I'll Always Remember You ( Justin Bieber )

Kylie Brooks, a model, and 16 years old. Her manager, Scooter Braun, also known as Justin Biebers manager flies her out to Los Angeles. Kylie has never met Justin, or so she thinks.. , and never liked him. She always thought he was fake. Well don't you think feelings for someone can change? Read to find out...


6. Chapter 5 Babe Stop

Justin's P.O.V

"We're here" I shook Kylie, yeah she fell asleep apparently

"Mmm go awayyyyy" I chuckled

"Kylie, come on let's go, we're at the


"HUH?! HOTEL?!?" She was now panicking

"Babe, stop."

"Justin.. is there two beds?" She said nervously

Oh well this is gonna be fun

"Nope. You. Me. One. Bed." I smirked.

"You BETTER not try anything on me"

"Guess no action tonight"

"Fuck you Justin" Oh so that's how she wants to play

"Ok, when and where?" She looked at me and I couldn't hold in my laughter

"Shut up now let's go" She walked out of the car, and into the hotel

~ In the hotel room ~

"Hey Kylie.. are you offended that I call you 'babe' ?" I mean, it's Just a friendly babe. Right?

"Uh.. yeah.. it's fine" She smiled

"Okay, thanks babe" I smirked

"Ugh, yeah whatevs" Kylie rolled her eyes

"What are we even doing here, Justin?" Oh no. I can't give in.

"Uhh.. I'm gonna take you out tomorrow, kinda like a Kylie and Justin day" I faked a smile. I REALLY want this to be a date.

"So not on a date?" Oh my.

"Only if you want it to be" Haha! I hope she gives in..

"Yeah, ok" My smile grew bigger, and bigger

Then I saw a bright flash

"Fuck" I heard Kylie mumble

'@justinbieber excited much?' She tweeted

'@kyliebrooks hmm maybe ;)' I tweeted

'@justinbieber your fans are going crazyyyy' Well, let's go see!

'from @beliebertillidie '@justinbieber don't you have Selena?'

Oh shit

'@beliebertillidie well, um I broke up with her' I lied. I know I haven't broke up with her. I still have to. I mean, I like Kylie. Well, more like love but it's way too early to tell her that.

'from @beliebertillidie 'OMG OMG @selenagomez did you hear that?!? '

oh my fucking shit!

I immediately got a call from '2nd babe'

"Justin.. you told me you broke up with Selena!" Kylie shouted

No, no, no! Right when I was about to take her out, all this shit happens!

"Uh about that, I said I was going to brake up with her"

"We'll hurry up, or I'm not going out with you!" She threatened

I picked up the call

"Uh.. That was about- look I'm sorry Selena! But I'm breaking up with you." I just had to tell her

"Well, whoever you found remember you'll be running to be in a few months." And the like went dead, I sighed.

"Well, did you or what?"




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