Isn't She Lovely

Jocelyn and her best friend Jada went to a concert. Hardly expecting that she would fall hard, really hard, for someone she never thought she could have. Niall Horan. Will she survive the consequences of this difficult love?


3. Perfect

        Jada stayed at my house last night since my house was closer. Next week she was supposed be moving in with me and today we started painting her room. She decided to go with a purple and since my room is purple we are painting mine red. 

2 hours later.

        We had just finished Jada's room and were rinsing everything to do mine when my phone beeped. I picked up my phone and was surprised to find a text from Niall. 

N:Hey want to go to dinner tonight?

Me: idk we are painting rooms

N: ?

Me: Jada is moving in next week so we are painting...

N:oh okay...can the boys and I come help?

Me: Sure

We talked more and gave him my address. About twenty minutes later a green Hummer pulled up out front and the boys piled out. Once I let them inside they just started talking nonstop. I had to yell to get them to shut up. 

"Do we want pizza," I asked. All the boys said yes and started yelling what they wanted.

"Cheese and pepperoni it is," I yelled over the top of them. They all went quiet and apologized for being rude. Liam walked up to Jada and was about to kiss her, I got in the way.

"Helll no! I don't get to, you don't get to. I've got rules and until Jada moves in and we change those rules you are not allowed to kiss in my house," I said, geez I'm turning into my mother.

Jada and Liam start pouting and he kisses her on the forehead. I turn around to see a sad Niall.

"Seriously? Why are you pouting," I ask.

"I can't kiss you,"he replied.

"I didn't even know we were dating,"I said shyly,"You just asked me to dinner."

"Fine,"he said,"Jocelyn will you be my girlfriend?"

I nodded my head yes and blushed. I turn to see Harry clenching his fists, I look at him confused and when he sees me he stops smiling at me. I just blew it off, he smiled so he is fine, right?

30 minutes later

       Those boys can eat pizza like nobody's business! Once it was obliterated we started painting my room. At one point in time I couldn't reach a spot, standing on my tiptoes trying to reach it I felt a set of hands go around my waist. I squealed a little as Niall lifted me up and set me on his shoulders, we laughed as he put me down. At that moment he tried to pull me in for a kiss, since I wasn't ready to kiss him and I have rules I wiped some paint on his nose. He glared at me for a minute while I was laughing. Once I stopped he looked at me and wiped his hand covered in paint down the side of my face.

"Paint fight," he yelled.

"Not in the house," I begged.

The boys ran outside, Jada and I looked at each other with concern as we slowly followed.

We went into my front yard to find each boy with a bucket of paint in each hand. Jada and I laughed as we followed them to a field behind my house. As soon as we were in range the boys pelted us, once we were dripping with paint they gave us our own two buckets, thats when the war started. 

20 minutes later

    After we stopped we looked like unicorns had decided to puke rainbows on us. We laughed as we walked back to my house carrying the empty. I listen to Jada ans Liam laughing behind us while Niall and I are holding hands.

"Babe, I'm sorry I painted your face red,"Jada said.

"It's okay, sorry I painted your face blue love,"Liam replied.

Jada and I looked at each other with smirks on our faces, only because I knew what she would say next.

"Wanna make purple,"Jada asks.

Liam laughs and they kissed, honestly it was cute, only because it wasn't in my house. Once we got back we went into my backyard to hose off. Niall was hosing off first and said how cold the water was. He smirked at himself, I turned to run, but I wasn't fast enough. He laughed and I screamed as he pulled me under the shower of freezing water. We looked at each other and smiled, I thought to myself,"It's now or never." I went to pull him in for a kiss, but he stopped me.

"I thought we weren't allowed to kiss,"he said.

"We're not in the house," I said with a giggle.

Niall smiled and said,"To true." Then he kissed me, it was gentle at first but I still had fireworks through my entire body, soon I melted into him and we kissed more passionately. 

"Perfect,"that was all I could say.

"And it was in the rain," Niall said laughing. We laughed as Jada clapped. Ya ya it was my first kiss, so what, it was romantic and sweet, also perfect oh so perfect.

(Will be posting more chapters throughout the night)


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