Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


12. Cinder gets a promotion Chapter 12

I had no idea of his plan. He seemed confident though. Some of the men lighting the flames where necromancers which I thought was odd. Their eyes where that weird colour Signy’s where – probably not a good sign. They lit the fire underneath Cinder and started chanting weirdly. To my surprise, around half the crowd where doing the same. Young and old all where chanting happily, family members started shaking the chanting ones, begging for an explanation. I reached toward a soldier and asked him,

“What’s going on?”

He turned towards me, smiling serenely.

“Our hearts have been touched by the serene light! Praise Lys with us, and you too will know salvation.” His eyes still glowed that burning gold.

Lys was the nemesis of Necros – he (or rather it) trapped Necros in the prison of fire. Why where Necromancers praising him? What was going on? I looked towards Cinder and could see the flames rising ever closer. He spoke up suddenly and the chanting stopped. I grinned happily. His plan was working.

“Mortals! You dare try and sacrifice your god? I am Lys!” he bellowed.

“Lord. I…we did not want to displease you. We thought that…that you would like this offering.” One of the necromancers stuttered.

“Well, I am displeased. What kind of worshipers ARE you, to dare kill your own god! Honestly, you are USELESS! All of you!” Cinder bellowed, whilst he was hastilly unbound.

“Come here mortal!” he said, gesturing towards me. I walked over, having to hide a smirk.

“What do you want?” I mumbled moodily.

Cinder raised his eyebrow slightly.

 “Sorry, what do you want Lord Lys?” I said deferentialy. 

I would like accommodation!” he boomed

 Certainly Lord Lys, there is an inn near by where I’m sure you could stay – free of charge.” I said – still suppressing a smile.

“I shall stay there then, begone mortal” he said.

As I turned back I saw him give me the smallest of winks.

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