"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


5. Chapter 4: Troublemaker

Clairys POV


my stomach was starting to hurt. Alot worse too. I felt t twisting and turning at times.  I wrote on the note "Niall, I don't feel we'll" he applied his hand to my forehead and sad I had a fever. He wore back "you have a fever, is anyone at your house?" "My mum, that's all." He giggled because I spell mum with a "U" language went by fast and we made our way to Science, the last class of the day. This was the last class and only class I didn't have with Zayn. He had something else to fill for this class. We made our way in and sat at a science lab table in the back corner. I put some funky glasses on and Niall laughed at me. "Your so cute" he said to me whispering. "Not as cute as you are" I said tapping his nose. Then I heard the teacher clear her throat. "Mrs Wayne! If you read it, it says do not touch anything!" "Sorry Mrs. Flair" I ripped the glasses up and then I felt like my stomach was dying. I clenched it and Niall saw. He wrote on the same note we were using earlier "you okay? Stomach hurt?" "When Zayn kicked it, he kicked me hard and it's been turning since" I knew he felt bad. I smiled and he took my hand in his. He was sketching the whole class because it was about rules. Science went by slow, and then the announcements come on. "Your good" I said kind of louder than a whisper "MRS WAYNE!" "Sorry" I whispered. I ignored the announcements and waited for the bell. I got into some trouble today, doesn't really happen very often. But I like this Niall Horan sitting beside me. He was so peaceful, so easy, so fun, so happy, cute to have as a friend. I craved this boy. After the bell rang, Niall went to his locker and I went to mine. Zayns locker wasn't very far from mine. I got my stuff quickly and shoved it into my bag. I threw it her my shoulders and closed my locker finding Zayn looking at me. I backed away and walked down the hallway when he pushed me against the locker, choking me. I had both hands on his trying to pry them away. He was kneeing me in the stomach which only made it worse. Then he started the grind on me and I started to see stars. I looked around for Niall and then I banged on the lockers. Niall came rushing through and pushed zayn down making me fall to the ground gasping for air. Niall got on top of Zayn and kept punching him. It was about 5 minutes before he quit and came back to me. "Baby are you okay? Can you breath?" I couldn't even talk. I about died. I shook my head no then yes. He picked me up and I cried in his arms. This felt right, for me to be in his arms. He started to walk out of the school and to his car. I started to get tired from crying so much and I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up a bit after he layed me in the car and then turned it on to blarin music. "Sorry" he whispered. I turned my body so I was facing him. "Thanks Niall" "your welcome princess" he kissed my forehead and then put his hand on my knee. I cuddled with his arm and held his hand. I soon fell asleep to soft sailing on the road. 


Nialls POV


Clairy looked rough. She looked tired. I called Harry. "What's up mate? I got a girl, she's a friend and she needed somewhere to stay. It alright if I bring her over?" "Sure but if we get-" "your not doing her!" "Darn" I chuckled and said "nobody is, she's having a rough time at school and needed help. Also I needed help on my homework so I guess she's coming over" "what is she doing now?" "Sleeping" he laughed at me. "You must have really bored her" I growled and hung the phone up. I looked back at her face. Her lips were so tempting. I didn't want to ruin my chances. I parked the car and carried her body in. She wrappe herself around me not letting go. "W-where are we?" "Your at my house" I took her into my bedroom and layed her down. She still wouldn't let go. "Don't leave me" "I have to go get some homework done" "please" she I'd a puppy face I couldn't say no to. I sat beside her and layed down messing with her hair. She cuddled next to me, her head in my chest. This was perfect. I kissed her forehead once more before I fell alseep with her also.

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