Taken Away

Hello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My Brother couldn't adopt me because he was too busy with his tour and work until one day...

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6. Escaping


Aaliyahs P.O.V

"Get the hell out" my mum said. I did as I was told and hopped out, I was so scared and I really needed to piss so I asked "Um can I please go to the toilet?" so scared. "Ok, but you only have 2 minutes!" She shouted. I ran inside and found the toilet, I ran in and quickly pulled my phone out and called Louis.

(L=Louis, A=Aaliyah)

I remebered the address when I ran inside!

A:"Oh yeah im at- OUT NO, TIMES UP!"

I had to hang up because my mum knocked on the door and said "OUT NOW, TIMES UP!"

Louis P.O.V

"AALIYAH HELLO WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?" I said to Aaliyah on the phone.

"Oh yeah im at- OUT NO TIMES UP!" I heard my Mum shout,  she then hung up on me.

Now I knew it was time to call the police so I did.

(P:Police, L:Louis)

P:"Hello Anne talking, what's your emerency?" 

L:"Hello i'm Louis Tomlinson, yes the Louis Tomlinson. My little sister Aaliyah Tomlinson is missing and I don't know where she is-" Then the phone died. 


I got the charger and put my Iphone 5 on charge and waited for it to turn on, God how long does this phone have to turn on? Finally I heard that beep noise, I picked up the phone and saw that I had a text so I opened it up. It was from Paul.

Hey Louis,

Sorry for the very short notice but we are going on tour tomorrow so start getting packed and i'm so sorry Simon said you cannot bring your girlfriends or family or friends sorry! So start getting packed. And Simon also said if you don't attend the tour your no longer in One Direction. For Good! You know where we meet be there 6:00 AM sharp tomorrow.

From Paul.

What the actual heck? Im going on tour tomorrow and Aaliyah is stuck with my horrid parents, I needed to make my desicion now. I decided I am going to.....

Aaliyahs P.O.V

I did as I was told and got out, this house was actually pretty nice! My mum grabbed my arm and dragged me to this dark room under the basement. I sat there thinking about Louis and Elena and the boys then I started to feel drops on me and more and more then I looked up and saw a window that was open, "YAYA FREEDOM!" I shouted/whispered so nobody could hear me. I tried to open it for like 20 minutes until it finally opened, I was surprised that they didn't even lock me up. I was about to jump out until I heard high heels coming so I quickly jumped off then I ran but my dress got stuck on a little piece of the wood and then...

Louis' P.O.V

I started to get packing, yes I made my desicion and i'm going on tour, I really don't wanna leave but it's for One Direction and my fans!

Aaliyah's P.O.V

I heard high heels coming and I knew it was my mum so I ran to sit but my stupid frickin' dress got caught on a piece of wood! She turned the doorknob and it came off in time so I quickly sat. "Here is some takeaway, it's fried rice how you like it" she said quickly. Wow, my mother was actually being nice to me, then the door opened again it was my mum she came in and sat next to me and started eating her food, "I really need to tell you something sweetie." She actually called me sweetie, the last time she said that was when I was five."W-What is it Mum?" I asked scaredly. "We referring to Dad and  I  have decided that we are going to take care of you, give you an education and never abuse you. We love you very much and we are never going to leave you." My mum said with tears in her eyes and I had tears too, she pulled me in for a hug and hugged me, I hugged back. She pulled away and opened the door and told me to come, we linked arms and walked upstairs she showed me the kitchen, bathrooms, my parent's room and my room. "Here is your room baby girl." My dad said finishing the last wall of wallpaper. On my walls they had New York City background, I hugged my parents very tightly and thanked God for them. I explored the rest of my room, I had a walk-in closet, my own TV and even my own bathroom! GOD I LOVE MY PARENTS !

I decided to call Louis so I got my phone out, shit it was dead so I called Dad. "Dad can I use your phone to call Louis?" I shouted. "Yeah baby you can, come to my room and get it. I ran to their room and got my dads phone and ran back to my room and dialled Louis Number. It rang and rang...

*Hello it's Louis, please leave a message after the beep*

Something was wrong, Louis always answered his phone so I decided to call Niall.

(A=Aaliyah, N=Niall)

N:Hello, Aaliyah are you alright? Did your parents hurt you? I'm coming! 

A:No im fine, I was just wondering where Louis is. Do you know?

N:Yeah he is hernot, sorry he is not here.


N:Ok, ok calm your farm Louis is here on tour.


N:He is on tour.

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