Remember Me

Cover drawing- Jessica Nenow (Pinterest)
Arreana Kainsteen, a seventeen year old werewolf, just moved to Okanogan County. She meets someone who will change the way she looks at the world, as she is sucked into something that she can't get out of. The further she digs into it, the harder it is to get out, and the more she is being turned....


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Arreana's POV

     "Dad, it isn't that big of a deal!" I stated clearly.

     " Yes it is a big deal! Detention on the first day? How idiotic can you get Arreana?" He huffed slightly, as all werewolves tend to do. He crossed his arms over his shoulders, and glared at me.

   " I'm going to my room." I rolled my eyes and stormed up the stairs. Closing and locking my bed room door behind me, I went and laid face first into my bed. Only if I had something to actually do besides be bored in my room all day. I sat up and looked out my window, and up at the white snow peaked mountain. It was quite a few miles away... I put on an extra thick coat, and a small knife from my dresser drawer, and slip a cover on it, putting it it in my coat pocket. The dagger is about six inches long, and silver. Yes, I know werewolves cant touch silver. No. Some are just allergic to it. It can't get into the blood stream. I open my window, and sit on the edge looking around to make sure that no one else can see. I jump from the second floor onto the ground and land on my feet in a crouched position, with both hands in front of me to keep my balanced. I stand up, and brush some of the dust off of me that I had picked up when I landed. I set my eye on the peak of the mountain and start to walk towards it.

    The air is a little chilly and crisp. I can feel it go down my throat when I breath in. The grass is wet from a little bit of rain. My boots sink into the ground when I step. It is littered with leaves, and twigs. I come up to the base of the mountain. It isn't too steep. Just a slight incline until you hit about half way. I follow an animal trail up the mountain, jumping over rocks and boulders as I go. It starts to rain, pouring down on me. The ground was getting slippery, and I kept slipping, catching myself by my hands. I notice an overhang of rock ahead, and start to make my way towards it.

     I get to it, and make my way inside. It is actually a cave. Too small for a bear. I cautiously walk a little then pull out my phone. I turn on the flash and Take a picture. There is nothing else in the cave good. There a few dry twigs here and there, and some logs. I make a pile, and pull the knife out of my coat, grabbing a rock trying to make it spark. I look outside to notice that it is starting to get darker. I forget that the sun sets faster here, because of the mountains. I keep trying to make the fire start, but It is no use. I here a noise outside, as something starts to come into the cave. I can't see what it is though. It's... holding a flashlight? It shines it at my face and drops it, staring at me. I can just barely make an outline of the body. It is tall, assuming male. "What are you doing here?" He whispers. He looks behind him as I hear other foot steps and try to say something. He rushes over to my and covers my mouth with his hand." Shh. We can't be heard." He pushes us further into the cave, and sits me up against the wall. A light shines into the cave, looking for something. It goes back and forth for a minuet before moving on. " You shouldn't be here up in the mountains." That voice... I recognize it... Is it him? 

   "I.. I'm sorry I was going for a walk and it started to rain so I saw this cave and decided to go in here. I tried to start a small fire with that pile of wood over there..." He hasn't noticed the knife yet. I try to slip it into my coat pocket again, when he grabs my hand.

   "What is this?" He takes it and feels the tip of it." Now why would you have a knife on you?"

   " Um.. I brought it just in case. You never know what you could run into in the forest..." He nodded slightly and put it into his coat... Shit... He walked over to the small pile of wood, and pulled out a small flint and sparked up the fire. I could now see is face. It was him. The guy from my dream. I remained in the corner, watching him.

   "Hey, aren't you that new girl at school? I'm Devon."

   "Yea.. Um... I'm Arreana." He looked at me with a slight smirk on his face. His hair hung in-front of his face. I couldn't see his eyes.

   "Interesting name, Arreana." He eyed the space in between us." Well. Are you going to come over  here? Isn't it cold over there?" I nodded slightly and walked back over to the fire, sitting across from the fire. He looked at me curious, with the smirk on his face still. " Don't you have to get home?"

   "No. I don't exactly have a 'curfew'." I smiled slightly. He seemed nice. We talked for a while longer. I don't know what time I had fallen asleep. We talked for so long, I lost track of time.

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