Broken Girl

Alizey is a girl, who is hurt, broken and torn, she run away from her house, to get away from the beast that is killing her, as she came to a new country, alizey get to experience many things, she has her own flat, own job and now she made 7 friends, but what will happen when one of her new friends start to fall for her, what will she do? Will he break the wall that she had made? Will she bear the hate that she will get after getting her relationship official with him?


36. Back to home

"Babe, we're here," A rusky voice whispered in my eyes, I groaned and open my eyes. Harry was staring at me, I smiled at him and got up.


"We're here, come on let's go" He said and we both started to walk through out airport. I was really sleepy and I sleep until we reach home. 


I walk with harry to the front door, it was still the same, old white house but this time, it look different or I must say it look sad and alone. I interwined my fingers with harry as he leaned in to gave me peck and I rang the door bell.


As it opened I saw jessica, our maid. Her eyes widened and smile started to come on her face. She came and hugged me, jessica is always like my second mother. She was always there when I needed her and still now.


"How are you? Are you fine?" Her tears were on her wrinkle face, I just nodded.


"Who is he?" She asked referring to harry, he came closer smiling at her.


"Jessica, this is harry my boyfriend and harry she is jessica, she is our maid but for me my second mother," I told harry, he smiled and shake her hand. 


"It's nice to meet you harry," Jessica said,


"Same here," Harry said, smiling at her.


"Where is mom?" I asked jessica, she motioned me to her room. I nodded and took harry with me.


"You should stay here harry," I said to harry.


"Um, jessica," I said to jessica giving her look make him comfortable.


"Ok all the best babe," He cupped my cheek and gave me kiss before I went to the room.


Mom was on her bed reading magazine while dad wasn't here. As she saw me, her magazine dropped.


"Alizey," She ran towards me, and embraced me in a hug. I can feel her tears streaming down her face.


"Mom, I'm so so sorry, i'm sorry" I said but she shushed me not to say anything.


"How are you sweetie? I miss you so much, you've changed also, your hair, you look beautiful" She said kissing my forehead. 


"Well, I changed a lit bit just to stay happy." I said,


"You look happy so much, your eyes they are sparkling," She said, as she stare at me. I can't blame her, since the day harry came in my life, I've always been happy.


"Because mom, there is someone who always made me happy since the day one when I went to england" I said, she look confused.


"Come with me," I took her hand and went in living room where harry was sitting playing with his hands.


"Harry," I called and he came towards me, grinning.


"Harry, this is my mom and mom this is harry, my boyfriend" Mom looked shocked but she nodded.


"It's nice to meet you harry" She said,


"Nice to meet you too miss.." Harry trailed then my mom told him her name.


"Nice to meet you too maria," He said.


Just as we sit a door opened of house, and I know what is gonna happen, there stood someone who i wanted to see but not face him so soon.


My dad.




Hope you like this chapter do tell me in comments, and check my other story too, teen fiction ''better together''!

~saba xx

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