The Killer In My Dreams

When I was awake someone was watching me, when I was asleep someone was watching me, in my dreams someone wanted to get me.
My name is Adriana.


11. Escape The Bad Things *Part 2*


"It's your turn McCann." My dad said.

He fired the gun...


It shot Jason,


I ran towards him.

"Adriana, he's dead now. You can't do anything about it. He never loved you!"

My dad said while running towards me.

"Oh yeah, then why did you kill him?"

"Because, he's the most wanted in America, serial bomber, killer and he kidnapped you!"

"Well that didn't mean you HAD to kill him!"

"Adriana Marie Stokes, don't ever raise your voice at me!"

"I'm calling the doctor"

I got my phone from the van and called him.

"This is Dr. Harvey. How may I help you?"

"Hey doctor, it's Adriana Stokes, I need a ambulance right away!"

"Hey Adriana, of course. Where are you at?"

"I'm in Las Vegas. Can you locate where I'm at?"

"Yeah, we'll be there soon"


I hung up.

They came 10 minutes later.

They took him to the hospital.

"Anyone here for Jake Ryan?"

(Jake Ryan is Jason's fake name)

I stood up.

"I am."

I walked in the doctors room.

"How is he?"

"Well there's good news and bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?"

"Good news."

"We removed the bullets."

"And the bad news?"

"He's in a coma."

"H-how long will he b-be in a coma?"

"We can't tell."


"You should go home Adriana. You look really tired."

"Ok, night. Tell me if anything happens"

"Ok. Goodnight"

I went home and called Justin.

"Hey Justin"

"Hey babygirl"

"I missed you"

"I missed you too"

"I'm gonna go to sleep, night"

"Night, sweet dreams"

"Hopefully" I muttered to myself.


I had a bad dream:

I was with Jason.

"That's right, punishment." He whispered in my ear.

He looked in my eyes. His were turning red. Oh no.

Bad things were happening. He was killing my family, friends, neighbors and many other bad things.

"Jason! Stop it! I can't take it anymore!" I screamed while crying.

He stopped and said.

"I'm never leaving you"

Those 4 words stuck in my head kept replaying over and over again...

"I'm never leaving you"

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