From brothers to lovers

Skyler a sweet innocent girl but she has five brothers that are the bad boys they protect sky with their life but after a certain accident she wants to change she wants to be apart of what her brothers do lets just say its not the most safest job they have but what happens when a drunk mistake sky had with her brothers leads to the boys doing it to her everyday read to find out .(WARNING: sexual content read at own risk 16+)


7. Member problems

"Beep beep beep" I groaned slamming the off button down I stood up and looked in the body length mirror I was confused till all the memories from yesterday came flooding into my head I smiled wide because they are training me today I ran into my closet and grabbed black sweats and a white top that stops above my belly button so it shows my black skull I but on a pair of black converse once I was dressed I tied my red hair up in a pony I ran down stairs into the kitchen to see my brothers sitting down at the table stuffing their faces with pancakes and bacon I sighed " morning pigs " I said they all looked up at me with their mouths full with bits of bacon and pancakes sticking out of their mouths " mojfnfof" I nodded understanding that they were saying morning I kissed them all on the cheek which they returned so I now have five syrupy kisses on my cheeks I chuckled most people would call them gross but I'm the same I plopped myself in the seat between Niall and zayn I grabbed a handful of pancakes which was about 12 I placed them on my plate and grabbed a handful of bacon which was 17 bits I grabbed the syrup and poured it all over I put it down and started to stuff my face "mmhm" someone cleared their throat we all looked up to see Simon the boys drug dealer boss "boys I see you brought another girl into the house so please hurry up and have your fun " I looked at him offended the boys stood out of their seats I was expecting Harry to go up first but I was wrong Niall walked up to him and shoved him into a wall holding his collar Niall had to look down to see Simons face "don't you fucken dare say anything like that to our sister again " he said angry Simon just looked at him "got it " Niall growled slightly lifting Simon off the wall and slamming him into it again Simon nodded afraid Niall dropped his collar and walked back over "go because I don't think I be able to stop myself from killing you " Liam growled Simon quickly exited the house and all the boys looked at me I payed no attention to what they were saying I just stood here frozen in my thoughts 'do I really look like a hooker' I asked myself "sky" Harry waved a hand in front of my face I shook my head and looked at the boys "are you alright" Louis asked "I don't look like a hooker do I " I asked they furiously shook their heads " no of course not" Niall said pulling me into a side hug I buried my face into his chest "can we train now" I asked he nodded we all walked into the built in gym downstairs as soon as I walked in it took my breath away I have never been down here the boys didn't want me to hurt my self but now that I see it I'm amazed its huge "breath sky" Liam said rushing to my side I took deep breaths I must of lost all air in me when I saw the sight they looked at me "lets teach you the basics " zayn said hopping into the ring with the rest I hid the smirk that was growing on my face I can do a lot more then they think I walked up to the ring Niall held his hand out for me to grab so he could pull me up and through the ropes I shook my head and pulled myself up and over landing on my feet the boys looked at me slightly shocked because you need muscle to get up because its been built about 3 meters off the ground "now lets get this started " I said zayn nodded "no matter how much I don't want to do this I lost the bet so I have to try to attack you and you do what you can to defend yourself " zayn said I nodded ready zayn sighed before running at me to tackle me I took a breath and let my body control me I slid through the gap between his legs I stood up and looked his way he stopped confused and turned around when he saw me he looked shocked just like the rest of the boys did I saw zayn slightly nod I saw the rest of the boys running at me Harry tried to grab me but I punched him in the stomach and foot tripped him he fell to the floor holding his stomach Niall and Liam grabbed me from behind they where holding onto my arms zayn walked up to me he was about to grab me I jumped and kicked zayn with both feet using Niall and Liam to support me Zayn slid out of the ring I heard a loud thump oops I flipped backwards in Niall and Liam's arms causing them to let go I landed and kicked both of them in e chest the taking all the air out of them they fell to the ground and just laid there catching their breath I looked up to see Louis just standing there i smirked "hit me with your best shot" I said Louis smirked before running at me he pushed me into the corner of the ring he held me there trapping me "looks like your stuck little sis" he said I smirked " not this time bro " I said before lifting my knees up hitting him in the groin he groaned in pain falling to the ground holding his groin in pain I smiled before jumping out of the ring I landed on two feet I stood up straight and walked over to the door I turned around when I was in front of the door I saw my brothers standing up and walking over to me"how on earth did you do that " zayn asked " I did boxing and gymnastics in school" I said they nodded I heard a small groan I turned to who it came from to see Louis standing rubbing his dick in pain I smiled slightly before walking over to him I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him into a hug I went on my tippy toes and went up to his ear " I'm sorry " I whispered I felt a bulge pressing against my private I slightly blushed wait why am I blushing .
" I'm sorry" sky whispered into my ear her hot breath trailing down my neck when she put her head back on my shoulder I don't know why but that turned me on I felt my member stiffen I took a quick peek down to see I had a boner and it was pressing against sky's private I but my lip WAIT WHAT WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU GETTING A BONER FROM YOUR SISTER I shouted in my head .


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