Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

Read and your mind will be blown! :)


1. Taken back home...

Aaliyah's P.O.V-

The orphanage lady, Annie called everyone down and said "It's Adoption Day everyone, if you don't get adopted well then we will be sending you to another family or adoption care.Its starts at 11:00!" I went to my room, I got into the shower and washed my hair and my body. I then got out, it was 10:50 so I had 5 minutes to get ready. I got changed and put on Black Skinny Jeans, a White Tank Top and White Converses. I went outside at 10:55 and  everyone had to line up in their age groups, I was the only one in the 19 year olds so I was scared. At 11:00 it started lots of people came in especially men, there was this tall, scary, skinny and weird looking dude he was looking at me and called the lady over but then someone put their hands over my eyes and screamed "SURPRISE!" I was wondering who it was until they took their hands off my eyes and it was One Direction. I was so excited to see my brother Louis and the rest of his band members Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry. They all gave me hugs and kisses. I said bye to all my friends and they all said bye to me. We went outside to the limo and we hopped in, I sat next to Niall while the boys sat in front of us. Niall and I were just talking  before I was in the orphanage, Niall and I had a thing for each other even though we were just 9 we liked each other very much. In the car Niall asked me "A-A-Aaliyah, would you like to go on a date with me?" I said "Of Cou-" but Louis interrupted us and sat in the middle and gave Niall a death glare and gave me a smile. He whispered in my ear with a angry tone and  "Your not going on a date with him, UNDERSTAND!"Niall heard and saw me nodding my head immediately. We arrived the massive mansion and the boys took my stuff inside to my gigantic room. I sat in my room thinking to myself what is Niall now thinking about me? Does he hate me? Does he still like me? I don't know! I heard screaming coming from downstairs I tip toed down the stairs and saw Niall and Louis fighting, Louis shouted "YOU KNOW NOT TO EVER ASK OR TOUCH OR MARRY MY SISTER AND YOU STILL WENT ON." Niall then said "MATE I CAN ASK, TOUCH OR MARRY ANYONE I WANT AND SHE IS THE ONE I LOVE RIGHT NOW MORE THAN ANYTHING!" Louis then threw a punch at Niall and he fell to the floor he kept throwing punches and one ht his jaw he was bleeding so much, I ran downstairs so did the boys. I screamed to Louis crying "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HIM, HOW COULD YOU, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT I'VE GOT SOMEONE I LOVE IN MY LIFE!!" Louis shouted at me "AALIYAH LAVINIA TOMLINSON, DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT. PACK YOUR BAGS WE ARE MOVING TO AUSTRALIA WHERE MUM AND DAD ARE AND ELANOR!" The boys screamed "BUT WHAT ABOUT ONE DIRECTION?" Louis said "I quit, sorry boys." I ignored Louis and shouted to them "Call 999 right now hurry!" The boys screamed "WE'RE ON IT!" Louis was standing there beside me and said "Who cares about Niall, hurry up and get packing!" I said "No, not until I get back from hospital!" He shouted "FINE BUT YOU BETTER BE BACK BEFORE 2:00 OR I WILL  COME TO THE HOSPITAL AND DRAG YOU OUT!" We heard sirens in the distance and then they finally arrived, Zayn carried Niall outside and Harry and I hopped in since Harry was his closest band mate. 


A/N.. Hello beautiful people I hoped you liked this chapter! I'm working on Chapter 2 so hopefully it'll be up soon!-Love Aaliyah xoxo PS. In this book imagine that one direction are from Australia not Britain :)


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