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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2016
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


21. Chapter 21



I just wanted to wish those who celebrate Easter a happy easter! Have a great day everyone!

xoxo *Liz*


     Ginny woke to white light streaming through the windows early the next morning. Her head was spinning, and it was as if fog was clouding her thoughts. She quickly changed, slipping her bag over her shoulder whilst hastily shoving the day’s books inside.

     She left her dormitory and walked –as silently as possible through the empty corridors– to McGonagall’s office, and tapped lightly on the door when she arrived. “I’m surprised to see you awake this early Miss Weasley.”

     “It’s hardly early Professor, about six thirty isn’t it?”

     “I suppose so.” Ginny didn’t bother to reply. “So Ginny, how are you?”

     “Absolutely fine Professor. Why do you care?” Ginny snapped.

     “Miss Weasley, are you sure you’re okay?”

     “I already said, I’m FINE!” Ginny replied, anger clear in her voice.

     “Of course Miss Weasley. Anyways–“ McGonagall continued, wanting to steer clear of the previous topic, which she had thought was only polite. “What bring you here Miss Weasley?”

     “I came to tell you that I have considered your offer and I am guiltlessly declining. Students may find their own way to defend themselves, meanwhile I do not need to be burdened with such childish behaviours from younger students, whilst they attempt to learn something!” Ginny briskly walked out of Professor McGonagall’s office, not waiting for a response. Professor McGonagall stood dumbfounded, staring after Ginny and furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

     Something had happened, she knew.


     Ginny headed straight for the classroom she was to meet Alecto and Amycus in. After her arrival she sat in anticipation.

     Five minutes past.

     Ten minutes past.

     Fifteen minutes past.

     Twenty minutes past, but still no show.




     “Where were you?” Ginny raged. “We were supposed to meet at seven! I waited there twenty minutes and you didn’t show! UGHH, I’M WASTING MY TIME WITH YOU LOT!” The Carrows shared a look of distress.

     Slamming the door shut on her way out, Ginny left in anger and frustration, stomping to the Owlery. Of course on the way, she had to bump into the one person she had been avoiding, “Watch where you’re going traitor!” Malfoy gasped. “Wouldn’t want to catch anything off you.” He added, though not with his usual amount of cruelty, in fact it seemed almost forced. “Move Malfoy!”

     Finally arriving at the Owlery, Ginny spotted –and instantly recognised– the three whom she shared her dorm with. Harshly brushing past them, Ginny caught a glimpse of the small piece of parchment they all seemed to be huddled around, but hastily moved to the other side of the room.


     “Should we post it?”

     “Wait! Just check through it one more time. It needs to be perfect.”

Dear Harry,

Unfortunately, we have to share some distressing news with you... about Ginny... Harry, if Ginny writes to you –or uses any form of communication– saying she is in desperate need of your help, she’s lying to you. She’s trying to lure you and the Order into the castle.

Why? Honestly, we don’t really, know, but we have a plan to find out.

We think she was Imperiused, by some Death Eaters here. We just need you to ensure that you and the Order will be here at the Castle, on the full moon.

Sara, Annie and Tegan.

     “Annie, it’s a letter to the Harry, not to the Ministry of Magic, it’s fine and it doesn’t need to be perfect.” Sara reassured.




     Over the next twenty-four hours, Annie, Sara and Tegan ensured that Ginny was nowhere near the Carrows and was cautiously taken away if she was. Other than that, the rest of their time was divided between the Library and classes, and occasionally the Owlery, though they knew Harry ­–if he replied– would send it directly to them.


     It was during their walk from the Library, that Sara and Tegan noticed something particularly sceptical.  “Weasley, don’t be such an idiot.” He laughed.

     “Shut up, I’m helping you here, well at least trying to!”

     “You know, you’re not such a blood traitor anymore Weasley. Why are you helping him anyway?”

     “You know the answer.”

     “I’m glad.” Gently brushing lips, Ginny and Malfoy were rudely interrupted by none other than Sara and Tegan. “Oh my. Merlin. I think I’m going to vomit.”


