Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


11. Survival Ships

"Ya'know it's been about three days since this all happened." Harry looked off to the horizon. "Wow Harry knows days." I jumped and clapped my hands in fake excitement. He rolled his eyes at me and continued to pack. "Alright everyone time to go. Can't stay here forever." I shouted into the library. They all gathered in front of me with their backpacks. "Okay." I rose and eyebrow at them. Looks like everyone took a bath to. I slowly creaked open the entrance door. A few zombies were lingering on the streets. "Everyone stay quite." I whispered and put my index finger to my lips. They nodded and followed me into the bright morning. I walked with one foot in front of the other keeping my eyes on the zombies the whole time. Lucky for me and Niall Selena magically healed us. Niall came up to my right and Harry to my left. Selena was behind me in the middle as Zayn and Justin took cover behind her. There's only six of us and I know for a fact that the number will soon go down. "What's up with the birds?" Niall nodded up to the group of birds sitting on the telephone wire. Their eyes were red.... And their skin is rotten... "Holy shit." I gasped. "What?" Selena whispered. "ZOMBIE BIRDS." I mouthed with wide eyes. "Nobody move." I whispered as I clocked my gun. The birds sat there and stared at us. "Nina!" Justin whispered/yelled. I looked over at him and a few zombies noticed us. Crap! I slowly jogged over to the four wheel truck to my right. No glass was broken... No blood.... No zombies.... Full gas tank.... And a shit load of weapons. "Boys it's out lucky day!" I smiled and climbed into the truck to hot wire it. They followed me and climbed into the truck. We barely fit but we made it work. Selena sat on Justin's lap as Zayn and Harry sat next to them and Niall in the passenger seat. The truck turned on but that was a scary mistake. The zombies groaned their way over to us. The birds looked at us. "Roll up your windows." I whispered without looking up. They stayed quite and rolled up their windows. Without hesitation I floored the gas petal and was out of there in no time. "Everyone alright?" I asked. "Y-yeah." They all replied except for Zayn. "Zayn?" I looked over my shoulder at him. He began crying and told me to pull over. "What? Why?" Niall asked. Zayn held up his right arm. He was bit. I nodded and pulled over. He handed over all of his weapons and shot himself. I held back a cry as my heart broke. Justin and Selena stared at me in surprise. "DAMMIT!" I shouted and punched the steering wheel over and over. "Nina we've got to go." Niall wiped away his tears. I nodded and watched the zombie birds pick at Zayn's dead body.

The rest of the car ride no one spoke. We arrived at the ocean. No one was there. "They were here a few days ago!" Niall shouted. "Guess you thought wrong." I shrugged and began driving again. "We need food." Harry ran his fingers through his hair. "I agree." I replied.

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