"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


16. Chapter 15: The Last Everything

Clairys PoPOV 


i was so cold. Nialls warm body lay against mine and I turned in the bed and he scoot me closer to him. "God your freezing darlin'" he said wrapping his arms around me. "I k-know" I hesitated to say teeth still chattering. "Your going back to school tomorrow. I have to work" "ugh I hate school" he laughed. I went to kiss him and I licked his lower lip asking for permission. He chuckled in the kiss and let me in. We just sat there kissing like that for what felt like forever. I felt a cough coming so I detached the kiss and coughed.  "now go to bed" and kissed my forehead. I whined and then he covered us up. I smiled a little but as he tcked me in closer to him. "Niall?" "Yes Clairy?" "I love you" "I love you too" there I lay faintly cold, and slowly warming up next to Niall. I felt his arm creep under the covers and behind me back. He rubbed circles on it and it made me sleep faster. I woke up the next morning to Niall jumping on me. I gasped as his figure layed on mine. He started the grind. "Oh god Niall" I whispered. "We're not married" he laughed and started the grind harder "so" "so I don't want children!" "I'll use protection" he laughed and started kissing my sweet spot. "Niall no! I'm just not- oh god stop Niall!""just not what?" "Ready!" I practically yelled. He got off and left the room saying "oh" I got up. I wanted him but not now. I want to be married first and out of high school. I shook off the sad thoughts and got dressed into skinny jeans and a baby blue sweater that said "New York" in pink. I put my hair into a pony tale and went into te kitchen to see a sad Niall. "What's wrong Niall?" "Huh? Oh nothing nothing. Just fine" he said and got up to kiss me. "Sorry about a little bit ago. I just don't want to screw up." "I understand. I won't rush u" I smiled and said "thanks" "you ready for school?" "No" I said and laughed. "Let's go" he said and took my hand. I grabbed my bag and we left for school. The whole way there NIALL didn't look so fine. He looked sad and upset. "Hey" I said grabbing his hand and holding it. "I'm here. Don't look so sad" I said and leaned over the seat to kiss him. He just payed attention to the road. It was different thy Niall wouldn't kiss back. I leaned back into my seat and looked out the window feeling tears want to burst out. I managed to keep them in and then when we got there he said "ill pick u up after school" "don't bother" I snapped and slammed the door. I felt the tears rush down my cheeks. I tried to stop crying and wipe them away. I entered the school and ran right to the bathroom locking the door behind me and grabbing a sharp blade from under the sink. I went to the furthest stall and rolled my sweater up. I put the blade to my arm and cut 3 streaks. I cut 2 more deeper making my vets come out louder. I should've known Niall was bad news. I finally decided to stop and just look at the cuts in my arm. I smiled and let a few tears fall on them washing the blood away. I got up and went to the sink and cleaned the blade and hid i again. I cleaned my arm up and then wrapped paper towel around it and put my sleeve back down. I walked into the hallway and got stares from every direction. I fake smiled and then found myself in gym, face to face with Zayn. He started to hump the wall and act like it was someone. He rolled his eyes as then like at me. "That's you" he mouthed. I looked away and wrapped up in my sweater and his for the whole period. I changed and then class was dismissed. I was late to change and then zayn and I walked down the hall in sync. He pushed me up against the wall and started to choke me like last time. I didn't call for help, I just cried. "Do it" I said trying to get it out. He punched me in the stomach and choked me harder.  He called a few if his friends over and they punched me too. Zayn stopped choking me and threw me to the ground. He kept throwing lunches and I just let him. My life's a waste anyways. His friends kicked me. Zayn pulled my hair and I took a few more punches to the face and chest. He started to choke me and then he said "why aren't you calling for that boyfriend if yours huh?!" He screamed in my ear. I let tears fall from my face like a flowing river. Finally I started to see the light when he let go and punched me in the face one more time. I was out cold.


zayns PIV


that boyfriend f hers isn't here so I can do whatever I wanted. I punched her and then she was out cold. I took her into the weight room, turned the light on and then closed the door and locked it. I circled around her and went in for her wrists and saw she had already cut them. I dug them open and licked the blood off. (Sorry Awko sentence) then I went to her other wrist and bit it leaving 2 marks. I guess being a Vampire really does benefit me. I felt her phone ring. I took it out of her pocket and it was from Niall. I didn't bother to answer it. Instead I put it in her hand and left her lying there in the dark now, the door closed. Then I wet to continue the rest of the day


Clairys POV 


i woke up after what felt like hours. I was in a dark room. I got up and felt my phone in my hand. I grabbed it and looked at my aching wrists. I saw the marks. I saw the cuts reopen. Then I noticed I had a text message. It was from Niall. It said 

Clairy, I'm sorry but I can't take this anymore. This, us, we have to end this. I'm so sorry, but it wasn't working out.you were always depressed and sad and I couldn't change it. I can do better. I'm sorry again, but I will pick u up for school today for the hell of it. Goodbye now -Niall

i felt tears ring from my eyes. Niall, my boyfriend, the love of my life just broke up with me. The kiss we had in the kitchen was the last. Last nights cuddle was the last. Last nights hug was the last. This was the last of me and Niall. This was the last of everything including my own life.

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