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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2016
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


3. Chapter 3

     Ironing the creases with her hand, sighing, Ginny commenced reading.

         Dear Ginny,

  I’m sorry, for everything, but I implore you understand what I’m about to say.

  In my sixth year, Dumbledore summoned me to his office, for a sort of secret meeting. But that meeting was the centre of it all. From that meeting onwards, we examined Voldemort’s past, discussing his somewhat immortality. We found it, the only solution to finally destroy him. The answer was never simple, but it turned out to be 100% more complicated that we initially thought. “Destroy the Horcruxes and we can destroy him.” You’ve encountered some of these Horcruxes, well one of them, one of seven: Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring, Tom Marvolo Riddle’s diary, Salazar Slytherin’s Locket, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup, Voldemort’s Snake, Nagini… and me.

  Ron, Hermione, and myself endured the difficult task of finding and destroying these horcruxes. This once again proved difficult. So far, we found and destroyed three, but this still leaves a remaining four.

  I am going to be completely honest with you Ginny. This war, it will destroy the Wizarding World, but we hope to eradicate Voldemort, so hopefully no one ever has to go through something like this again.

  Of course, the situation is a little more complex than what I have just explained, but I too am still trying to get my head around it all. But Ginny, whatever happens, whatever we find, you’ll be part of it. If something is to happen, recruit the D.A.


     Once Ginny had completed reading the letter, she scrunched up her face, face palming in confusion. She had to think this through logically, slowly. However, before she had sufficient time to even pick the letter up again, she was called down for dinner.

     “You look perky Ginny.” Fred commented sarcastically as Ginny descended the stairs. She threw him a glare. Stomping into the dining room, and seating herself in the corner seat at the table, she reached for the food before it even had a chance to cool. “What’s the rush Ginny?”

     “I have something to do!”

     “Like what? It’s not like you have any Ord–“ Hermione kicked Ron under the table. “It was a nice dinner mum, but I think I’ve lost my appetite. If you will excuse me, I don’t want to impose on whatever secret business you all have to discuss.”

     “Ginny wait!” Mrs. Weasley called. “Thank you for that Ronald!”

     “I’ll go talk to her.” Harry offered, pushing his chair aside.

     Knocking on the frame of her open door, Harry walked in, leaving the door slightly ajar. “What’s wrong? C’mon, talk to me Ginny.”

     “No thanks.” She said, turning away from the window to sit. Harry blinked at her, walking over. Not once had Ginny declined his offer to talk. “The door is in the other direction Harry.”

     “I’m not leaving.”

     “Well it’s too bad I wasn’t asking.”

     “Ginny, c’mon talk to me.” Harry repeated, staring her straight in the eye. Hands covering her face, shoulders shaking, she sobbed. Choosing to ignore the voice in his head, ­–which was unmistakably Ron’s–, Harry calmly walked over to Ginny, wrapping his arms around her, allowing her to cry into his shoulder. “Shhhh, it’s okay.”

     “It’s all just such a mess Harry!” Ginny exclaimed.


     Wondering what was taking Harry so long to return, Ron excused himself. Peaking through the gap between the door and the doorframe, he intently watched as Harry comforted her. He knew they still had feelings for each other, but his best friend and his sister? Backing away from the door, he returned to the table.


     “Come on Ginny, let’s go for a walk.” Harry suggested, guiding her to the bathroom to wash her face.




     “Honestly, do you want to know what’s happening?” She nodded a little too vigorously. “You know I won’t be able to tell you everything, but I can give you a heads up.”

     “Harry, why would I need a heads up? Half of the Order doesn’t even know I exist, so I doubt whatever your planning involves me.”

     “That’s where you are wrong. In today’s meeting, we discussed you and your predicament.”

     “My predicament?” Ginny questioned, Harry only ignored her and continued.

“We talked about what we were going to do with you throughout the year, whilst you were still 16.”

     “Well, go ahead, tell me, what’ll happen? I can’t be any more upset.”

     “Okay, now you’re just being a sulky teenager.”

     “Fine. Continue.” They continued their ascent up the hill.

     “Well first off, Snape is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and it was he who ordered the Castle to be heavily protected… by Dementors that is. But that’s not all that’s changed about Hogwarts. It’s also the classes, but they’ve changed because the teachers have changed. So Ginny, do you know who the teachers are?” Ginny shook her head. “Ginny, the teachers are Death Eaters. I suppose all of this means Hogwarts isn’t safe.”

     “Harry, that’s not exactly news. As soon as you apparated back with Cedric Diggory’s dead body or when Death Eaters managed to get into the castle and kill Dumbledore. Even before that, right from your First Year, when you and Ron and Hermione started at Hogwarts, everyone knew. Aside from the Snape part, which was a surprise, none of it is news Harry.” Not going unnoticed, Harry cringed as Ginny mentioned all those happenings, causing the images to flood back to mind. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so insensitive about those things, they’re not something that should appear conversationally… the point is, why are you telling me Harry, if I already know?” He avoided her eyes, but she held his face in her hands and begged him to tell her.

     “Harry, whatever it is, you can tell me, I won’t freak out.”

     “Sure?” Ginny nodded.

     “Ginny, if today is the 29th of August, in two days, you’re going to be on a train… on the Hogwarts Express, because Ginny, you’re going back to Hogwarts.”

     “Wait, WHAT!”

     “Ginny, calm down!”

     “WHAT!” She repeated.

     “Trust me if you didn’t have to go, we wouldn’t be sending you back, but there’s no other alternative, we discussed it.”

     “I refuse to go Harry.”

     “Just think about it, it’s not illogical, please Ginny?”

     “No Harry, it’s not illogical. Going back and getting beaten half to death, no, that’s definitely not illogical.” She replied sarcastically.


     “I don’t want to go.” She stated. “Why can’t you understand that?”

     “I do Ginny, but–.”

     “No, I won’t go.” At that moment, the thought of running away crossed Ginny’s mind. She didn’t know where she would run to, all she knew was that she didn’t care anymore, so she ran. She just ran.


     It took a moment for Harry to hit realisation that Ginny had actually run away. With hands on his head, heaving, Harry ran down the hill, back into the Burrow. “Ron, we got a problem. Ginny, she ran away.”

     “She ran away from you?” Ron asked, exasperated.

     “Yes.” Harry confirmed embarrassedly. Gathering Ron, Hermione and the twins, they commenced their search for Ginny.

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