Kidnapped By Harry Styles

He pressed a cold, sharp knife to my throat. He threatened to kill me, if I didn't follow him. He hid his face with a black mask, his electrifying dark green eyes the only thing visible. He threw me in his black van like I was some rag doll. He pinned me down and chained me up. He pressed a needle into my skin, knocking me out within minutes. By the time I woke up, I was in a whole new country with a man that I didn't even know.. Or do I?


2. Chapter Two





  Eliza's Point Of View





   The boy with dark green eyes forcefully yanks my arm, pulling me in the opposite direction of Harmony. "NO! STOP!" I wailed, as I surprisingly flew out of his deadly grip, my legs powering me over towards her. But the boy was much faster than I was, and he snatched me up in an instant. He pressed a knife against my throat tightly, his eyes cold and unhuman. "One more time you  run from me, I'll kill the both of you." My breath got caught in my throat, my eyes tearing up, threatening to pour. I've never been so scared before, not only for me, but for Harmony, too. I slowly nodded my head, afraid that one turn of the head, and the knife would slice through me. This man hid his face so well, that I didn't even see his mouth move whenever he made a smirking noise. "Good, I'm glad we understand each other." He pulled the knife away, but it remained pressed into the palms of his hands. "Niall, lock her up well. We can't risk losing them." Niall nodded as he gripped her shoulder tightly, a gun in his other hand. Aren't they worried about the cops seeing them on the video cams that are placed all throughout the place? Aren't they scared that the cops could show up any minute? I don't care, I hope the cops show up and arrest them, giving them each life in prison. The boy with the piercing green eyes held my hair in a ball, ready to yank me back if I tried to run. "You're a brave little thing. That kind of stuff could get you killed." He said it in a form of a threat, as he tightened his hold on my hair. "Obviously someone has never had a girlfriend." He jolted me back, "What is that supposed to mean?" I could practically see the venom dripping from his mouth, his forehead inches from being pressed to mine. "Well, last time I checked, you're not supposed to treat a woman like this." He smirks coldly, "Honey, does it look like I've done anything legal? Does it look like I care? No, so shut up before I shoot you dead." He began walking again, towards a black van. He pulled open the doors, and climbed inside with me. My mind raced in all directions as he grabbed my wrist and snapped them closed in a chain, not allowing me to jerk them free. He then chained up my ankles, the rusty metal lock tight enough to cut off my blood circulation. "See you in a little while, gorgeous." The boy smirked, before injecting me with some sort of drug. "What are you doin-?!" It was too late, I was already knocked out cold..





   My head is so dizzy, I feel the throw up crawling up my throat. I yank around my wrist and ankles, but it's no use, I'm trapped. I can't help but notice that the vehicle is indeed moving, but I had no idea where we were headed. The van had no windows, and the back door was chained shut, also. The car begins to slow to a holt, causing my body to jerk forward. I then hear a car door being popped open, and heavy footsteps making their way towards the back of the van. Oh god, I don't want to deal with him! Why can't this all just be a nightmare?! I then heard the lock being jiggled around, and then an unclicking type noise. The boy untangles all of the chains, and the sound of them dropping to the floor makes me feel even more sick. The doors then unlatch, and I can't help but notice that it's already night time. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." I just want to kick him the throat. He makes me sick an angry, yet frightened all at the same time. He steps inside of the van, a metal key in his hand. He first unlatches my ankles, the wonderful feeling of my foot coming back to life. He then presses his chest against mine as he unlocks my wrists. He darts his eyes on mine, the once dark green color, now lighter. He kisses my forehead, knowing that it would make me disgusted and mad. But what really irritated me was that he still had that stupid black ski mask on his head. A small slit now at he bottom, revealing his mouth. "C'mon, let's get you inside before you start crying again." He yanks me out of the van, and I can't help but notice that we're parked inside of this tunnel thing. Only a few torches lighting our way..



Once we were 'safely' (Or so how this boy puts it) inside of the small cottage like home, that was so well hidden that I didn't even notice it until I was standing on the porch, the boy threw off of his mask. And what I saw made my heart skip a ton of beats. Harry Styles. The boy I had a crush on back in high school. The boy who was so sweet, words couldn't describe it. Then, one day, he didn't show up to school. And then the next day. And then a week. A month. Turns out, he ran away, and no one ever saw him again. But I never knew why he did. "Oh my god." My eyes filled with tears as I backed away, my back suddenly colliding with the wall. "What?" Once I tell him my name, he'll remember me. "Harry Styles. Harold Edward Styles?" I slid to the floor, my hand hovering over my mouth. "How in the hell do you know my full name? What are you, some stalker?" I shook my head from side to side, "Eliza Jones? Remember me?" Back in high school, I wore glasses and had dirty blonde hair. Now, I wear contacts and I died it all dark brown. It was understandable that he didn't recognize me. "Holy shit." He gaped, stepping towards me, his eyes trying to take in my new appearance. "Weren't you the geeky girl that had the biggest crush on me?" Well, that stung. I sort of looked away, embarrassed. "Oh crap, I'm sorry." I just shrugged. But just because I knew him from back in grade school, doesn't mean that I wasn't afraid of him anymore. Harry ran his hand threw his hair, sighing heavily. "Well I'm tired. I only have one bedroom, so, we're going to have to compromise and make this work. Oh, and don't think just because I know you from school, that I'll be easier on you. But I probably won't kill you unless highly needed." I didn't know whether or not that was a compliment. Harry yanked me up off the floor, checking one last time that the front door was bolted shut. There were no windows, just two doors. One an escape way, obviously.



  He had a queen sized bed, which wasn't good. I may have had a crush on him, but I hated his guts and he frightened me in more ways than one. Besides, he's not the same guy I fell in love with back in ninth grade. He's like the complete opposite. And he was the only one, besides Harmony, who was nice to me. Oh shit, Harmony! I hope she's okay! I suddenly grew sick to my stomach, not knowing what that other boy was capable of. "I want to see Harmony." Harry gave me an odd look, "Who's that?" I shifted around nervously. "Oh, your little BFF... Well, the next time I see Niall, maybe. Unless he's already killed her." My head grew dizzy and I fell to the floor, causing Harry to jolt up. "Dude, I was just kidding! Niall won't kill her, god!" The thought still sliced through my mind. "But yet he managed to kill over fifty people without a problem?!" I screeched, my heart racing. "Psh, he just disabled all of the cameras and killed the phone lines. He didn't do any part of the killing. But we gave him a gun anyways, just in case he got caught." That's why the cops never showed up. He made sure the employees couldn't use the phones, and the video cameras went dead. And no one in the theater had enough time to call the police. It's all adding up now. "Let's get some rest. We have a long day tomorrow." Harry still chained me up to the head board of the bed while I slept. It's not like I could escape anyways, it was like living inside of a volt.




 Harry's Point Of View




 I turned away from her as I slept. I felt bad, yeah. Mainly because everyone made fun of her and hated her back in high school, besides that one chick who was always around her. I mean, I liked her. She was actually pretty cool the first few times we ever spoke. And everyone knew she had the biggest crush on me, but I mean, who could blame her? I shook my head and sighed as I slowly closed my eyes, sleep soon becoming my best friend.






AN: I hope that you guys are enjoying it so far! You'll find out why Harry ran away and became how he was, later on in the story(: Favorite and comment!! Love you guys!!






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