Kidnapped By Harry Styles

He pressed a cold, sharp knife to my throat. He threatened to kill me, if I didn't follow him. He hid his face with a black mask, his electrifying dark green eyes the only thing visible. He threw me in his black van like I was some rag doll. He pinned me down and chained me up. He pressed a needle into my skin, knocking me out within minutes. By the time I woke up, I was in a whole new country with a man that I didn't even know.. Or do I?


1. Chapter One



     Eliza's Point Of View





    You could see my icy breath skim through the night's air as I walked up the pathway that led to the entrance of the Grand Theater. My best friend, Harmony, was clutching onto my arm tightly, laughing as she explained how cold she was. "I hope they have the heat on in here. You know how movie theaters are." I chuckled and nodded my head in agreement as I paid for both of our tickets. "Really, El? I have money, you know." I shrugged, "I don't mind. You're buying dinner afterwards, anyways." I winked, as I walked up to the concession stand and bought a large popcorn and coke. "You're terrible, I hate you." Harmony joked as she playfully punched my shoulder. "Hey, no need for violence." I said in my most serious tone of voice. "Oh, shut up grandma." We both giggled as we gave the man our tickets, his calming, yet tired, voice telling us which direction to go to get to the movie. "Enjoy the show!" You could tell that he was forced to say kind words like that, because his voice sounded like he didn't care whether or not we enjoyed the movie.


 The theater room was packed with people thrilled to see the movie premier of the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. It was difficult to find seats up top, so we were forced to sit in the front, which I always dreaded. "I heard that it's going to be really, really good." Harmony squealed, her hands gripping the popcorn a little too tightly. "Same here. Everyone has been talking about it. I'm just hoping it'll be as good as the first one." Harmony scoffed, "Are you kidding me? It's going to be way better than the first one! I watched the trailer last night, and everything looks even more dramatic and bloody." I raised my eyebrow, "Bloody?" She nodded, "Yeah, bloody. I heard that there is going to be a lot more violence-" Harmony stopped talking once the lights dimmed down, everyone else hushing up, also. But seconds passed, and the screen remained blank. Seconds soon became minutes, and everyone started whispering. Here we all were, sitting in the dark, barely able to see our hands in front of our faces, and nothing was showing up on the screen. Then, the theater doors busted open, causing everyone to crane their necks. I then heard a brutal scream, causing my face to go pale. Then, gun shots. Multiple ones. Everyone began panicking at the horrid sounds: Gun shots, screaming, crying. What was going on?! "Is this some sick joke?!" Harmony wailed, as she tightened her grip around my wrist. Then, people dressed up in black masks and dark clothes came running into the theater, powering bullets throughout the crowd of people. I grabbed Harmony's hand and screamed, tugging her down with me. I scooted backwards underneath the seat, my body barely being able to squeeze through. I covered my ears up and tightly shut my eyes, singing a song that my mother used to hum whenever she was frightened. I reached for Harmony's hand, holding it so tightly that my knuckles turned white. I wasn't going to lose her. Especially not to these horrid people. The crying and screaming soon vanished, the floor covered in blood and bodies. "Is that all of them?!" One man shouted. "Let's check." My pulse pumped and my heart thudded inside of my chest like a drum. I felt like I was going to throw up, my head spinning, my body feeling all kinds of different emotions: Frightened, vulnerable, sad, afraid for my life. Is this how people in the Hunger Games felt when they were chosen to fight for their district, not knowing if they'll come back alive? I was snatched out of my thoughts by someone yanking Harmony and me out front underneath the seats by our hair. I was afraid to yelp, not knowing if this man would kill me. "Hey look, Niall! I found two girls!" The boy with the British accent hollered. "Hey, they're little cuties. Why not take them with us?" The one with the fairly large gun prompted up on his right shoulder said. "We can't take both of them. But maybe one of them. The other one will have to be killed." The one with the deepest voice rumbled. "No, please! Please don't!" I screamed, tears pouring down my face. "Well, I mean, I get pretty lonely running around killing and stealing all the time... I'll take the one with black hair." The Irish one said in a sly way, as he pointed at Harmony. My stomach churned. I felt like I was a toy being picked out by a bunch of kids. "And I'll have her." The one with the raspy voice growled, as he tightened his grip around my arm. I squeaked out in pain, my blood racing throughout my body a little too quickly. "What about us?" The other three men pouted, as they crossed their arms along their chest. "They'll be more opportunities on the way. Now stop sulking and let's get these girls tied up. We're going to make this hell for them." He looked me dead in the eyes, the electrifying dark green color staring deep into my soul in a mocking way. Now I kind of wish they would have just shot us down. It'd be better than being held hostage..




  I was just kidnapped by a man who didn't find a problem in shooting over fifty people, excluding the employees. I was just kidnapped by a man in a black mask. Hell, I was just kidnapped!!




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