Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


6. Remembering the past Chapter 6

I couldn't believe it. The thing from the sky that had crushed our house wasn't being shot. My dad was helping it. I did my best to tell him it wasn't a good idea. 

"Dad, maybe they hit it for a reason?" I asked but he just ignored me. This was so unfair. Had Dad even bothered to think where we might live now? No, typical hunter. Eyes on the prey and nothing else.

"Frea, why don't you put that magic thing away? You know I don't like it." he said after a while.

Sighing grumpily, I extinguished my magic. Dad didn't like my necromancy but as they where one of the most influential guilds in the city, he had to let them train me when I was chosen. He knew why I was good at necromancy and he found it a bit morbid. All the rules of necromancy said you couldn't bring someone back to life but I had to try. For mother. Shaking these thoughts from my head I tried again,

"Dad, how come your helping it?" I asked, by now the griffin had fallen asleep.

Or at least it appeared to be sleeping. By this time it was night, I had lit a hasty fire and had to explain to countless neighbors what had happened. I knew that in the morning the town guard would take the creature away.

Dad sighed. "On the night you and your mother got lost in the woods, you where only a little girl, he saved you. He... he killed the wolves surrounding you and scared them off. He flew you back to the town, but it was too late for your mother." he whispered sadly.

I remember that night, the screams and growls. The chill of the icy snow and then... Flying, I had always assumed I was hallucinating when I talked about flying. Father didn't like to talk about that night and I'd assumed the wolves hadn't bothered about me. But now he was saying that the creature - no, Cinder saved me? This was too confusing


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