One Life

The names Scarlett. And I may not be the biggest Justin Bieber fan but after going to a concert with my best friend, Carly, I guess you could say I became his number one fan.



 "No wait," I said trying to control my laughter," I'm only laughing cause that girl you're talking about is my friend. She's the one that draged me here. That's the only reason I'm laughing. I'm not laughing at you or at the way you feel. I'm laughing at her because I always knew she was crazy but I didn't realize just how much until you told me what she tried to do."I said between laughs. " Oh so you weren't laughing at me?" he asked slowly. "Of course not...And I thought what you said was really sweet," just then my phone vibrated, It was a text from Carly. msg:you'll never guess where my keys were at...Im on my way to the car right now. "But you seriously have to go cause my friend is on her way back and I don't want her to try and kiss you're abs again." I said smiling at him. "Why you'd be jealous?" he said winking at me. "Haha hilarious and yup thats totally it. Now go." I said shoving him out the door which he had already opened. "Give me your number first." he said holding out his phone. "Funny but I don't give my number to strangers." I said grining at him. "Fine then I'm not leaving." he said sitting down again. I looked out the window and I could see Carly coming out of the building she'd kill me if she found out. "Fine." I said I put in the number and gave him his phone back. He dialed the number. "Yeah thats not it." He said hanging up the phone. I looked out the window again and carly was like twenty feet away. "Fine." I said taking his phone again. This time he didn't dial the number he just put the phone in his pocket. "I'll text you later. Bye." he said then walked away. "Who was that?" Carly asked getting in the driver side. "Just some random guy asking for directions." I said. "Well random guy looks pretty cute from the back. He has a nice butt. Kinda like Justin." "Mmmhhhmmm." I said, "So where were your keys?" I asked changing the subject. "Ohh they were backstage where we were taking the pictures. Apperently I dropped them while I was trying to do something back there." she said. I giggled, "Yeah I heard what you were trying to do. Poor Justin. And no wonder you didn't want me to go with you.""How did you find out." She asked curious. Shit, "Ohh umhh Justin and the photographer were talking about it when it was my turn. Thats how I knew." I said maybe a little too quickly. Carly dropped me off and ten minutes later i was ready for bed and as soon as my head hit my pillow I fell asleep.

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