping." I heard Louis voice say as he entered the shop, I didn't look at the door I just faced the rack of clothes hoping that they would not see me. I did not want to be there.

"Hey Kyles come check out the shorts!" Leigh said from across the other side of the store. She was so loud and it was no secret that everyone heard. I turned around and saw the other three already staring at me. I just smiled nervously at them and speed walked towards the change rooms.

"I hate you." I said through gritted teeth.

"What did I do?" she asked.

"Harry is out there now he knows I'm in here." I whisper-yelled.

"Oops! Sorry!" She whispered back giggling. I just shook my head. She changed back and decided on buying the shorts. I told her I would wait outside whilst she bought her shorts but I saw something catch my eye though. It was a black jumpsuit with flared sleeves and flared pants. I had to have it. I grinned and walked over to the piece of clothing taking it into my hands and running my hands over the soft fabric.

"That would look good on you." I heard a husky voice say from behind me. Harry.

"Thanks." I whispered. " For last night I mean." I said a bit louder. I hadn't thanked him for what he had done yet.

"It's fine love." He assured me stepping closer. "I'll make sure it never happens again." he whispered as he stuck a loose strand behind my ear. I just looked at his eyes not saying anything, he was intimidating and breathtaking all at the same time.

"Well I'm going to go pay for this." I said awkwardly.

"Yeah you should do that." I heard him say as I walked off. I set it on the counter and paid for it. I knew Harry was going to drive me nuts, I mean anyone could just look at him and go crazy. His green eyes and curly brown locks, not to mention his tall lean figure. It was then that I realised I was staring. He noticed. It was a shame he was such an arrogant prick. I grabbed the bag the lady gave me and practically ran out of the store. When I was outside I saw Leigh talking to Eleanor and I remembered that she was friends with practically everyone.

"Hey Leigh I'm finished." I said putting a smile on my face.

"Hey Kylie I was just asking Leigh if you guys wanted to come shopping with me? Those two aren't very fun to shop with." She laughed gesturing to Louis and Harry who were looking at girl clothes. They were and odd pair, but they were both great eye-candy.

"Uh..." Leigh just gave me pleading eyes as she knew I would say no. "Sure." I smiled. Her eyes lit up as I said that.

"Yay." She squealed hugging me. I just chuckled and hugged her back. She pulled away and glanced behind me. At Louis I suppose.

"Don't worry about Harry. I know your not very fond of him but he will come around and learn not to be an ass." She gave me a reassuring smile and it did make me feel a little better.

"I hope so." With that we started walking down the road again. The boys noticed that we were leaving and followed us.

"Where to now?" Louis asked swinging an arm around El's shoulders, their relationship was more than adorable.

"Mmmmm I don't know?" She replied looking around.

"How bout there?" Harry asked pointing to the music shop. I loved the music shop simply because I loved fiddling around with their guitars. That's the only instrument I learned to play back in middle school. We all walked into the music store and the bell attached to the door dinged signaling someone was there. There were a few other people in there playing instruments and looking around but not an awful lot. I went straight to the guitar section to see if I could find a nice display guitar. I looked at all the guitars and ran my hands over the strings on an acoustic guitar.

"You play?" Harry asked and I just nodded. "Play for me?"

"Fine but I'm not that good." I warned him. Leigh,Eleanor and Louis came over too. Might as well put on a show. I placed the guitar on my lap as I sat on a nearby chair. I started strumming an Ed Sheeran song because it was one of the only ones I really knew.

Harry's POV

She finished the song and I couldn't help but smile as she shifted her focus away from the guitar. You could tell it was something she loved to do and her strums were so graceful, to say the least she was an amazing guitar player.

"You're a really great at playing guitar." Louis commented.

"Thank you Louis." She smiled at him, I almost glared at Louis but I didn't because I had nothing to be jealous about.

"How bout we go to the next shop yeah?" She nodded and started walking. I had no idea she played guitar but I supposed I had many things to learn about her but I was more than willing. I had actually grown quite fond of her, I guess it was the fact that there was chase.

