Of Demigods & Wizards

A fanfiction combining "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson & the Olympians". This time, Ron Weasley finds out that he's the son of Poseidon and a random woman and is unexpectedly hurled into a world populated by demigods, spellcasters, and dangerous monsters.


18. In Which They Find Themselves in a Bind

After several tumultuous hours of flight, the plane finally touched down in Denver, Colorado. Ron was the first to get off the plane and he fell to the ground, sobbing. The others frowned as they picked him up and kept going.

“I wonder if this is the right place,” said Grover.

“Who knows,” said Percy. “I just wanted to get away from that hermaphrodite. If I see it again, it’ll be too soon.”

“Looks like we did make it after all,” said Jacquelyn. They all stared at her. “Did you know that Denver is known as the “Mile High City“?”

“I did not know that,” said Annabeth.

“The entire city is one mile above sea level,” Jacquelyn continued. “But what we are looking for still confuses me.”

“I’m sure that we’ll figure out something soon,” said Grover.

Just then, someone walked towards them. It was Clarisse La Rue, and by the looks of it, she wasn’t very happy to see them. She said, “Have you guys any idea of how worried everyone back at the camp is about you miscreants?” she yelled at the kids. “Chiron had to organize several search parties and report you missing. How could you just walk away from the camp?”

“I’d like to know where you got the notion to go chasing after us,” said Percy in anger. Clarisse stared at him. “We’ve already had enough of being chased around by Cyclopes, monsters, and hermaphrodites…”

Everyone stared at the hermaphrodite as it approached them. “Oh no way!” Jacquelyn cried out as she stared at him. “How the heck did he find us?”

“You thought that you could escape from me?” said the hermaphrodite. “Well, you can’t. No one escapes from me!”

“Oh my God, he’s ugly!” Clarisse cried out in horror.

“I heard that,” said the hermaphrodite. “That wasn’t very nice. I expected that a daughter of Ares would come up with some better insults.”

“I’m gonna rip you to shreds!” Clarisse shouted as she reached for her sword, but Annabeth stopped her. “You can’t kill him, and not here, where people would see us,” she said.

“Let’s get away from him and find somewhere to recover,” said Percy. “I don’t think that I can take another minute of this.”

“Yeah,” said Jacquelyn. “All this running around has been murder on my hair.”

“There is a little beauty salon down the street where we could get our hair done,” said Annabeth.

“Good,” said Grover. “My hooves are killing me.”

“You’ll never escape me!” the hermaphrodite laughed as he watched the kids run away from him. “I will get you, my sweetheart!”

Little did they know that the hermaphrodite would be the least of their problems…

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