Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


4. The creature that wrecked my house meets my dad! Chapter 4

“Hi” he said.

“You have five seconds to explain WHAT you did to my house before you get this in your face.” I announced angrily, gesturing towards the tendrils.

“Oh, is this your house?” he said, looking around at the rubble curiously. “Not very tidy is it?” he said after a slight hesitation, voice still showing all the mirth he had possessed just seconds before.

“It WAS, but then you fell on it!” I hissed through gritted teeth. “What are you? No human could have survived that fall, I’m warning you, I’m an apprentice to the temple of the godess Necros.”

Ok, I was showing off a little there. But hey, I’m only human. Unlike him.

He grinned, eyes glinting with mismatching malice. "You tell me, little human."

"Little human? I wonder how your face would look with this sticking out of it." I said, pretending to throw the ball of magic. To my surprise he didn't duck like I'd expected.

“But honestly, could your pathetic dark magic really harm me? I can tell magic when I see it, mortal. I’m a creature of the sky, a magnificent shape shifter, I’m hundreds of- oof!” he cried, puffing out his chest in pride, before falling over a brick.

I grinned at him whilst shaking my head; shape shifter maybe, magnificent? Not so much.

“Frea?” said a voice from behind. My smile faded, my father was here with his hunting bow in hand.

“Frea, why is the house gone?” he said loudly. But then he noticed the boy in the floor and notched an arrow in his bow.

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