"Dude stop thinking about her." Louis laughed as we trailed behind the girls.

"How the fuck did you know I was thinking about her?!" I whisper-yelled to him.

"You make a face every time you do and it's starting to get obvious." He pointed out. I felt my cheeks heat up from embarrassment, I had never done that before.

"What am I gonna do this is driving me nuts?" I asked him running a hand through my hair. I was so frustrated with myself because I wasn't the type of guy to fall for a girl.

"How about take her on a date?" Louis suggested. There was no way I was going to do that. Simply because I didn't do that. I had never taken a girl out on a date. I was not a complete asshole I had had girlfriends but I was just not the lovey dovey type. Every girl wanted me to be though. I was not changing who I was for a girl.

"Why would I do that?" I asked in a disgusted manner.

"So you can find out wether or not you like her idiot." He laughed and punched me in the shoulder.

"I can give you the answer to that right now." I said with a slight smirk.

"So do you?" He asked looking slightly concerned.

"No." I simply replied.

"If you say so." He rolled his eyes and walked faster and wrapped his arms around his girlfriends waist. Sometimes I didn't understand him. I just shook my head and walked faster so I wouldn't get left behind. I just stared at the back of Kylie as she walked in front of us.

"Go make a move curly." Leigh laughed as she caught me staring.

"Yeah don't just stand and stare." Eleanor advised and I was about to smother them but instead I took the advice and shoved my hands in my pockets and picked up my speed until I was next to her.

"So where you plan on going in next?" I asked her.

"I don't know really." She said honestly. "But I see a place where you'll be going in next." She laughed pointing towards the shop called 'Freaky Fantasies'. It was an adult shop.

"Well guess your gonna have to come with me." I smirked and pulled her into the shop. We were 18 and legally allowed in there. I could hear the others laugh but they didn't follow. The shop was some what dark and filled with costumes and props. I dragged her to the back off the shop just for fun.

"Ooh hand cuffs." I smirked swinging a pair of hand cuffs around my index finger. She just rolled her eyes at me trying to contain her giggles.

"Oh you two look like you need something a bit more than hand cuffs." A lady said to us that looked like a prostitute. I assumed she worked there.

"What do you recommend?" I asked smiling, I could see Kylie's eyes widened at me.

"Well the costumes seem to be a really good seller especially the police woman." She winked as she giggled. This woman was about forty and was actually quite disturbing. I had to contain my laughter as She pulled out a police woman costume that was extremely revealing and placed it in my free hand. My other was holding onto Kylie's hand.

"I think we will stick with the handcuffs." I laughed and ended up buying the cuffs before we left.

"Have fun you two!" she waved us off as we walked off. As soon as we exited the shop I started cracking up. Kylie just started hitting me out of embarrassment.

"What is so funny?" Leigh-Anne asked. I just held up the bag and they all knew that something was in it. Louis laughed and looked inside and rolled his eyes scoffing.

Kylie's POV

"Kylie?" Both my parents were standing behind us and my father had anger written all over his face.

"What is that?" My father yelled at me but luckily my mum cut in.

"For god's sake Paul she is nearly seventeen."

"We will talk at home." My father warned and walked off dragging my mother with him. Once they were out of sight I was pulled back into the situation. I ripped my hand from Harry's and pushed him as hard as I could.

"You fucking idiot I will be grounded for the rest of the time I live in a fucking house with them." I cussed at him and walked off.

"Wait!" He pleaded grabbing my hand again. "I'm sorry."

"Harry I have to go home and try and sort this out."

"I didn't know you were sixteen." He said suddenly changing the topic. "I thought you were eighteen."

"I turn seventeen in four days." I told him.

"How does that work?"

"I skipped a year." I admitted. When my mum mentioned I was sixteen he seemed to blank, I just assumed he knew. "Well I have to go see you guys later." I said waving at them. As I was about to walk off Harry pulled me in for a hug.

"Sorry." he whispered. I just gave him a smile and walked off. I knew J was going to get in so much trouble at home. I really couldn't believe that actually happened. 

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