Going Turbo: A Wreck-It Ralph Fanfiction

He's alive. Of course he's alive. One does not simply defeat Turbo, the greatest racer ever. Will he change? Or will he continue being the ever-present virus? (Takes place three months after Wreck-It Ralph. Contains major - and I mean major - spoilers to the movie. Only pairing I'm using is Hero's Cuties (Felix X Calhoun)


3. Chapter Three: Caught

Turbo hid behind the abandoned royal kart in front of the castle by about twenty yards. He glared at its looming “salmon”-colored form with a scowl set into his face. The game's been reset, all right, he thought to himself, Even the Turbomobile's gone. I could've sworn I'd stowed it away halfway between Candy Castle and Diet Cola Mountain . . . he thought, longing for his signature white-and-red kart.


When he heard footsteps coming nearer, Turbo automatically ducked under the kart – he wouldn't be seen unless someone bent down to study underneath it, but if it was started up he was a goner. My code was probably torn out of the game when it reset. Turbo realized, now remembering that if he dies outside his game he can't regenerate.


I'm doomed.


“Oh my land, the arcade opens in ten minutes!” a voice Turbo recognized as that of Fix-It Felix, Jr. announced as four people passed him.


“We'd best get back to our games soon, then,” a woman he didn't recognize replied. “We don't want to accidentally go Turbo.”


Turbo involuntarily flinched a little bit when the term in his 'honor' was used. Maybe invading RoadBlasters wasn't the best decision in the world. He finally realized. Hell, who am I kidding? It was the worst decision in the world. He scolded himself. I lost TurboTime and the twins... that was never my intent.


But it was too late for those regrets now. What's done is done. As soon as the four – he'd pieced together that the other two characters were Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz – had gone their separate ways to take their places in their original games, Turbo was off like a shot towards the castle. He was going to reinsert his code as King Candy – they couldn't undo the unused character skin, after all. That was bound to still be in there.


He entered the room of blue tubes that led to the old GameBoy device.


Up, up, down, down, right, left, right, left, B, A, Start.


However, as soon as the way to the code was cleared and the licorice was tied around his waste and to a wall, another pang of regret hit Turbo. What am I doing?! Is this really right?!


He shook the feeling off. You know what, it doesn't matter.


Turbo dove into the codes, but as soon as he was in, there was a voice full of shock and panic that stopped him. “Turbo!”


With a roll of his eyes, glowing in the lack of light, he turned to face the source – Vanellope von Schweetz. “You're not going to stop me this time, kid.” he growled.


She pulled him back with the licorice rope, making him mentally facepalm. Of course she can, you idiot.


“Why?” Vanellope simply asked when Turbo was back to the blue-tubed hallway.


Turbo didn't want to tell her the actual answer – how he was desperate to keep being a popular part of the arcade. “Why not?” he simply replied. “You tried to kill me.” At the reminder of the beacon, his skin began to burn all over. It's all in your head, Turbo, calm down! He demanded himself, not willing to lose his cool around a nine-year-old.


“Come with me.” she demanded, and though Turbo had a choice in the matter, he followed Vanellope out of the hallway.


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