Remember Me

Cover drawing- Jessica Nenow (Pinterest)
Arreana Kainsteen, a seventeen year old werewolf, just moved to Okanogan County. She meets someone who will change the way she looks at the world, as she is sucked into something that she can't get out of. The further she digs into it, the harder it is to get out, and the more she is being turned....


8. Chapter 7

Arreana's POV

     He drove me up to his house, which to no surprise, was up in the mountains. It was isolated off by am iron fence that stood eight to nine feet tall, covered with ivory vines. The forest was even more thick than it was where I was in the part of the forest, but we drove through for about five more minuets, before I could make out the shape of a house. It was huge! It was about three stories tall. The outside had a balcony, held up by pearly white pillars, that look like they belong in Hercules.  He had a fountain outside, with a huge entertainment area, although I assume that they don't get many guests. Ivory crawled up the side of the white building, like they did on the gate. When we stopped in front of his house, he through it into park, almost jumping out of the car he was in such a hurry. He ran to my side, and quickly opened my side of the car, and pulled me up the stairs, at full speed. I was lucky enough not to fall on my face. 

     Inside was even more beautiful than the outside. Marble floors, pristine white walls, with white furniture and  chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I completely forgot what I was here for, until Devon started to yell for his parents, running around the house frantically. He looked at me pleadingly, Wolf wolf wolf, chanted in the back of my mind. I changed into my wolf form, looking around the house, trying to notice anything. I walked with my nose to the ground, trying to smell something, but I couldn't pick up any scents. There was -nothing- but Devon's scent. He seemed to be standing over me, all throughout the house. Changing back, I looked up at him and muttered under my breath," There's nothing here..." A smirk spread across his face.

   "I know..." Someone grabbed me from behind, wrapping their arms around my neck, and putting a hand over my mouth. They pushed me down to the ground, holding my hands together. They started to duck tape my hands together, while stuffing a cloth into my mouth. I couldn't breath and it started to get fuzzy, I was trying to kick them off and push them away. For some reason I couldn't go wolf. I started to panic, searching for something to grab. I reached into my bag that was still around him shoulder, and found some keys. I pulled them out, and stabbed someone in the had. He let out a loud yelp, swearing now. I scrambled to my feet and ran for the door. I didn't know where I was going but I kept running. Tree's passed quickly by my sides. I remember passing through a creek before I slowed down, before It went black.


  ** Hey guys, Sorry I know this one is short, but I have more coming up! Hope you like it so far! Y'all have fun! ~Amanda**

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