"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


17. Chapter 16: Stronger than me

Clairys POV

I took my cut arm over to my other arm and saw 2 little teeth marks. My veins were popping out just a bit. I squeezed it and winced in pain. I covered it up, put my phone in my pocket, put my hood up and left to the bathroom. I unlocked the door and sprinted to the bathroom mirrors. I saw the cuts and scraps he left on me. I saw the bruises he put on me. I even saw we're be choked me at. My life was a living hell. Nobody even cared about me. I went to my pencil pouch and grabbed some concealer and covered up all of the cuts and scrapes and bruises. I walked out of the bathroom trying to act natural when really I looked awkward. I walked to my next class and snuck in. There was a sub so I was alright. Zayn looked at me shocked. "I told you to do it" "I tried" then I yelled "but it wasn't fucking good enough!!" And everyone looked at me. I ran out of the room books in hand and ran back to the bathroom. I stayed in there all day by myself until Niall texted again "Clairy, where are you? I couldn't find you and I've waited for half an hour.. Did you already get a ride?" I started to text "no, I'm in the ladies bathroom by Language. Please come help me" I felt like I was going to pass out. Niall texted me back and said "on my way love. Is everything alright?" I responded,"no, just please come help me. I'll tell you later" i send the message and then locked my screen. I saw the stall door open and felt a pair of hands grab my sides. "n-Niall" I grasped his shirt and held him tight. "It's alright babe. I'm here, let it out" I started to cry a little bit and things went blurry. We started walking outside when I realized it was raining. I looked up and saw nialls face. "What's wrong?" I asked confused. "Who the

Hell did this to you?!" "Nobody did anything. I'm fine Niall" he took me to his car and pulled the mirror down. All of my makeup was gone and you could see everything like it happened again. "Now who the hell did this to you because I'm going to kick their ass!!!" I felt my heart in my throat. "Zayn" "who?" I choked on my words. "Zayn and his friends" "I'm going to fucking kill him!!" He yelled. I grabbed his arm before he could jump out of the car. "Don't go please" I begged a few tears still falling. "Alright" he got back into the car and hugged me tightly. "What did he do to you?" He asked innocent like. "He choked me, punched and kicked me with his other friends, threw me across the floor. And then took me into the weight room and I passed out" I saw a tear fall from Nialls eye. I hugged him tightly and my cut arm wrapped around him too tightly and it started to ache. I lifted my sweater behind his back and the paper towel wasn't going to help anymore. "Niall we need to get home" "why?" "Just please" he started his car and we left for home. I could feel the pain rushing through my left arm (one zayn bit) I didn't dare look at it. I looked out the window until Niall slammed on his breaks and I almost was thrown out of the vehicle. "What the hell Niall!" I yelled. "What's wrong Clairy" "you just about threw me out of the car!" "No, with your arm!" He grabbed it from my side and pulled my sleeve up to see the paper towel soaked in blood. My sweater was soaked in it a little bit. "Oh that's nothing Niall" I pulled my arm back to my side and he grabbed it again and pulled the paper towel up to see my cuts. They looked a lot worse than what they felt. "Clairy?!" He screamed. "What the hell is this?! I leave for a day and you've already cut yourself?!" "Drop it Niall." I tried to say calmly. "Why?! What was oh-so bad that made you cut huh?! And how did you even get a razor?!!!" "Niall just drop it!" I yelled. He looked shocked at me yelling. "are you alright? You look sick, like pale" I looked in the mirror and then back at Niall and then to my wrists. I grabbed nialls hand with my left hand and grasped it and felt like falling. He took my sweater off and tried to stop the bleeding.

Nialls POV

The bleeding had to be the reason she was passing out. I took her sweater off and pulled my shirt off and tried to stop the bleeding. I finally got it to stop when I heard Clairy whisper something. "What was that sweetie?" I asked. "Niall... My left.." She started to trail off. She grabbed my chin and made me look at her left arm, purple and blue. "What happened?!" I asked concerned. She turned it over so her wrist was facing up and I saw 2 teeth marks. "Uh what are those?!" I asked in case Harry fed off of her. "This is what zayn also did" my eyes grew big. I got a closer look and he was turning her slowly and painfully. I touched it and she smacked me and yelled "don't touch it!""honey I have to help it!" I touched it slightly putting pressure and she was shaking the car and screaming. I stopped and I saw her eyes changing. "How long has this been here?" I asked a little bit scared. Zayn was stronger than I was and if he turned her she'd be stronger than me. "I don't know" she said sweating now. "God damn it!! How long?!!!" I screamed. "After gym" she said eyes watering. Oh gosh,

It was starting. She was changing.

Zayns POV

I watched as Niall tried to bring everything in. I walked up to their car, my friends surrounding me. I laughed as Niall looked up to see me. I waved and laughed again.

Nialls POV

I saw zayn wave at me like everything was perfectly fine. I looked back down at Clairy and said "I ll be right back babe. I have to do something" as I let go of her arm. She whimpered and them said "please hurry" I got out of the car and kissed her forehead and then shut the door locking them all. I looked at zayn our eyes looking at each other. I said "why?! Why her!!! She didn't do shit to you so why change her?!" He chuckled "why not? We always needed more people!" "No we didn't!! Your going to kill her! Your stronger than me we both know this" he came charging for me and I fucked making him run into the car."bad move horan" he said and then broke the window to my car grabbing Clairy by her arm. She was screaming for her life. I know she was scared. What did I get her into?

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