The Killer In My Dreams

When I was awake someone was watching me, when I was asleep someone was watching me, in my dreams someone wanted to get me.
My name is Adriana.


10. Escape The Bad Things *Part 1*


We walked towards the door when someone said;

"Hey! Where you going?"


Jason's POV:

We turned around it was Timothy Johnson.

"Aye man"

"Hey McCann. Who's the chick?"

"My girl."

"Kool, is she go-"

"Don't spill the news about the 'you know what' thing!"

"Ok fine, I won't say a word."

"Jason, are we going? I'm getting tired." Adriana said.

"Ok, let's get out of this place"

We went into the back of the kitchen and saw the window. There was only one thing stopping us. It was locked.

"Well it's locked, lets go."

"No. I'm getting out of this place, if you like it or not."

"Ok fine"

I took a match out and burned the lock open.

(If that's even possible)

I took the window and put it on the counter carefully. I hopped through the window. I grabbed Adriana's hands and helped her out. Johnson came out too and headed for the maroon van.

"So, where we going?"

"I don't know, let's go to California, the won't find us there."


Adriana came up to me.

"Jason, where's my dad?"

"He's at the LVPD"

(Las Vegas Police Department)

"Are you in trouble?"

"No baby, I'm not, your dad just told me too keep you safe from something bad"


She cuddled up to my chest and fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her waist.


We were heading to California when we heard police cars behind us.

"Babe, wake up!"

"What! What's going on?!"

"Get behind me in the back of the van"


"McCann, their on to us"

"I realized that Johnson!"

We had a fight.

"Thought you were smarter than your brother, huh, but you had to make it personal."

"It's always been personal. They killed my brother now their gonna pay"

"I had more friends bleeding in the arms in the damn sandbox that's what I'm fighting for real freedom."

"Stop talking to me like I'm some kid, I brought you in!"

"And I taught you everything you little punk."

"Not to just stay alive but to fight freedom."

"I'm not afraid."

The vans tiers hit the spikes and Johnson stopped it.

"What are you doing? Run it!"

"Shut the heck up!"

"Johnson, McCann! Get out of the car!" The police man said.

"I'm not dying today."

"Get out." I held my gun.

Johnson got out of the car.

I turned to Adriana.

"Hey baby. Whatever happens to me I will always love you."

"Jason, please don't go out there."

"I'm sorry babygirl, I gotta go out there."

Jason kissed me. Probably the last time.

"I love you"

"I love you too"

He gout out of the van. He held up his hands in surrender.

"He's wired he's got a bomb!"

"What! No! I'm not wired! There's no bomb, don't shoot!"

The police man took out his gun and shot Johnson.

"It's your turn McCann." My dad said.

He fired the gun...


Goodnight everyone! I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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