     “I don’t recall inviting you here and I don’t remember when our business became any of yours. So we would appreciate it if you stopped following Weasley and left us alone.” Just as Tegan was about to reply, anger boiling inside her, she received a particularly hard nudge in the ribs, that only told her to let it go because it wasn’t worth it. “This isn’t over, Malfoy.” She spat the last word, before being pulled away by the other two.




     An owl tapped lightly on the Library window, causing pull herself away from her research and to the window. Slightly opening the window, she unlatched the letter from the leg of the owl and began to read.

  Dear Annie, Sara and Tegan,

  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you warning me. You need not ask; of course we will be there –no later than early evening–.

  Good luck.


  P.S. Please burn this letter as soon as it’s been read.

     With the letter in hand, Annie ran straight for the door, despite the Librarians angry hisses. Crashing into Sara on her way out, she tugged her out of the Library entrance and to a concealed corner of a corridor, where she hurriedly showed her the letter.

     “Annie that’s great! But I have news too! Ginny’s been Imperiused.”

     “How did you find out?”

     “I may not be you, but I caught Ginny speaking with the Carrows and detected it instantly when they cast it on her!”


     Sara cut Annie off, “Annie, you can’t reverse the Imperious Curse.”

     “I know that, but I know a way we can get around that.”

     Sara furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “Yes, because it’s such a minor situation.” She replied sarcastically, earning a glare from Annie.

     “It is now.” Annie smirked.




“What’s she doing?” Tegan whispered from behind Sara.

“How am I to know? I can’t see either T!”

“Let’s go! We’re wasting our time, we’ve been sitting here for what feels like the last six months, when really, we can both admit it has been a waste of three hours.” Tegan complained.

“You’re right, but what’s more important? Ginny or your Potions essay? And we all know it’s definitely not the Potions essay.”

“Whatever is going to happen is going to happen in less than three hours and what are we doing? Watching concrete crack. I have more important things to do with my time!”

“Fine, lets go then. But don’t pretend your going to fit in homework between now and then.”

“I’m not even going to try, I have other things planned anyways.”




     “Okay, where is Annie? I can’t get through these Alchemy questions without her!” Sara exclaimed.

     “And you told me not to pretend to fit in homework! It’s obvious you’re going to get no where, like come on, we’re all nervous, preoccupied, distracted, the best thing to do is nothing or at least nothing of particular importance.” Tegan replied to Sara’s frustration. “Excluding preparing for the battle later.” She added.

     “You think there’s going to be a battle Tegan.” Tegan dropped her pen onto her page, turning to stare at Sara. “I think it’s inevitable.” She whispered.

     “Do you think it will be the battle?“

     “I think–”

     “Okay, where have you girls been? You said you would watch Ginny so you could stop her being Imperiused, but that obviously went down the drain. If this is going to work, we’re going to have to stick to the plan!” Annie interrupted.

     “The plan also won’t work without a diversion, which is what I’m planning!” Tegan replied.

     “Honestly Annie, we were kind of wasting our time, nothing was happening.” Sara answered.

     “Actually… you know what… mmm… that could work… I wonder… actually…” Tegan muttered. “Okay, Annie?”


     “You cast really good disillusionment charms, can you do one on me please?” She nodded. “Thanks! Don’t look at me like that Sara. I just need something from somewhere. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” With that Tegan disappeared out of the dorm door.


     The cool air felt chilly against her skin. If only I brought a thicker cloak, Tegan thought. She made her way to the village of Hogsmeade, every now and then checking around her. Only from where she was looking did she realise how much Hogwarts had changed since first arriving as a petite little eleven-year-old girl.

     Tegan turned around and continued her walk. In the wind, parts of her shiny black hair became plastered to her face, which made it hard for her to see where she was going.

     She made it to Zonko’s Joke Shop and crossed off all the items on her ‘purchase list’. As she was walking down, there was none other than Amycus Carrow and Ginny, unsuccessfully trying to hide. She gasped. They turned around, but not before she found an adequate hiding spot.


