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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


19. Chapter 19



Okay, so I don't know, some of you might be excited, like OMG she's updating, some of you might not like this story at all, but whichever way, I firstly want to thank EVERYONE for my 2305!!!!! reads, like what the actual hell? I am so excited!!!! Secondly, I was discussing with one of my best friends potterlove_070 (author of White Opera, Love Story and Nagini {I think she would really appreciate it if you guys all go read her stories, like, favourite, fan, comment, all of that}) how long it's been since I've last updated. We came to the conclusion that has been 7 months!!!!! Well, approximately anyway, but I don't care, that is still a really long time! Unfortunately, this isn't actually a new chapter. Some of you may have noticed that Veracity no longer has as many chapters and that is because I deleted them! Well, not permanently, I'm rewriting and editing them like I told you 7 months ago! I merged a lot of the chapters and well, cause I merged a lot of them, there are now obviously a lot less chapters, so I decided to delete them all and yeah, you probably don't want to hear the really boring story. So, I'm sorry that this is not a new chapter! I have however spent my whole summer holidays (I am currently in my second week of school) editing and rewriting chapters and well now I'm posting them. So yeah, you're probably half asleep by now, but I just wanted to say, thanks and I'm sorry and yes, seeing as I edited the chapters, I changed a lot of things, but it doesn't mean I'm asking you to read the whole damn story all over again, but you can if you want to! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Australia Day if you live in Australia (my god I can't believe I'm saying this all like 10 years too late) anyways, it would be really cool if you did reread Veracity to comment and tell me what you think and also like, comment, fan, favourite... if you want, or not. One last thing and then I promise you I'll finish this Authors Note, potterlove_070 and I would really appreciate it if you checked out our short story book, 'Fall of Territory'! We know it kinda sucks, but if you want any short stories to be published just comment them. Okay now I'm going, cause you probably haven't even made it to the end of this Author's Note :)

xoxo *Liz*


     “Miss Weasley?” Ginny awoke to Professor McGonagall standing at her bedside, holding a bit of parchment and an unfortunately familiar goblet, filled with unfortunately familiar liquid. “Poppy has ordered me to give you this.” Hesitantly taking the goblet, the contents disappeared in one big gulp. “Poppy also wished for me to tell you that you may resume your regular Hogwarts timetable.”

     “Of course Professor–“

     “One more thing Miss Weasley. It is at the Order’s request that we have a quick chat, however not here.” Ginny nodded in consent, quickly dressing in suitable robes. Within a few less than fifteen minutes, Ginny was comfortably seated in Professor McGonagall’s office. “Miss Weasley, I hope you know how extremely angry I am that the Dementors trespassed onto the school grounds, despite the fact that they were probably ordered to do so. After some thought, the Order has requested you to recruit Dumbledore’s Army.”

     “Excuse me Professor, but perhaps I misunderstood you. Are you asking me to gather all the members of the DA, an group illegal according to the Ministry of Magic, made when nobody believed You-Know-Who was back and when Umbridge was teaching?”

     “I am indeed Miss Weasley.”

     Ginny considered the Order’s proposal, furrowing her eyebrows whilst in deep thought. “Professor, if we got caught the consequences, they’d be horrific!”

     “Then my advice to you is to not get caught. Students are not learning satisfactory defensive skills, in fact all they are learning is how to torture people into madness and I do not call that defence. Do you Miss Weasley?” It was true, the Carrows were intent upon torture and that was all they taught. “I’ll think about it Professor and let you know in a few days, a week at the latest.”

     “Of course Miss Weasley.” Ginny turned to leave, but quickly sat herself down again, staring into her Professor’s eyes. “What do you think will happen Professor? I mean, in the end… do you think we’ll be… safe?” Professor McGonagall let out a deep sigh; that wasn’t the answer Ginny was hoping for. “I hope so Ginny… I truly hope so.” Ginny nodded, acknowledging Professor McGonagall’s answer.

     As Ginny walked down to the Great Hall, there was a bug commotion. First Year’s were running past House Tables to get to their friends, whilst some Gryffindor and Ravenclaw 6th Years approached Ginny with sombre looks. The Slytherin’s were the only House with smug expressions. “Ginny, have you heard?” Tegan asked.

     “Something’s happened!” Sara exclaimed. “There’s been an Azkaban breakout!” Ginny paled, demanding to know who broke out.

     “It’s not just one person Ginny!” Luna said.

     “Then how many?”

     “Almost all!”

     “Yes, it was all Luna!” Someone confirmed.




     Professor McGonagall stormed through the doors of the Great Hall, taking a place at the podium. “May I have your attention please?”

     “Where’s Professor Snape?”

     “Yeah, where’s Snape?” The Slytherin’s yelled from across the Hall.

     “It appears that Professor Snape and some of some other Professors are unable to be attend dinner tonight. Continuing on, earlier today, I received a letter from the Ministry of Magic informing Hogwarts of an Azkaban breakout.” Professor McGonagall rummaged through the pockets of her robes and pulled out a piece of neatly folded parchment.

