Isn't She Lovely

Jocelyn and her best friend Jada went to a concert. Hardly expecting that she would fall hard, really hard, for someone she never thought she could have. Niall Horan. Will she survive the consequences of this difficult love?


6. The Edges of the First Nightmare

*1 1/2 weeks later*

Jocelyn's POV

Niall drove up to the front of his house with me holding his hand. He had loaded his red 

convertible BMW with my luggage overflowing with clothes. We had also loaded Harry's Hummer,my Bug, Liam's Mustang with stuff from my house. After about and hour Jada,the boys, and I had unloaded everything randomly throughout the house. We thanked them and told them we would all meet up later. Niall and I laughed at the mountain that had magically formed in the middle of his living room. It took us three hours to go through everything and put over half of it in a place it belongs.

"Your house is looking a little feminine,"I said as I threw a throw pillow on our bed.

"Ya well if I'm gonna have a beautiful girl living in my house I would hope it would be a little feminine,"he replied laughing. He walked over to where I was sitting and sat behind me, he wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against him and we just sat there in happy silence. He stopped that when he started tickling me and I couldn't stop laughing to protect myself. Soon he was on top of me holding my hands above my head and my legs with one of his. He tickled me until I was begging him to stop.

"Fine but you have to pay the price,"he said.

"And what may that price be,"I questioned.

"A kiss...on the lips,"he added realizing what I would of done without the extra.

"Fiiiine,"I reply in a whiny tone.

"Well if you don't love me enough for that then i'll leave." He released me and went to leave but just before he turned I yelled,"WAIT!" He turned around to say something but I was too fast I jumped on him and caught him off guard so we fell.

"Are you okay,"I ask,actually concerned. 

"Ya I'm fine," he said laughing.

"Okay then,"I said. At that moment I picked up his head tangling my fingers in his hair. We kissed for a long time, it was one of the sweetest things ever. After I pulled away he looked at me, a smile on his lips and curiosity burning in his bright blue eyes.

"What,"I asked.

"How did I get so lucky to find a beautiful girl like you,"he asks.

"Uhhhh I have no idea,"I said blushing like crazy.He rubs his hand along the side of my cheek and strokes my cheek with his thumb."I love you Jocelyn,"he said.I look at him in shock as I stumble over words unable to speak.

"It's okay I know you love me back,"he said laughing, pecking me on the lips.

We finish unpacking everything and put the rest in the storage room in the basement. As soon as I was okay with how the house looked we called all the boys and their girls over for dinner. I made tacos and homemade lemonade, I also baked brownies. We sat one the back deck laughing and having fun;after everyone had finished I carried all the dishes inside with Harry's help. As I finished loading the dishwasher and washed my hands I felt a pair of hands slip around my waist, a little to low for me. I put my hands on them and pushed them off, that when I turned around to see Harry still there. I was about to scold him for doing that when he kissed me. Let me clarify, HE kissed me. I tried to push him off and he finally pulled away. He winked at me and walked outside, I just stood there in shock. All I could think was,did that really just happen? At that moment Niall walked in and asked,"Hey beautiful why aren't you coming back out?"Immediately after he said that I burst into tears and ran upstairs to lock myself in the bathroom. I sobbed as Niall pounded on the door trying to get me to open it. I was crying so hard I couldn't tell him no. About ten minutes later I here a soft knock on the door. "Go away,"I said slightly annoyed.

"It's Jada,"a voice I would never forget said. I opened the door bursting back into tears at the same time while falling on her shoulder. She hushed me as she shut the bathroom door and locked it again.

"What happened,"she asked gently.

I knew I would never get away with lying to her so I told her the truth,"He......he..he kissed me."

"Niall? Don't you guys do that all the time,"she asked honestly.

I cried harder as I shook my head no.

"He didn't did he,"she asked realizing who I was talking about and getting angry. I nodded to answer my question. 

"I'm sorry sweetie, I will deal with this now." At that exact moment I heard someone storm downstairs and throw the backdoor open. I race downstairs to find Niall being held back by Zayn and Liam trying to break free while yelling,"I'M GONNA KILL HIM! HE KISSED JOCELYN!" I looked at Harry to see him standing there smirking and lightly laughing at the effort Niall was giving to try to get to him. I run to Niall and cup his face in my hands and just stare at him. When he first looks at me there is a mix of hurt, anger, and pure fury in his eyes. As he stares at my eyes filled with sadness he relaxes and his look changes to one of empathy and hurt. The boys release him and he pulls me into a warm embrace, I start to cry a little again when I here Louis say,"You need to" I already know its pointed at Harry because he is the only one that did anything wrong. I hear him quietly leave and peel out as he drives away. Niall finally releases me but keeps a protective arm around me. Everyone says their good-byes and apologies and soon we are alone he carries me upstairs and lays me down on the bed. I fall into a fitful sleep filled with nightmares of what could happen.

Niall's POV

  There is no way I'm sleeping tonight. I will hold her in my arms and pray that nothing like this will ever happen again. I'm pissed at him right now and all I can do is think of what I could be doing.  


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