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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2016
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


9. Chapter 9



Wow! thanks for your support guys. Of course today is December 31st, the last day of 2013 and so I decided I would update a few chapters just for you! Also obviously this is my last update for 2013. I am still waiting on a couple comments for when to update, but there is this one girl who has made a wonderful suggestion which I am 99.999% sure I will take into account, but I would just like to see if there are any other suggestions. Well everyone have an AMAZING New Years Eve and Day I guess and I will try to update soon! 

xoxo *Liz*


     The air was chilly as the gusts of wind blew against Ginny’s face, causing her hair to blow in every direction. The sun seemed invisible, hidden behind the dull grey clouds, which dampened everyone’s mood even more so. Ginny stood, trying to hide her nerves and be calm. She had had the same nightmare earlier this morning, which had only increased her nerves, and only ceased once Harry shook her awake and they had another conversation. 

     Quietly heaving, she imagined all the horrible things that could happen whilst she was there and despite her persistence to make those thoughts disperse they just kept reappearing. Between all these thoughts Ginny hadn’t realised she already had a trolley with her trunk and owl securely placed on it.

     “Ginny let’s go, together.” Harry stated, getting her out of her daze. Despite the danger, Harry had persisted he come with Polyjuice Potion, to look like another member of the Order, as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had done. “Remember what I told you if the dreams come back?” Ginny nodded. At any minute the whistle would sound on Platform 9¾.

     Each step taken, the floor squeaked beneath Ginny’s converse. It was the 1st of September. Kings Cross was fairly busy, with both Muggles and disguised witches and wizards running chaotically around the train station. Then there were families like her own, with children dreading going back to Hogwarts, like herself. She peered at the helpless innocent Muggles who were oblivious to the fact that somewhere, far enough, there was a world at war.

     They stopped in front of Platforms Nine and Ten. Ginny took one look at the barrier and memories flooded into her mind; not one by one, but like a big tidal wave, lots of memories coming to mind at once.

     ‘Ginny was ten, with a red bob cut. “Go on Fred.” Mum said.

     “He’s not Fred! I am!”

     “Gosh women, you call yourself our mother.”

     “Oh, sorry George.”

     “Only joking, I am Fred!” She looked at each one of her brothers; Percy, Fred, George, Ron… and she just stood there, accepting that another year still had to pass before she took the train to Hogwarts herself. “Good luck!” She whispered to Harry, as he ran straight for the barrier, nervous.

     Ginny was eleven, with hair just below the shoulders, late, with not even one minute to spare and the question ‘what if I’m in Slytherin?’ frequently coming to mind.

     Ginny was fifteen, with long flaming red hair and dark brown eyes, she was thinking about Harry and Quidditch and all the great things that still existed at Hogwarts.

     Ginny was sixteen and so nervous she could’ve peed. She was hyperventilating so much that people started looking strangely towards her direction as if to say, ‘It’s only a train.”’ Harry whispered in her ear, “It’s time to go Ginny.” He nodded reassuringly, “You’re alright Ginny, you’ll be okay. You’ll be back home quicker than you think.”


     “Really.” Within three short strides, Ginny was facing the barrier and they inconspicuously disappeared through the brick wall, through the barrier that separated the Muggle World from the Wizarding World. It was too late to turn back now.

     Ginny put Pig in the specified compartment for owls and then stood alone beside her trunk. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Weasley’ looked saddened as they watched their daughter prepare for yet another year. Her mum gave her a great big hug. “Ginny dear—,” but she couldn’t finish the sentence because she began to sob “G-g-ginny dear, b-be s-safe and d-don’t d-do anyth-thing irresponsible."

     “I’ll be safe, I promise.” Ginny let go, before she felt the urge to run back through the barrier and all the way home. “Bye dad.” She whispered, so as not to blow their covers.

     “Bye Ginny and I’m reinforcing exactly what your mother said, be sensible and safe, and try to have as much fun possible. I know you don’t want to be there, but Hogwarts is a once in a lifetime experience and it might not be how you planned, but you can change that. I love you.”

     “Thanks, I’ll try to take that into account. I love you too.”

     Her mother had cried on her shoulder, her father was on the verge of tears, but one person was not doing either, and Ginny was dreading this last goodbye the most. She held his hand then pulled him into a tight hug. “Ginny, write to us. Promise?”


     “Don’t do anything foolish.”


     “Try to use Occlemency to block out the dreams, or write to me I guess.”


     “Before you go, I want to give you this.”

     “No thank you, I’m okay Harry.”

     “Shut up, you don’t even know what it is.”

     “I reckon I can have a pretty good guess as to what it is.”

     “Well, my parents would have wanted you to have it. Hermione and I want you to have it. You’re family wants you to have it. Please don’t argue with me and just say yes, you’ll take it. Ginny, repeat after me. ‘Thank you Harry, I will take it.’”

     “Thank you Harry, I will take it.”

     “There you go. Also here, now you have to say thank you to this too.”

     “What is it?”

     “It’s a two way mirror.”

     “Thank you Harry, for everything.” So there Ginny stood with the Marauders Map and a two way mirror in hand.

     “Ginny, once, a wise old man told me that ‘help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who need it’, but you once told me, ‘the thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.’ Well, you sure as hell have got nerve, just make sure you don’t get into any danger.” He contemplated saying something and did, “Think about when it’s over, maybe that will motivate you at Hogwarts.”

     All three saw Ginny off as she watched them turn into tiny blurs of colour, and walk through the barrier, so it was just her.




     “Come on Ginny, we have to go now.”

     “I—I’ll be there in a second Luna.” Ginny looked towards the Black Lake, watching the First Years looking terrified and wide eyed at the giant. What they didn’t know was that he wasn’t like the others. He wasn’t ruthless or cruel or brutal. He was Hagrid. He had black beady eyes, a fair bit of facial hair, and he was rather large, about twice the size of an average fully grown human being. You felt a bit intimidated and frightened at first, but once you knew him, Hogwarts just seemed better. Free periods weren’t just spent playing Wizards Chess in the Common Room, instead you would literally be eating rock cakes, and drinking bowls of tea.

     Ginny grabbed her bag, swung it over her shoulder, and was about to head out the door, when an owl began to tap on the window. She returned to the compartment, pulled back the curtains, and unlatched the window. The owl had grey feathers, with a rather clumsy attitude. “Errol. What are you doing here?” Errol just hooted as Hedwig nibbled Ginny’s finger affectionately, sticking her leg out to make the attached parchment noticeable. Fumbling with the string, being cautious of time, Ginny hurriedly read the letter.

‘Dear Ginny,

Just so you know, everyone’s worried about you, and I’m truly sorry I couldn’t make it to the train station to see you off. I hope you arrived safely, that you enjoy all of your classes as much as possible and stay out of trouble. Always know you can talk to any of us back home or Hagrid or even any teachers you trust. Everyone already misses you, especially Harry, I can tell. I don’t want to keep you up, so,

With love on behalf of everyone,


     Desperately trying to make her way over to the train exist, she shoved the letter in her pocket as the whistle blew loudly. Ginny leapt off just in time to see the train pull out of the station. Seated beside each other in the nearest and last carriage were Neville and Luna. After infrequent conversation inside the carriage, the air was filled with a silence that no one seemed particularly bothered by.

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