Of Demigods & Wizards

A fanfiction combining "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson & the Olympians". This time, Ron Weasley finds out that he's the son of Poseidon and a random woman and is unexpectedly hurled into a world populated by demigods, spellcasters, and dangerous monsters.


33. In Which We Have an Epilogue

I can't end this story without clearing up a few things, so here we go with the epilogue of the story...)

Whatever happened to Hermione: Hermione screamed as she was sent flying over Los Angeles and landed in a pool. She climbed out and looked around her. "Jacquelyn, or whoever you really are, I'm going to make you pay for this!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. "No one upstages Hermione Granger, you hear me?"

Just then, a girl and two boys stepped out the door of a giant building. Little did Hermione know that the pool was connected to a religious boarding school. Hermione's goose was certainly cooked now.

"And who the heck are you?" Hermione snapped at them.

"My name is Jasmine Ulmfred, and this is Harley Palmer and Reginald Winslow," said Jasmine. "And you are..."

"Hermione Granger," said Hermione.

"Did you run away from witchcraft school?" Jasmine said to her. Hermione stared at her. "I can tell that you came from the World of Witchcraft Academy. Well, so have I and my friends. We escaped from the school last year and came here. Our leader, Emily Garrison, will help you as you adjust to your magic-free life. Now, let's go."

Hermione frowned as the children took her inside the school, not knowing that the next few months would have her questioning her entire life...


Whatever happened to Olive: Olive Harlequin Grantley was not happy with her niece Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich and her decision to (once again) escape from marriage to Olive's son, Oliver Harlequin-Grantley. She was even more upset to know that Jacquelyn had a lover named Fred Weasley, who died along with the Weasley family when Luke Castellan killed them upon finding out about their abduction of one Ronald Puckerman and the murder of Joanna Puckerman.

At the time of this writing, Olive and her co-conspirator, Boris Von Der Dausten, are still plotting to find Jacquelyn and force her to marry Oliver and get rid of Jacquelyn's best friend, Sabrina Haettenschwiller, who Olive blames for Jacquelyn not being married to Oliver.


And as for Luke Castellan, he and the other demigods were recovering from whatever Percy, Ron, and Jacquelyn (along with Grover, Annabeth, Tyson, and Clarisse) had done to them. He was angry because the kids had defied him and Jacquelyn had outsmarted the Hermaphrodite and escaped from him. He vowed to make the kids pay for their defiance with their own lives.

"Luke?" said Beverly, who had a bloody nose, courtesy of Tyson. "What is our next move?"

"I say we go chasing after the spellcaster," said Luke. "She had no right to be on their side."

"Well, I highly doubt that this is a good idea," said Albert, who got a fat lip from Clarisse. "You know that if she sees you, you're dead meat."

"Oh, we'll see about that," said Luke. "There are plenty of undiscovered demigods out there in New York, and they'll find her soon enough. We'll have her in our hands before the week is out."

The hermaphrodite was not ignored; in fact, he said, "You will give me back my sweetheart, won't you?"

"Not to worry, Alexandros," said Luke. "We'll get her back, and then we'll make her sorry that she ever tricked you."

Luke stared out the window, knowing that Ron Puckerman would want a rematch. The boy just didn't know when to quit, and he really needed to let go of the Weasley family. None of them liked him, they just wanted his mother out of the way so they could steal her son. He hoped that no one would be able to find the remains of the Weasley family.


Sean Michael Black frowned as he stood over what remained of the Weasley family. Earlier, someone had discovered a huge pile of bones in Central Park and alerted the police. None of the aurors wanted to handle the Weasley family massacre, so Sean took the task himself.

"I'm sorry that you have to quit your vacation over this," said Chief Auror Melissa Gedman, "but no one else wanted this assignment."

"Yeah," said Sean, but he honestly didn't want the case. He had to look after his cousin Jacquelyn until her grandmother returned. He wanted nothing to do with Arthur Weasley, not after the cruel way that he had insulted him and his father, Seamus LeSouse Rowes. Arthur's wife, Molly, was a very cruel woman and their children had to live up to her unrealistic expectations. Small wonder why Ron never wanted to be part of that family.

"If there was a god, they deserved whatever fate that they have gotten," Sean summed up his conclusion. "There's nothing else for it. I have performed the identity spell and can safely confirm that the remains that were found at the park today are those of Arthur Weasley and his family. Now if you would excuse me, I have to inform one of my many cousins, who I should be looking after, that her boyfriend is dead."

He walked away from the crime scene as the other aurors watched in shock. Sean didn't care; he had to get away from the Weasleys or else he would go insane. After all, he had to tell Jacquelyn the truth about Fred and his family.


As for Jacquelyn, she was sitting in her room at her grandfather's penthouse when a message arrived for her. She read it and it said, "If you want to find me, go to the Institute in New York and ask for Hodge Starkweather. He will help you." The letter was signed Irina Ulrich.

Mom's out there and she needs me to find her, Jacquelyn thought to herself as she read the note. I shall tell her the truth about what happened to Sam, Safie, and Angelica, but not so soon. She still thinks that I'm her only surviving child.

But she too had no idea that her life was tied to the demigods, and her life would be tied to a group of shadowhunters as well...

To be continued in the story "Of Demigods & Shadowhunters"

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