The Killer In My Dreams

When I was awake someone was watching me, when I was asleep someone was watching me, in my dreams someone wanted to get me.
My name is Adriana.


13. What Will Happen To Us?

Jason's POV:

I went downstairs. I heard something crash. I looked over and saw a broken vase. I picked up the pieces and threw them out. I heard foot steps behind me and they weren't Adriana's.

"Hello Jason," someone said.

I turned around. It was Adriana's dad.

"W-what are you doing here, Mr. Stokes?" I asked.

"What I did to your brother, now I'll do the same to you." He said.

"You s-shot my brother?" I said in disbelief.

"Yes I did Jason, now I get to finish what I wanted to do for a long time. Your gonna die this time." He said.

I got my gun out of my pocket. I held it up.

"Put the gun down, McCann." He said.

I lowered my gun.

"You know I'm stronger than you." I said to him.

"Sure you are Jason." He said.

"You don't know what I can do." I said.

Then I heard steps come down the stairs.

"Dad, what? Why are you here?! And why do you have guns?!" Adriana said.

"Sweetie I-" Mr. Stokes said but got cut off by her.

"Dad, can't you see I love Jason. Even though he kidnapped me and hurt me, I had feelings for him and I know that he loves me. Dad why can't you just be nice to each other without trying to kill one another?" Adriana said.

I shot Adriana a smile.

"Baby, go back to bed. I'll be up there in a couple minutes." I said to Adriana.

She left to go back up to bed.

"Now, let's finish what I was going to do." He said.

"You know, that you can't kill me." I said.

"And why can't I kill you Jason?" He said.

"1. Because Adriana is sleeping and 2. Because I have a secret." I said.

"I'll shoot you right now." He said.

"Ok but, I won't die." I said while smirking.

Nick put the gun up to me and shot me.

I fell to the ground. Then I woke up with my eyes red. I was also thirsty for something. Blood.

I got up. I think Nick noticed that my eyes were red. I licked my lips.

"Um, Jason, your eyes are um, red." He said while walking back.

"See how I didn't die?" I said.

Nick shook his head up and down. I could tell that he's scared of me. He should be scared of me.

My eyes went dark black. I was mad. I wanted to punch him because he killed my brother.

But, if I do one single punch, I could kill him and Adriana would hate me for doing that.

I told nick to leave. I went back upstairs where Adriana was sleeping. I entered our room. I saw her cuddled up against the bed. Aww she looks so cute when she's sleeping. I climbed in bed while putting my waist around her arms and pulling her against me.

I fell asleep quickly.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one of my secrets...

I'm A Vampire.


Thank you for reading this chapter! I worked hard on it. :)

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