From brothers to lovers

Skyler a sweet innocent girl but she has five brothers that are the bad boys they protect sky with their life but after a certain accident she wants to change she wants to be apart of what her brothers do lets just say its not the most safest job they have but what happens when a drunk mistake sky had with her brothers leads to the boys doing it to her everyday read to find out .(WARNING: sexual content read at own risk 16+)


3. The change


My eyes slowly opened to revel a bright light I squeezed my eyes shut I heard the sound of chairs rubbing against the floor and multiple foot steps moving towards me I reopened my eyes to see the light moved but to be replace by my brothers faces " sky thank lord your ok " Liam said pulling me into a hug I groaned when my head can in contact with his chest " ouch" he instantly pulled away and looked at my head " what happened" I mumbled " you got hit by that cunt" Harry said the event rolled back into my head the blood tears started to pour out of my eyes "where's zayn" I croaked out I love all the boys but right now I need zayn " I'm right here sky" zayn said coming towards me and wrapping his arms around me I put my shaky hands around him sobs escaping my lip I could feel zayn stroking my head " why me " I mumbled into his chest " I don't know baby girl" he said kissing my head when we pulled out of the hug I probably looked like a mess big puffy eyes bruised jaw and four stichs on the side on my head near my hair line thingy I looked at the boys to see they all had their fists clenched I could just tell by the looks on their faces that they where going to do something to him " please don't " I whispered " I'm sorry sky" Liam spoke grabbing guns from under the couch and handing them to each of them they looked at me knowing what I was going to say but oh are they wrong " go just be back by ten make sure you get rid of the body and any traces of fingerprints " they looked at me shocked " what dont looked so shocked I would shoot him myself but y'all will go ape shit on me so I'm letting you go" I said shooing them out they didn't budge they just kept on looking at me all traces of anger gone " ouch my heads killing me" I faked knowing it would make them once again angry they shook with rage and ran out the door with guns in hand while I just sat on the couch thinking " I need a change " I said to myself I stood up and made my way out of the house driving to the tattoo parlour -SKIP RIDE- when I walked in through the door all that you could see was tattoo designs all over the room I walked up to the man behind a little desk " um excuse me" I said to the man he looked up at me " would you like to get a tattoo or a pearcing " I thought for a second ill get a tattoo and a pearcing " both please" I said " well then sit down and you can call me jack" he said sticking his hand out wanting me to shake it I grabbed it " skyler" I said while shaking his hand I sat down in the seat " what tattoo would you like skyler" I gave him my wrists "you can call me sky but on my left wrist I want it to say stay and on my right I want it to say strong" (it's exactly like Demi lovatos ) he nodded and got to work -ONE HOUR LATER- once it was finished he wrapped them up i took a look at the clock to see its only 9:00 pm so I have one more hour till the boys are home " could I get my belly , tongue, lip and my ears done again " he nodded and got to work once he was finished I looked at myself in the mirror I had a silver bead with a black skull on it for my tounge and a black snake bite on my lip on the left side two pearcings each in my ear lobes and a sparkly black skull for my belly button Jesus Christ my brothers are gonna have a good go at me I turned back towards the guy and payed him " my brothers are gonna kill me" I said to him while handing him the money " who's your brothers" he replied while putting the money in the cashier " Louis, Harry,zayn,Niall and Liam " he stopped what he was doing and looked at me " last names" " Tomlinson, styles,Malik,Horan and Payne why"  " I do your brothers tattoos and stuff so good luck with them" he said shaking his head slightly " I only have to worry about yelling because they would never lay a finger on me In any hurtful way" " wow I have never known them to be nice" " well they are only nice to me " I said walking out of the parlour I checked my phone to see its 9:45 eh I have time I made my way to the late night store and walked to the hair products isle I looked intill I saw what I wanted red hair dye I grabbed it and payed as soon as I got out side I ran home once I got into the house I made my way to the bathroom -SKIP HAIR DYE - I ruffled out my now red hair while smiling I looked in the mirror for a second before grabbing my eye liner and applied more so it was darker and a bit bigger (you know what I mean) my brothers are going to have a go at me when they get home.

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