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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2016
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


15. Chapter 15

     Remaining hidden for quite a while gave Ginny time to think. “Ginny? Ginny? Ginny?” Annabelle called.

     “Here Annie!” Ginny called, finally revealing herself.

     “Gosh! There you are, I’ve been looking for you everywhere! I heard what happened and I’m so sorry. I wish I could’ve been there to help, but we’ve been in our Common Rooms for hours, so when Hermione came to ask me if I could look for you, it was such a surprise, we hadn’t checked our dormitories yet, so we just thought you were sleeping.”

     “Thank you Annie, I really appreciate you being so worried, but I kind of want to be alone right now.”

     “I understand, if I see her, I’ll tell her you’re alright.”

     “Thank you.” Annie grinned.

     “What are friends for?” Ginny returned the smile. Taking out the Marauders Map, she carefully watched all the teachers as she made her way up to the bathrooms.




     Walking briskly to the seventh floor, Ginny paced the area in front of the bare wall. I want a comfortable, quiet room. I want a comfortable, quiet room. I want a comfortable, quiet room. I want a comfortable, quiet room. Answering Ginny’s request, inside the Room of Requirement appeared a comfortable, quiet room.

     Inside the room was a glossy wooden coffee table; with velvet covered couches positioned around it and porcelain teacups and pots on the tabletop. Not too far away was again another glossy piece of wooden furniture, this time a desk, with a black leather chair. On the desk lay a pot of ink and a glorious feather quill, as well as small pile of parchment, laying there waiting for the first drop of ink to spill over it.

     Striding towards the desk, Ginny pulled out the chair, took a seat and began to enthusiastically write her letter:

Dear Harry,

I’m okay now. When I was alone, I had time to think and I want to thank you for keeping my nightmare a secret. Ron would’ve been even more of an ass if he knew. Please tell him he is one, but one day, I’ll eventually forgive him, I suppose.

I need you to know that I just feel so overwhelmed, with everything that’s happening and I’m scared to admit that I need you, but not just as my friend. I can’t deny it any longer and, and, I’m sorry, you have to find this out, because I don’t want you to feel obliged to feel the same way or feel obliged to say something in return, because it’s okay, I just needed it out in the open.


     As if on cue, Pig arrived through a newly brandished window, flying excitedly around. “Take this to Harry. Thanks Pig.” Pig flew out the window, slightly drooping to the right because of the weight of the letter.

     Retreating back to the Gryffindor Common Room, Ginny put her pajamas on and fell sound asleep.




     Sitting deep in thought in the small broken room, Ginny looked effortlessly towards the Black Lake. A loud growl erupted from her stomach, but she blatantly ignored it.

     With a little more staring and a few more growls, she rummaged through her pocket, revealing a crumpled old bit of parchment. She examined it carefully, reading each inked, moving footprint from corner to corner. Studying each of the names displayed, Ginny noticed one that particularly caught her eye. Ciara Mae.

     The sound of her footsteps disrupted the respected silence as Ciara headed towards the Shrieking Shack. “Mischief managed.” Ginny whispered. Only moments later, Ciara walked in, eyes looking straight ahead as though mesmerised. Stepping out of the shadows, Ginny moved to stand beside her. She waited, anticipating the moment when she would turn around and notice her presence. Though minutes passed and her eyes stayed annoyingly the same, but then she spoke, a soft whisper, barely audible. “Hello.”

     “Hi.” Ginny replied, voice quavering.

She turned around and smiled unconvincing towards Ginny.

“We’ve never formally introduced ourselves. Your name is Ginny. My name is C–”

     “Ciara. Yes I know.”

     “How do you know my name?” We both questioned in unison.

     “You first.” Before responding, Ciara took a seat on the floor, looking like she was sitting easily on her own comfortable four-poster bed, Ginny took a seat beside her. “You’re a hero… actually a heroine… because you’re female… obviously, but you’re my heroine.” Ginny was taken aback. “Now you.”

     “I just keep recalling that night. When I sleep I have these nightmare about you… well not about you, just with you in them. God, that sounds weird.”

