I'll Always Remember You ( Justin Bieber )

Kylie Brooks, a model, and 16 years old. Her manager, Scooter Braun, also known as Justin Biebers manager flies her out to Los Angeles. Kylie has never met Justin, or so she thinks.. , and never liked him. She always thought he was fake. Well don't you think feelings for someone can change? Read to find out...


3. Chapter 2 I Know Who You Are.. Maybe


Kylie's P.O.V

"Enjoy your stay in LA" The lady at the airport said as she gave me my bags

beep... beep.. beep..

I checked my phone, getting a text from Scooter

From Scooter :

'Hey Kylie you here yet?' I read

To Scooter :

'Yeah my flight just landed y?' I sent him a text, while I was waiting for them to get here

From Scooter :

'I wanted you to meet a few people.. maybe 4 of them' Great. I KNEW it had to be Justin. I mean don't get me wrong, we never met. I've meet Jessica, ( Scooters Girlfriend ). But who were the 3 other people besides Justin?

To Scooter :

'I know one of them is Justin, but who are the other 3?' I sent, getting a reply back immediately

From Scooter :

'Well, you'll see :)' Ugh. I HATE suprises. I mean what if someone was 'surprising' you and you ended up dead a few days later?!?!?! ( Lol I'm just kidding! ).

To Scooter :


I got cut of by my phone ringing, the contact 'Scooter'

'Hey Kylie! Just to let you know the limo will be there in 5 minutes. You have a interview at 5:00' I checked the time, 12:35. I wasn't all that famous like Justin or anything. I've been doing this for 5 months only. I got discovered on Instagram for posting a picture of my full body. ( Relax! I wasn't naked! Sheesh! )

'Okay see you in a few' I said hanging up.

I guess my career or whatever you want to call it is really major.


Justin's P.O.V

"Yo Justin, don't get your hands all on Kylie okay? The paps might just snap a picture, plus Kylie doesn't like you in that way" Alfredo said with a serious tone

"No promises" I smirked and patted his back

"She's a model for gods sake Fredo! How could I not?!?!" Just then Scooter came in

"How could you not what?" He looked at the cookies on the table and ate one

"Nothing." Me and Fredo said at the same time. I was pretty surprised I haven't seen Kylie in years. I hope she still remembers what happened before I left.

"Look Justin, we have to go pick up Kylie at the airport wanna come?"My eyes widened. Oh hell yes I want to come!

"Okay then let's go" Wait. Did I just say that out loud?!

"AYE MAN DONT FORGET FREDO OVER HEREEEE!" Alfredo jumped in the passengers seat

"Aye what the hell bro?!" Alfredo smirked

"Sorry, you didn't call shotgun..plus Kylie's sitting back there sooooo" Fredo winked. I rolled my eyes


Kylie's P.O.V


There was a loud screeching sound coming from... a limo?

Oh, my limo

"Hey Kels!" Scooter ran up to me and gave me a big hug

, but I dropped my bags

"Oh I got it" I heard a deep voice say from inside the car

"That's Justin, careful he could be a troublemaker most of he time" Scooter whispered in my ear,I shook my head

"H-hi I'm Justin.. Bieber" He stuck his hand out approvingly

"I know who you are" I spat harshly, ignoring him

Don't get me wrong I'm not a belieber or whatever you call them ( A/N: Relax! I am in, real life a belieber! ) I actually hate this Beaver dude. I don't know, something about him tells me his fake.

"U-uh umm okay?" He said, with a polite smile

I smiled back, only a fake smile


Justin's P.O.V

What?! I didn't do ANYTHING to her, and she hates me already?!?! Ugh she's so stubborn!!

"Soo.. Kylie, I heard you have a modeling career?" I asked looking out the window

"Yeah, why do you care?" She spat. I could feel her eyes burning into me

"Kylie... Watch it" Scooter told her

Kylie just rolled her eyes

Ugh, I still like her tho

And I'm gonna find a way to make her mine...



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