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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 1 Sep 2016
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Alone, depressed, deprived and defeated. Tortured to the extent. Life at Hogwarts is like your worst nightmare coming true, with death eaters prowling the corridors and dementors guarding every entrance into the castle. All hope is lost for Ginny, she has no one to turn to, and no where to go. She can't go in hiding because they will hunt her down. Lord Voldemort is at his strongest, his most powerful, or so she thinks. She believes that Voldemort has past his most vulnerable point, after her family and friends disappear.
The Order of the Phoenix has finished, she has no plan and doesn't know what to expect and there is no escape for her. Little does she know that a plan is brewing inside those very castle walls.


12. Chapter 12


So I have decided to have a character competition. I need ten first years, for the sorting. And I also need about ten Slytherin's on Voldemort's side, still at Hogwarts, in Ginny's year. And lastly I need about ten Sixth Graders (Ginny's Year), in any house except Slytherin to be supporting her. So details you need to include are: house, gender, name, which category (Slytherin, first year, supporter), features (eye colour, hair colour, height, facial features...), hobbies. They are the main details, but if you feel I have missed something you can include that too. RULES: You can only enter up to three times. The competition will close on January 14th. Sorry there is very limited time, the only other option is I stop updating for two weeks, because I am writing the part when Ginny arrives at Hogwarts and need the details for the sorting. It is up to you to decide, so please comment your preference, (have a 7 day competition or have me stop updating for two weeks so you can have longer to decide). Thanks!

xoxo *Liz*


     Dear diary,

     I’ve been here less than a few hours, but Hogwarts has already proven that this is not place I should be. I want to be back home, so I can lock myself in my room and ignore everyone, everything. I need my family to be beside me, but whenever I need them most, they can’t be present. I need them now and they’re not here.

     I didn’t even know if I was planning to go to the Common Room up to my dorm once I left the Great Hall. Maybe I was going to go to the Owlery to mail a reply to Hermione. Maybe I was going to go for a walk around the grounds. Maybe I was going to go to the Room of Requirement. Maybe I was planning to sneak out of Hogwarts. I don’t know. But upon switching staircases, I heard… I heard something. I could feel it, it was almost challenging me to ignore it, but I headed towards it, because I knew I had to.



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