The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No.



22. The Baby

"Okay honey I'm going to need you to breathe." The nurse in the blue outfit told me as she stood in-between my legs whilst I was in tremendous amounts of pain.

"Aaah!" I yelled at the top of my lungs followed by quick bursts of breathe as I tried to not pass out from the fact that there was a baby trying to climb out of me. "It hurts!"

"I know hun but you need to keep going." She tried to soothe me but it sure as hell was not working. My hands were gripping the bed almost ripping through the sheets. I had been laying in this bed for over 5 hours and I was still in labour luckily Ronni was by my side but she was completely clueless on what to do . "You're doing great hun!"

"Kylie!" The voice was all too familiar.

"Harry I need you to hold my hand!" I yelled but he was still frozen in shock from seeing me. "HARRY!" He snapped out of his daze and came next to my side taking my hand even though I was probably breaking his fingers. His face turned pale as he watched the sight in front of him, if I wasn't in labour I would have slapped him right now.

"She's a little on edge maybe next time show up when her water breaks." Ronni laughed sarcastically and I immediately shot her a glare.

"I'm sorry I took so long baby work was extremely busy." He explained but I really had no interest in explanations.

"Ah! I just want her out already!" I screamed in pain laying back down and Harry had no idea what to do.

"We're back!" My mother announced as her and Louis came in with their coffees after being here forever. There would have been an awkward silence between them all if my shrieks didn't pierce the air.

"Oh for fuck's sake!"  I groaned growing more and more frustrated.

"I can see her head come on now I really need you to push!" She informed me. I grunted and groaned pushing as hard as I could. The next few minutes were filled with continuous screams and cries coming from me until it was broken by a soft cry. I opened my eyes feeling exhausted but I saw the nurse walking over to me with a beautiful baby girl, my daughter. I held her in my arms forgetting who I was surrounded by. All I could think about in that moment was how much I loved her. Nothing was going to take me away from her, nothing.

"Isn't she precious." Ronni awed.

"She's beautiful." I heard Louis whisper next to me.

"I know." Her soft cries made me emotional and I had tears streaming down my face. Tears of joy.

"Oh darling I'm so happy for you." My mum cooed when she saw the little girl. "Come to grandma I can make you stop crying." I willingly handed her over to my mother as she started swaying her gently to ease her crying but not entirely succeeding.

"Harry I did." I laughed lightly.

"You did babe."

My baby was born on July 17th 2016.


After spending two nights in the hospital I was finally allowed to go home with my little girl, Hadey. It was a derivative of the name Hades from Greek mythology because I knew she would grow up to be strong. Dressed in a little white jumpsuit I cradled her in my arms as I walked out of the hospital with my mum by my side. She slid in perfectly to the baby seat as I sat with her in the back of the car whilst my parents were in the front. Surprisingly my father fell in love with her the minute he saw her, he was proud to be a grandfather.

"I think I'm just going to go feed her and then put her to bed." I told my my parents and the gladly agreed. I took her up the stairs and into my room where her cot was located. I leaned against my headboard and Hadey was just staring up at me with her crystal blue eyes whining a little bit after being taken out of the car. When I gave her milk it calmed her down and she relaxed so it was an ease putting her to bed. There was a light knock on the door and I softly padded my way to the door not waking her.

"Harry, Louis." I nodded greeting them both. After the last couple of months we've had I didn't know who's the baby's was going to be but I definitely wanted it to be Harry's. No matter how much he said he would stay if it was Louis I knew it wouldn't work.  It would haunt him and I couldn't do that to him.

"We have the results but we haven't opened it yet." Louis admitted as he had the envelope in his hand. I gulped down my anxiousness and lead them into the guest room where we could all sit and talk before we revealed anything.

"Just before we open it, Louis you are still one of my best friends and I want us to stay that way even if it is or is not yours. Harry, I am truly sorry I put you in this situation and I will love no matter what but I do understand if, if it isn't yours ... then you can walk away." I told them both honestly as I sat on the bed. Fiddling with the envelope.

