Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


2. morning

As I was waking up my I got a call and answers it it was Ariana Ariana:hey Ashley. Ashley:yea. Ariana:I need you to go in my room and close my door. Ashley:why. Ariana:no it cause I left cat in there Ashley:ok bye Ariana:bye. As I pressed end I went to close her door then I heard a ding dong I went downstairs and opened the door it was Darcy and she brought candy popcorn and movies Ashley:what's this. Darcy:well i though you said you had a break up with justin Ashley:no here let me check my phone. Ah stupid auto correct Darcy: oh well let's just eat and watch movies. Ashley:alright I went to put the movie grown ups 2 and went to go sit on the couch

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