Well my name is Ashley grande and this is what happens when one boy band meets the twin plz tell me if I should write plz


5. call

Then I put the bags in my room and layers on my bed but someone called me it was harry

Harry:Priscilla just check twitter Priscilla:ok bye

As I checked twitter I couldn't belive my eyes there was justin my boyfriend cheated on me with victorice justice this made me tears in my eyes but maybe I was wrong maybe my sister wasn't dating austin

All she said she was going to make me meet her boyfriend tommorow and she didn't know who I was dating

I went to go out my pjs and folded all my clothes neatly and went to bed

My sister woke me up and told me get ready we are going to meet her boyfriend over breakfast so I went to take a shower quickly and blow dried my hair and curled it and I put on a red crop top that said I love harry since it was a 1d shirt I invited him as a friend since my bf couldn't make it Harry picked me up and we left together since they were already there

Already there

As we went in as a gentlemen harry opened the door I always liked him but then I met harry

I sat in the table next to harry and you would never belive who my sisters boyfriend was it was my boyfriend JUSTIN I yelled then he turned I was on tears so I went to the bathroom and wiped them off and went out

I hugged harry tightly

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