"Neither of us are going to leave you. We stick together." Harry assured me. He and Louis had finally come on good terms and I did not want to ruin it by opening this stupid envelope.

"Well here we go." I breathe out as I open the envelope but not unfolding the paper because I was simply too scared.

Tomlinson, Louis - 0% Match

Styles, Harry - 47.66% Match

I sighed from relief in finally knowing who's it was, it was Harry's. Just like I had hoped. "It's Harry's." I spoke softly but soon a smile appeared on my face and Harry tackled me with a hug.

"Oh my god I'm a dad." He laughed his voice echoing with joy.

"But wait wait!" I laughed as he peppered kisses all over my face.

"What? Is something wrong?" He asked as we sat up and I still had a grin smeared on my face.

"No nothing's wrong! But Louis is father a too." I smiled and both of them looked quite confused.

"What?" Louis asked.

"Louis Tomlinson I want you to be Hadey's god father." I announced to my best friend and I could tell how excited he was.

"Yes, of course, only if that's what you want." Louis tried to keep his cool but he was grinning like a mad man.

"It's definitely what I want." I told him looking back and smiling at Harry. He looked just as happy and tackled both me and Louis into the bed and we all laughed with joy. After all this time, all the months that went by not knowing. We knew and we were all 100% happy with the results.


2 years later.

"Hadey!" I smiled lifting up my little girl as she attempted to run from my mothers porch. "I missed you much monkey."

"Mumma!" She giggled as she wrapped her little arms around me.

"She missed you too dear." My mother told me as she stood by the door.

"Thanks again for taking care of her while I was in Paris."

"No worries hun you know I'd love to see my grand daughter at anytime." She cooed as she smiled at the little blue eyed girl.

"Is dad home?" I asked hopeful to see him before I left.

"Sorry dear he is at work but I'll tell him you said Hello."

"Thank You mum I really have to get going if I want to make it back to my place before dark." I laughed and kissed her on the cheek. I loved 3 hours out side of Manchester in a small town. We had a house in the woods by the lake, beautiful place really. The black Suv rolled through the leaves on the road and pulled up to our beautiful house.

I unstrapped Hadey bouncing her in my hip as I walked to the front door. I tried to be silent as I walked in the front door but of course Hadey and her newly found voice couldn't hold it. "Daddy!" She giggled reaching for him even though he was on the other side of the room watching TV.

"You're home." He smiled getting up from the couch and strolling towards us. He grabbed Hadey from my arms and she lightly tugged on his brown hair. "It's so nice to see you two again." He kissed me on the cheek and continued to play with Hadey even though it was clear it was her bed time.

"Aw I guess it's someone bed time, it was a long ride." But Hadey simply shook her head whilst yawning which made me chuckle.

"Come on Daddy will read you a bedtime story." I watched as my loving boyfriend carried her upstairs and into her small little room decorated in pale green paint with a mural of a tree which I had painted for her.

I threw my bags in the closet and started to take of my clothes from the day. "Mmm. Is mummy going to read me a bed time story?" I turned on my heels knowing that the deep voice was certainly not my daughters.

"Getting kinky there are we?" I asked approaching him in my red lace underwear feeling very confident in front of him. He grabbed my body and threw me onto the bed falling on top and proceeding to give me a passionate kiss.

"I love you Kylie."

"I love you too Louis."

Hadey was barely a year old when Harry abandoned us to pursue his music career, he was young and we made a mistake thinking we could raise a child. Louis however he stuck by my side and showed me that he never stopped caring. We hit it off pretty quickly and when Hadey started to talk she called him daddy, now he wasn't the real father but he was her god father and he intended to stay. Louis opened up his own drama school and I was selling my art work to major clients so you could say that life turned out pretty well in the end. I have a beautiful family and a job I love, I wouldn't change a thing.


Finally!!!! Took me forever to finish but it is all done and dusted!! Should I make a sequel or just leave it at that? If you wish then I could probably do a sequel on Kylie and Louis' future and Hadey do just let me know!! Drop some comments on something you'd like me to write or just your over all opinion on this story! Love you all xo

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