     “It’s okay, I know exactly what you mean. But I want to thank you, for fighting for me, for saving my life, not many people would’ve done what you did for me Ginny.” There was a silence, in which she shuffled a little closer to Ginny, enveloping her in a hug. “I can tell you’re a Gryffindor.” She smiled.

     “Well, what about you? Which House are you in?”

     “The Sorting Hat couldn’t decide between Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but it saw my family and placed me where they were. So I’m a Ravenclaw.” She explained. “You know Ginny, I prayed that I would be able to see Hogwarts in its true glory. How you saw it, with the corridors lit and the snow gracefully falling in winter, but most of all, with Dumbledore as our Headmaster.” She hugs me tighter. “I wish I had what you had.”

     “If only.” Ginny whispered. “If only I had what you imagine. In my first year, I poured out my soul to him. He was so real, so convincing, I believed him. I believed he cared. I told him all about my life, how my brothers treated me, how Harry never noticed me, little did I know he was just trying to lure me into the Chamber of Secrets, to do all his dirty work for him. He can be very persuasive.”

     “By he, do you mean You-Know-Who?”


     “Yes, but it was his spirit, kept in a diary that I had found amongst my belongings.”

     “You know Ginny, you and Harry look cute together.” Ginny chuckled.

     “He– Harry– Harry and I aren’t together Ciara.”

     “But you were.”


     “Can you tell me? Plllleeeeaaaasssseeeee.” Ginny relented.

     “Three years ago, was the last Tri-Wizard Tournament. Harry was one of the contestants, even though he was underage and under a fourth school. None-the-less he was a participant and the Yule Ball was approaching. I had hoped he would ask me, but he didn’t, he asked Cho Chang, but she declined because she was already going with Cedric Diggory. Then at the final task, after so much waiting, there was the sound of a Portkey and Harry returned with Cedric. He was dead. You-Know-Who was back.

     “The next year, there were more deaths, more disappearances, at the end of the year, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, Harry and I journeyed to the Department of Mysteries, it was that year that he and Cho got together and broke up. I had my fair share of boyfriends. But that next year, whilst I was in Year 5 and he in Year 6, he started noticing me and after we had won the Quidditch Cup, he came into the Common Room after his detention was finished and I ran up to him and he kissed me, but all too soon he broke it off, he had more important things to do, like defeating Voldemort. Anyways, I suppose I’ve always liked him, he’s always been there for me, he helped me when–”

     “When what Ginny?”

     “I’ve never told anyone this, you can’t tell anyone this.”

     “I pinky promise, cross my heart.”

     “He helped me when I had a nightmare about that night… before it happened. It was during the summer, with two days of holidays remaining. I saw exactly what happened, I recognised Bellatrix, I just didn’t know you, so, I only saw a girl.”

     “Oh my god.”


     “Merlin, it’s way past curfew! We really have to go.”

     “Okay, but how will we get to our Common Rooms without being seen?”

     “Easy, a Disillusionment Charm.” After performing the spell on each of them, they silently crept out of the small room, up the stairs and a very steep slope, which they both struggled to climb. Looking frequently at the Map, Ginny managed to return Ciara safely to the Ravenclaw Common Room, without crossing any Dementors or teachers. “Thank you Ginny, for saving me.”

     “It was my pleasure Ciara.”

     “If you were ever in danger, I would try to save you too.”

     “Thank you.” She smiled sincerely. “Now go, before you get caught.” She nodded.

     Ginny, about to turn into the corridor to the Gryffindor Common Room, saw Dementors lurking near the Fat Lady’s portrait. She swiftly recited the spell that repelled the Dementors.

     When she finally lay on her comfortable four-poster bed, she recalled the conversation she had previously had with Ciara. After quite a time of deep and hard thinking, she finally fell asleep.




     “Potions! What torture! Why do we even need to learn potions? It’s not like I want to become Professor Snape when I finish Hogwarts!” Tegan cried. Annabelle and Sara laughed. As they walked towards the Black Lake, still joking about the morning’s lessons, smiling, laughing, it was almost like the good old times.

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