Remember Me

Cover drawing- Jessica Nenow (Pinterest)
Arreana Kainsteen, a seventeen year old werewolf, just moved to Okanogan County. She meets someone who will change the way she looks at the world, as she is sucked into something that she can't get out of. The further she digs into it, the harder it is to get out, and the more she is being turned....


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Arreana's POV

     I woke up in the morning, fluttering my eyes, to adjust to the sun light peeping through the entrance.  I was leaning against Devon. His head was on mine. His coat was over our lap. I quickly leaned away and he woke up instantly. He looked around adjusting to the light, then he looked over at me. He blushed brightly, his bright blue eyes widened as he did. He looks to the ground and muttered slightly," Um.. Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I laughed slightly, blushing lightly as well.

   "Thanks. And yes. I did sleep well. Did you?" He looked up, making eye contact with me through his hair.

   "Yes." He smirked slightly and stood up, pulling me up with him. "We should probably get going." He pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked at the time, 3:42 a.m. I brushed the dirt off my ass and my legs. He looked at the small black leather covering that I had on my knife, and picked it up. Pulling the knife out of his pocket, he handed it back to me." I think this is yours." He smiled, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the cave. The air was moist, and damp. We slowly made our way down the mountain. We came up to my house. I looked around and nothing was stirring.

   "He must be asleep.." I muttered to myself quietly. I walked up to my window, and looked at the tree beside it. The lowest branch was just a little below my reach, I turned and looked a him," Mind giving me a boost up?" He smiled and walked over cuffing his hands bending over slightly. I held onto his shoulders and put my foot into his hands. He boosted me up just enough to where I could get my hands on the branch. I swung so my legs could wrap around the branch and got up on it. I stood up and walked towards my window, balancing carefully. The branch got too thin the closer I got so I got up on the next branch. I was still about four feet from the window... Should I jump? I looked down at him and sighed. I backed up two steps. 

   "What... What are you doing? Are you jumping? No! Don't-" I run forward one step and leap onto the edge of the window, I grab the top of the trim, and lean down, pressing my hand firmly against the window and slide it to the side, stepping inside.

Devon's POV

   I watch her as she disappears into the bedroom. "Is she crazy or something? God." I walked around to the back of the house examining it. This seems like the perfect place to live. It's quiet, secluded. Out of view from everyone. But why so far out into the middle of the forest. I walked around to the front of the house. There is no driveway... Just a stone path that leads into the forest, that turns to dirt. How odd. I walk  back around to her window, to see her sitting on the edge. I stay around the corner, just peeping around it to see her jump off of the edge, and land perfectly in a crouched position. She stands up and brushes herself of slightly and looks around adjusting her bag on her shoulder. Her long dirty blonde hair was wavy. She was wearing her leather jacket. with a strapless tight red top with a black belt just above her bellybutton. She wore a dark grey skirt, that went about mid-thigh, with black lace fishnets underneath it followed by dark grey combat boots. I walked over to her," Hey. You ready to get going." She nodded and followed me out on the path towards town.

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