     “Quoted, ‘It is requested that Hogwarts partakes in involving extra security measures around the castle. This is for security purposes and to ensure safety of the students. All students, from Years 1 to 7 are required to participate in at least two lessons of Defence Against the Dark Arts per week. Please note that consequences will be put forth for any students who wish to disregard this requirement.’ As you have now all been informed of this new requirement, please ensure that you attend these Defence Against the Dark Arts classes at least two times per week and that you do not marginalise the new profound security measures. Thank you everyone, you may continue eating.” Professor McGonagall concluded, stepping away from the podium and resuming her seat.


     “Defence Against the Dark Arts what rubbish. They’re only going to make us practise more Unforgiveable Curses on First Years.” Neville commented in frustration.

     “I agree,” Luna concurred. Chorus of agreement ran throughout the Gryffindor table. “Ginny what do you think?” Tegan asked, obviously noticing that Ginny hadn’t agreed nor disagreed at Neville’s remark. 

     “Ummm, I don’t really have an opinion.”

     “Of course you do silly.” Annabelle piped in.

     “Well, if you really want to know, I think it’s completely suitable and appropriate and I’m glad that someone has finally taken the responsibility to act in an appropriate manner.” Ginny said matter-of-factly, ending the conversation. “If you will please excuse me, I have somewhere to be.”

     Some automatically dismissed Ginny’s absence; others however, ceased to conceal the look of worry amongst their faces. “What’s up with her?” Annabelle whispered.

     “No idea, but I’m going to follow her.” Sara said.


     “Thank you Ginny for expressing your true feelings on our new security system. Now we can proceed to part two.” Amycus Carrow said.

     “No worries Professor, after all, we all must be honest in order to satisfy him.”

     “You understand part two don’t you Weasley?” Alecto questioned harshly.

     “Of course Professor.”

     “Well what are you waiting for? Repeat it to me!”

     “Of course Professor. It begins with mailing Harry Potter, saying I’m in desperate need of his help –which of course is a lie, but will lead him to Hogwarts along with other members of the Order of the Phoenix–. Of course, then I’ll need to somehow convince him to tell me the plans the Order has devised. If he needs a little nudge there is always the Imperius Curse. But then report back to you.”

     “Good. Good.” Amycus murmured. “One last question Weasley. When will stage two take place?”

     “On the full moon Professor, two days from now.”

     “Be gone, before anyone sees you.”

     “Thank you Professor Carrow. Professor Carrow.”

     Completely oblivious to the fact one of her best friends had heard her conversation and was planning to report her, Ginny collapsed onto her bed, straight away meeting sleep.


     “Weasley, you failed, so you must pay with death.”

     “Please, my Lord, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, but he saw right through me. I couldn’t help it. Please, please, NO!”

     “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Ginny’s eyes were wide open, she was panting and sweating. In the darkness she heard hushed voices, but assuming they hadn’t heard her wake again, she fell back asleep.


     “She was mesmerised, I’m telling you! She was calling them Professor! Since when has she ever referred to them as ‘Professor’? But then there was also something else, about a plan, male Carrow asked her to recite the plan. It was something about luring Harry and the Order into the Castle to find out what the Order was planning.

     “She said she was willing to use the Imperius Curse on him! Annie, Tegan, I’m really worried about her. First she said she agreed with the new security measures, now this. She’s acting so strange, something must’ve happened to her. But we don’t have much time to figure it out, it –whatever it is– is happening two days from now, on the full moon!”

     “You know what I’m confused about? How she intends to mislead Harry. They might not be together right now, but she loves him, why would she do that to him?” Tegan asked.

     “None of it makes sense, I know, but what kind of potion has she drunk or what kind of spell did they perform to change her, more importantly, how are we going to get Ginny back?” Annabelle whispered.

     “Any ideas?” Sara asked.


     “Just one.” Annabelle said, rushing into her plan. “Okay, so, Sara before, you said Ginny was going to perform her plan two days from now, which is the full moon, but do you guys know why it’s on the full moon?” They shrugged. “Think about it. Everyone said that You-Know-Who was creating an army not just of Witches and Wizards, but with creatures, dark creatures, but then they said it was a myth. But it’s not a myth! Death Eaters can’t do half the stuff that’s been done. It’s got to be the work of some sort of magical creature, so it’s only expected that You-Know-Who does it on the full moon, because many of his followers will be at their peek of danger.”

     “Werewolves, you’re implying?”


     “So what do we do?” Tegan asked.

     “We have to find out if she’s been Imperioed. Sara, you share a Defence class with Ginny, and have one of the Carrows, so after class, see if she stays back, and if she does, stay back too, but hide. If she leaves the Great Hall earlier again, someone has to follow her. Any time she is presented with the Carrow twins, take her away. We need to find out what they’ve done to her. Once we discover what caused her strange behaviour, we can either reverse the spell or wait for the effects to wear off, depending on what happened. We’ll have to keep her away from any Death Eaters, so that they don’t find out that we know. On the night, Tegan, you create a diversion in the Great Hall, so it delays them. While everyone is busy stressing about what happened, we’ll find the Death Eaters and stop them and we’ll also try to get the Order to come help, but first things first, we’ll have to write to the Harry to warn him.”

     Silence hung in the air, whilst Sara and Tegan considered Annie’s explanation. “Not bad Annie!”

     “Not bad? I thought that was bloody brilliant seeing as she was being put on the spot!”

     “Okay fine, genius!”

     “Okay now get to bed, we have a very crammed two days ahead of us.” Annie ordered, very mother like.

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