Broken Girl

Alizey is a girl, who is hurt, broken and torn, she run away from her house, to get away from the beast that is killing her, as she came to a new country, alizey get to experience many things, she has her own flat, own job and now she made 7 friends, but what will happen when one of her new friends start to fall for her, what will she do? Will he break the wall that she had made? Will she bear the hate that she will get after getting her relationship official with him?


26. Not a goodbye

"Call me when you land," I said to sammy as she hugged me. We were currently at airport, and there was still time in sammy's flight. It was 10am right now, and harry and other guys were at interview.


"Flight 432 for california is boarding now," The announcement echoed in halls.


I hugged sammy last time, and cried on her shoulder. I still have friends but with sammy, she is just like my sister.


"I'll miss you," She said 


"I'll miss you too, and take care, keep in touch," I said, she nodded.


"Um.. And with niall, just tell him that i'll miss him too and i'll call him," I nodded.


"Ok, I will" I said, 


"I should go, I'll text you bye," She said as she went inside. I waved her bye and went to my car. As I was walking to car, I saw some papprazzi clicking photos of me.


Yeah harry must have made it official. I just put my head down and went to my car.


I drive to my house, and turn on the tv, I was clicking through channels, when I came at one channel.


The host was saying,


"Today harry styles of one direction confirmed in an interview that he is in relationship with one of her close friend alizey, and today we also got some pictures of her crying at airport while hugging another girl, so who is this alizey and why she was crying, is it have to do with harry styles or something bad happen with her?"


I look at disgust, seriously they want to know every detail of me.


I turned off the tv, and turned on my labtop. I was reading through some of sarah dessen's books, when my phone started to ring.


It was harry.


"Hey," I said 


"Hey babe, how are you?" He said,


"Good, what's up?" I asked,


"Just at photoshoot studio, for vogue magazine," I nodded.


"So you confirmed our relationship?" I asked,


"Yeah, I don't people to make rumours about me," He said,


"Yeah, that's great," I was about to say more, when I heard louis voice at back, calling him.


"Ok, ali, I have to go, i'll talk to you later," He said, hanging up the call.


I went to kitchen and made sandwich for me, when I heard a door bell. I went to open the door, and there stood james.


"James, what are you doing here?" I asked, 


"Well, hello to you too," I chuckled.


"Sorry, hi, come on in," I said moving to the side so he can come in.


He sat at the couch and I just sit across him. He smiled at me, for which I gladly did.


"So you stay here alone?" He asked,


"Um, yeah" I said,


"Ok, your house is beautiful," He said,


"Thanks," I said, just then james came to me, sitting beside me. I moved a little further from him.


"Um, I just wanted to ask you something," He said, I nodded.


"I know that we only met 3 months ago, and I just can't stop thinking, so um, will you go out with me?" He asked,


What the? What is he thinking!




Sorry for late update, hope you like it do tell me in comments xx 


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