Zombie Apocalypse

Nina becomes friends with Niall and he sees her as his princess. But she doesn't know that he likes her even though he's dropped a million hints. The day he was gonna tell her that he loves her a Z.A begins. They fight for their survival and try to escape Wilstein High.
*they aren't famous*


4. Harry's Home

"Mom!" Harry yelled into the huge house as soon as we walked through the doors. "Yes, love?!" A women (I assume is his mother) yelled from the other side of the house. Two sets of spiral stairs lead upstairs, a huge chandelier in the middle of the entry of the house, a double set doors on my left, and a long hall with a million doors on my right. I slowly spun around in awe. Harry let go of my wrist and ran to the sound of his mother's voice. Awe he's a Mommys boy. I grabbed my suitcase and walked to the spiral stairs. Just before I stepped on the first staircase I saw a long hall in-between the staircases. It looked creepy but I was amazed by it. "I wouldn't go down there if I was you." A Mexican lady said behind me. "Ah!" I screamed as I flew into the wall out of fear. Holy shit this women scared me. My heart beating fast I quickly grabbed my suitcase and ran up the stairs. I looked behind me and she was gone. That must be his maid.... Creepy. I shivered as I tried to find his room. But without Harry or my phone I had no clue where his room is. "Hey." Harry whispered into my ear. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me close. What the hell.... "I was just trying to find your room. I'm lost as hell." I sighed. He placed his lips on my neck, trying to find my sweet spot. "No. Off. Now." I pushed him away. "Why?" He growled. He pushed me up against the wall. "Our deal was that you are mine for a month." He pressed up against me. "I HAVE RESPECT FOR MYSELF AND MY FIRST WILL NOT BE WITH YOU." I spat. He looked pissed; "Fine. But I will get into your little pants." He smirked and walked down the hall. Okay, that's scary. I followed him to his room. He had his dark purple bed in the middle of his huge room. "Wow." I whispered to myself. His room is even bigger than Niall's. Oh speaking of Niall I need to text him. "Harry can I have my phone now?" I put my hand out in front of him. "No. You have me to entertain you." He smiled at me with his perfect teeth. "Oh fuck you. Forget about this. I'm going home. Give me my phone." I threw down my suitcase and walked over to him. But he just laid down on his bed. I crawled on top of him and tried to get my phone back. But he thrusted his hips up and I bounced up with him. His arms pulled me down on top of him and he pushed me down. "Harry-" he cut me off as he placed his lips on mine. He tastes good. Man. My legs magically wrapped around his waist. "I like you, Nina." He whispered as he bit my neck. I spilled my hand into his back pocket and took my phone. "Hey!" He barked as I pushed him off. I unlocked my phone and saw that I had fifteen missed calls from Niall. He must be worried. I put the phone up to my ear and listened to his phone ring. "Nina?!" He worriedly shouted. "I'm fine, chill. Why don't you come on over to Harry's? I'm bored out of my mind." I giggled as Harry rolled his eyes.

Ten minutes later I ran down the staircase to meet Niall at the front door. "Do you have a crush on him?" Harry asked at the top of the stairs. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. "Niall!" I yelled as I ran into his arms. "Steady there, princess." He winked. We walked to Harry's room. "What now?" I asked out of boredom. "Nina....can I tell you something?" Niall asked as Harry left to go use the bathroom. "Of course." I put my attention to Harry's Xbox system. "Nevermind." He hesitated. "You sure? You can tell me anything." My smile was comforting. "I know, I just don't think that here is a good place." He ran his fingers through his hair. I just shrugged my shoulders and said okay. "It's getting late. I should shower." I grabbed my suitcase and walked to the bathroom that's connected to Harry's room. The hot water felt amazing.

As I walked out of the bathroom cold air hit me. "Where's Niall?" I shivered. "It's 11:00. He went home." Harry replied as he dropped into his bed. The bed sounded nice. Without thinking I crawled into bed with him and curled up into a ball. I fell into a deep sleep as Harry pulled me close.

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