My 5SOS imagines

Just some 5SOS imagines I came up with :) Comment any ideas :) Thanx! Have a lovely day :D


1. Luke Imagine

Imagine. (Luke)

It's been months since Luke has left on tour. For months I have been alone.... I can't believe he's been gone for 6 months now....... I was shook out of my thoughts when I heard the front door slam shut. 'What?' I thought as I got up from my silky bed. I was walked as quietly as I could out from the dark bedroom. As I walked to the kitchen, I felt someone behind me. I sun around quickly to realize it was Luke. "LUKE!?" I shouted in disbelief. "Luke I've missed you so much!!" I ran to him as the hot, salty tears streamed down my cheeks. "I missed you to Y/N" Luke said as he engulfed me I to a tight embrace. As we stood there, speechless, I could feel his fresh warm tears fall on my forehead. Luke pulled back from the embrace and looked directly in my tear filled eyes. "I missed you so much Y/N. I could last a day without you" he said as more tears threaten to fall from his icy blue eyes. I looked up to him as more tears began to fall down my tear stained cheek. He placed his thumb on my cheek and whipped away the remaining tears, "Y/N... Don't cry. I hate it when you cry" he said as he whipped away more tears. "Well... I could say the same " I said with a smile. He chuckled as he cupped my face. "I love you..." He said as he came closer and closer to my bright red face. The butterflies fly freely in my stomach as he inched closer. Then, boom. Everything just stopped. As his soft, pink lips touched mine; it was like nothing else mattered. It was just me and him.

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