Of Demigods & Wizards

A fanfiction combining "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson & the Olympians". This time, Ron Weasley finds out that he's the son of Poseidon and a random woman and is unexpectedly hurled into a world populated by demigods, spellcasters, and dangerous monsters.


11. In Which a Demigod and a Spellcaster Go On the Highway to Hell

“I don’t suppose that we know where exactly we’re going,” Jacquelyn snapped as she and Ron rushed away from Camp Half-Blood as fast as they could.

“Who cares?” said Ron. “We need to get away from there right now!”

“Good idea,” said Jacquelyn, “but I don’t know what’s at stake here.”

“My life and your future are what’s at stake!” Ron cried out.

“Oh look, here comes the bus,” Jacquelyn smiled as she spotted a bus coming in their direction. “Hopefully, it’ll take us away from here.”

“Good,” said Ron as the bus pulled over and they boarded. They really needed to be away from Camp Half-Blood right now.”

Within a few hours, the bus pulled into a bus station in a small town. Jacquelyn stood up and walked towards the magazines, hoping to catch up on some gossip before they would have to leave again.

Ron frowned as he went to one of those old fortune telling machines. The machine sprang to life and printed out a huge piece of paper with the words: “Warning: Son of Poseidon, you and your companion are in grave danger!

“As if we’re not already in danger to begin with,” said Ron. He continued reading, “As of right now, monsters are on the loose, as only you can stop them. You must retrieve the weapons at the grave of a king, a silver gate, and a city that goes on for a mile. Be forewarned, as there are those who will try to stop you. They seek your destruction. There will be a friend who will betray you…“

“It already happened,” Ron thought to himself as he bitterly remembered how Hermione had informed Mrs. Weasley of his whereabouts.

The spellcaster is in grave danger,” the paper continued reading. “She must beware of the Hermaphrodite. If she comes into any form of contact with the Hermaphrodite, it will bring such a disaster that the world could end…”

“Enough with this!” Ron crumpled up the paper and tossed it into the trash. He didn’t have time for this crap. He needed to escape now or else he would never be able to save himself.


“How could you let them get away?” Luke snapped at Grover in anger. The entire camp had been placed on lockdown and everyone was secured in their own cabins. Everyone except for Percy and Grover, that was.

“Well, it was a misguided attempt to draw the witch away from the camp," Grover began, but Luke was having none of it. “We need to find them before anyone else finds out,” he cried out.

“What if we go find them,” said Percy. “I’m sure I can do it.”

“I would advise against it, cousin,” said Luke. “You know not what the witch is like.”

“Sheesh, just throw some water on her and she’ll melt,” Grover chimed in. Everyone stared at him. “What? It worked in The Wizard of Oz.”

“This is not a movie,” said Annabeth. “This is real life. You cannot fight a witch, Grover. She’ll turn you into a frog faster than you can draw out your sword.”

“So what do we do?” said Percy. “Ron is gone and it’s not like we can’t ask Tyson…” he suddenly slapped himself in the head. “Duh, we could ask Tyson to give us a ride!”

“Ride to where?” said Luke.

“I know what he’s up to,” said Percy, “and I know where he’s going.”

“Where,” said Annabeth. Just then, a crumpled piece of paper appeared on the floor by her foot. She picked it up and read it. “They’re on their way to Atlanta,” she said. “If we hurry, we can catch them.”

“Indeed,” said Luke as Percy, Annabeth, and Grover rushed out the door.


Ron frowned as he and Jacquel settled into their seats on the bus. Little did he know that they had boarded the bus to Atlanta, Georgia. He looked out the corner of his eye and saw a strange creature staring at Jacquelyn. She was oblivious to the inherent danger that she was about to be in.

She must never come into contact with the Hermaphrodite.”

“Yeah right,” Ron muttered to himself as he fell asleep. Little did he know that there was going to be even more danger for him…

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