Dont quit the band! Zayn please...

Don't quit the band!


1. things just get worse

How could you do this to me niall ! After all I have done for you. This is how you pay me back! You son of a b**** I loved her she was the one and you made love with her even though you knew about us!

Zayn it was nothing I didn't mean it. I promise! She told me that you guys were over and I thought she was telling the truth...

But even if it was true she was mine and still is I don't think I can ever face seeing you after this I quit I just can't anymore....

What do you mean the band ???

What else do you think I don't want to see you anymore and what you did makes me want to hurt you so bad but I can't, because you were a friend more than a friend like a brother and I'm sorry if I ever hurt you that you has to hurt me this bad

Zayn please think this threw more please I'm sorry I apologize please forgive me!

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