"Your a monster"
"You wouldn't understand"
Clairy doesn't realise what Niall is until he brings himself out of him comfort zone. Niall can't stay hidden forever, but can he hide himself long enough for Clairy? Can he protect her or not?


12. Chapter 11: Thirsty

Claire's POV


niall drifted into a soft sleep ad in about 10 minutes, he was moaning my name. "Oh Clairy ugh oh god right there" I didn't really want to know what he was dreaming about. Harry ad I ignored it and I felt like getting sick again. Harry grabbed the trash can and pat my back as I threw up. After I was done, the doctor drugged me. Niall stopped moaning my name. Harry layed beside me. "Hey Harry.." "Yeah Clairy?" "I'm sorry I haven't trusted you before" "it's alright" he chuckled and we cuddled together. Niall woke up about half an hour later. Harry decided to mess with him. He closed the door and shut the blinds. Then he came back to me and pulled the cover over us. Then he started to fake thrust into me which kind of turned me on. "Oh Harry uhhh" I started moaning his name. "Shhh, we don't want to wake Niall or have the doctors come in" Harry grunted. "Fuck Harry I'm close" he nodded and went faster, the whole bed moving in sync with his hips. "Ready darkin'" "on 3" "1....2....3...." We both moaned and then kept out laughs down. I didn't realize how good looking Harry was until now. Then Harry removed the covers and we saw Niall just sitting there, his eyes on us, mouth wide open. "Oh hey Niall" Harry said. He got out of bed and hugged him. Niall pushed him off. "You bitch" then I realized what he had thought he had seen. "Niall we didn't really do it I swear" I got up and moved closer to him but he pushed me away. "Niall I'm still a Virgin!" "Liar" "read my fucking mind" "get the hell away from me" he pushed me down on the ground and I fell on my butt. 


Nialls POV


she just let Harry fuck her. I was piissed. I was mad. I pushed her down and she started to cry. "Niall please. Come back" I looked in the Mirror and my eyes were grey. I went back to her and Harry was helping her. "Stay away from her!" I yelled. Harry moved towards me and I punched him. "Wow those lessons come in hand don't they Horan". I Clenched my hand and about joined it to his stomach when Clairy pulled it back. I pushed her back down harder this time. I went back to Harry and then read her mind. They really were joking. I looked back at Clairy, her cheeks stained with tears. I tried to help her but she pushed me away. She scoot away from me and then got up and ran to Harry. "She wasn't joking mate" Harry said. "You were moaning her name in your sleep so we thought it would be funny" Clairy looked back at me, hurt in her eyes. "Please Clairy" she kept pushing me away. "Harry. Please tell her I'm sorry" "Clairy, Nialls sorry. He's just starving." She came and looked in my eyes. I felt a weird feeling and then looked own at my chest. "It's okay niall" she hugged me and then pulled out her arm. "Here, this will help." "No I can't Clairy, never" "you'll hav to someday, noes the time please" "alright, it'll sting for a few seconds, then it'll be okay. Ill make it fast" "take all you want" I went down to her arm and bit it, drawing blood. I started drinking and then I felt water on the back of my neck. I finished drinking and looked back up at her, her eyes red and puffy and tears coming out if them. "Oh god, did it hurt that bad?" She nodded and let more tears come out. I hugged her and cleaned the blood. "Thanks babe, I'm sorry" she looked down at her arm, it was bruised a little, by her wrist. "You alright?" "Yeah, just want to go home""ill go ask" she nodded and said "that'll be great, thanks" she smiled and I left the room to ask the doctor when she could go home. "Tonight sir, but keep her on medication" he handed me meds and nodded. I walked back into the room, Harry on her arm now. She was crying again. I walked to her and kissed her to stop te crying. The harry pulled alway and kissed where he bit."sorry love, thanks I owe you" he smiled and she wipes the tears away. "Tonight, we go home tonight" Clairy smiled and called the cafeteria for food. A series of "yes, no, no, yes" left her mouth. I smiled and left the room with Harry and she nodded and waved goodbye and mouthed "pick me up tonight please" I nodded and blew her a kiss. She was so amazing!

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