     “Get your filthy hands off me!” Ginny snapped, not wanting to attract attention.

     “You just need to wait Ginny, be patient. Alecto is coming.”

     “And why the bloody hell does she need to come?”


     “Shut up! I don’t an answer!”

     “Be quiet Ginny!” Amycus said, getting impatient.

     With all the force Ginny could muster, she kicked Amycus in the shins and soon enough he released his grip on her, clutching his leg. Then, gathering all of the strength in her arms, she clenched her hand into a fist and punched Amycus in the gut. Bent over double, Amycus let out quiet yelps of pain. “I hate you!”

     “How dare you, you stupid girl. You think I can’t harm you, well turn around.” Assuming Amycus was joking, Ginny turned to stomp away. But standing in front of her, was none other than Alecto Carrow.


     In the spare of the moment, Tegan cast a messaging Patronus to Annie and Sara. She said only few words, but she knew they would immediately understand. In the mean time, whilst she waited for the two to show up, Tegan stayed hidden –as much as she hated doing so– because she knew that she and Ginny were no match for the twins.


     “Annie, isn’t that Tegan’s Patronus?” Sara asked, a little bewildered.

     “It must be! But I never knew she payed attention when learning how to cast a messaging Patronus!” The brilliantly white phoenix came soaring towards them.

     “Ginny’s in Hogsmeade.” The Phoenix voiced.

     The instant the Phoenix disappeared, Annie and Sara took off running down the corridor, towards the courtyard. Sara, lacking speed –not knowing how fast Annie was– bent over heaving, as soon as Annie cried out for her to stop as she cast a charm on each of them. “NOW GO, GO, GO!” They took off running again, to Hogsmeade, ignoring everyone who passed.

     In their haste, they almost missed Tegan. “Annie! Sara!” She whisper-shouted. “Over there, to your right, look! What the hell are we going to do?” Tegan continued, the worry evident in her voice. They both turned towards Annie.

     Annie only looked up at them wide eyed and discomfort displayed clearly across her face. “I– I– I don’t have anything!” She whispered, exasperated.

     “Anyone?” Sara pleaded. There was silence. No one knew what to do.

     “Okay so–” Sara breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re not going to like it though…”

     “I don’t care, it’s a plan Annie.”

     “You’re probably going to regret that.” Sara didn’t even have time to reply. “GO!” Annie pushed Sara and Tegan forward, following in the rear.


     “Let go of me.” Ginny kicked and squirmed, but Alecto barely softened her grip.


     “HOW DARE YOU!” Alecto spun to face the girls, cackling slightly.

     “BOMBARDA!” Spells shot in every direction. In all the haste, no one noticed Amycus had seized Ginny and cursed her. Then, in some sort of sync, they looked in her direction.

     From that moment, everything seemed to in some extreme slow motion. Sara stepped forward lifting her wand, Annie and Tegan shared looks of worry, Alecto, had his hand balled in Ginny’s shirt, clutching his wand.

     Then time sped up again –or resumed normal speed– and Tegan was screaming at Sara, and Sara’s lip trembled as she muttered her first Unforgiveable Curse. Amycus’ knees buckled and he was squirming on the floor, mouth open in a silent ‘O’. Alecto gave a little scream at the site of her brother collapsing on the floor in pain.

     “Take the curse off her!” Sara screamed.

     “I will never. The Dark Lord requested her.” He panted, trying to fight the curse off. Another burst of pain went through his joints, spreading throughout his body as if his blood carried pain. “Take it off, now!”

     “To hell with this. EXPELLIARMUS!” Annie and Alecto began a fierce duel. 

     “Imperio!” Tegan murmured, quickly and without hesitation. She contemplated about what exactly she wanted to ask Amycus to do, but then again, wasn’t it simple? Remove her Imperious Curse. Take it off her, now.

     His face displayed one of resentment. His eyes were full of anger, his face tensed as he drew all his will power. But it wasn’t enough to stop the curse; the request had already been made. 

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