Daddy DayCare!!

One direction are a famous British boy band. Management thinks of a great idea for them to become baby sitters. Harry and Liam don't like the idea. What happens when it gets out of control? Would Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis fall in love with one if the kids parents?
Read and find out in Daddy DayCare!!!!!


1. Chapter 1:

Harry's POV:

Management thought it was a great idea, well we didint, except Niall and zayn they love bieng around kids. Especially when zayn is getting married to perrie Edwards he want to see a life can be with a kid and Niall well his nephew theo who he misses so much wants to be around kids also. The management thought of the idea called...

Daddy DayCare!!

Daddy DayCare is just bieng a babysitter. Why would we baby sit if we're the famous British boy band? I thought. Louis was thinking about the ideas he Wasint sure to go along with it. Me and Liam decided not to. " come on its a great idea " Niall kept saying to me and zayn kept nodding. " it will be fun just try it " zayn said. " ok you're right ill try it if Liam try's it " we all looked at him. " ok fine but one thing I don't like I'm out " he said. " me two " I yelled. " I still don't know.. Ok fine ill be in it too. " Louis said. We called management and told them. They told us they are going to start making posters saying one direction are baby sitting. We had to make a a big board with writing saying " Daddy DayCare ". We were finished and hung it up outside our mansion. Well on the gates outside of the mansion. The next day we had to babysit screaming fans. " oh boy this is going to be a long day " I told Liam and he nodded.

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